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Guys are often hesitant and not too sure or confident when it comes to their physical appearance. Some would like to invest in their looks and try out new innovative treatments, while others are insecure or unaware of different options that they can book and try out. Do you want to try out something new and different? Interested in knowing what is suitable for your gender and skin thickness, or skin type? Keep on reading as we focus on some beauty treatments that you can do yourself.

Top 6 Beauty Treatments That Guys Can Also Try Out

1. Laser Hair Removal 

A lot of men hate thick and coarse hairs, as well as bushy chests or hairy legs. If you’re one of those guys yourself we recommend that you try out laser hair removal. Avoid shaving or painful waxing since you can remove most of your hair with a couple of laser hair removal sessions. The process is painless and it doesn’t hurt either. You will end up with smooth and soft skin in 3-5 sessions (depending on the surface and thickness of your hair that you’re trying to remove). No more rash, redness, or breakouts either after shaving, why not test it out? learn more about Laser Hair Removal here

2. Microdermabrasion 

Who says that guys can’t be good candidates for this process and treatment?! Microdermabrasion can be successful on thicker skin types just as well. Microdermabrasion can help improve skin appearance by reducing fine lines, early sun damage, and mild acne on top of your skin and its texture. You will get rid of dead skin cells and your skin will become a lot more radiant and youthful after one treatment only. It will also help with the growth & shine of your facial hair, as well as your overall complexion.

3. Vitamin C Facials 

Anyone struggling with lack of hydration or that glow from within is going to enjoy this type of facial. It can be done by any skin type and it will suit those who have dry or dehydrated skin the best. You will enjoy nourishing ingredients and a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E on top of your pores and fine lines. Your skin will look a lot more moisturized without being shiny or oily. All you have to do is invest 30 minutes of your time into achieving the skin of your dreams. Book this type of facial every 2 months to maintain the results.

4. Eyebrows

Eyebrow waxing and tweezing is something that guys are becoming fans of. No woman wants to see two messy, uneven & furry caterpillars on your forehead. Try to book eyebrow tweezing, grooming, waxing, or even coloring! With a specialized and experienced tech, every person will end up with flawless brows that truly suit & frame their face. Say bye to the uni-brow look, and rebook your appointment every 2-3 weeks for ideal results

5. A Lash Lift

Who says that a guy can’t have luscious, curvy, as well as long lashes?! A lot of guys tend to get this treatment, it is not for women only. If you are someone who enjoys shiny lashes with a bit of that natural curl, you’re going to like this beauty solution. Simply book your session every 3-4 months (yes, no reason to do it more often than this), and spend less than 30 minutes at a salon! Once exected the right way, you will end up with a subtle change that will truly frame your face. Your eyes will also look more round and ”glowy”, ideal for big business meetings & dates.

6. Acne Extractions

Dealing with acne and oily skin? This is sometimes most visible and common around our T-zone. If you are struggling with blemishes or poor complexion overall – book yourself a facial that includes acne extractions. Men often struggle with pesky blackheads, but you can also have whiteheads, cystic acne, or you might be over-producing sebum. Do not extract this at home, and rather let true professionals handle it the right way. This means that you will avoid any kind of bacterial infections or possible acne scars. With the help of a sterile tool, a cream, and a lot of oils, the right esthetician will leave you with a glowy & even complexion. Expect to spend around 60 minutes at a salon when getting this treatment.

Ready To Look Your Best?

Which one was your favorite and must-have beauty treatment from our recommended options? Are you ready to invest in your skincare and everyday approach? If you want to try out some of our recommended ideas, consult with an expert at Dr. Glow Getterin in Edgewater, NJ. You will be taken care of, and your skin will finally begin to look glowy while not looking oily or shiny. Every age group can find their ideal treatment and be taken care of, see for yourself!

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Lash extensions are a quick & effective way for you to switch up your beauty look and transform yourself in the quickest time possible into a true glamorous diva. You can end up with long, feminine, wispy, as well as luscious lashes that your esthetician can customize per your preference. Keep on reading as we talk about and answer some of the most common questions regarding this beauty treatment.

10 Most Asked Questions About Lash Extensions Answered

1. What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are high-quality individual lashes that your Lash Tech applies one by one and gradually on top of your natural ones. They are a lot better than strip lashes since they are made with high-quality hairs or fibers. These are semi-permanent since you get to wear them for 2-3 weeks, and sometimes up to 4 weeks when maintained properly. Once glued down these lashes will stay in place where you won’t have to invest way too much time into their maintenance.

2. Would I Like Them More Than a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a lot different since it is a treatment that is done on top of your natural lashes. It is a perm that will curl your lashes and leave them with a significant amount of volume. However, if your natural lashes are thin & sparse, you won’t spot or notice a huge difference. This is why you might prefer extensions over a lash lift. read more about Lash Lift Treatment here

3. How To Prepare For This Process?

Before your appointment, make sure that there is no eye makeup around your eyelids. Also, do not come with a lot of moisturizer or oil either since it might disturb the process. Do not wear contact lenses either. Bare & natural is the best go-to!

4. Is It For Everyone?

Every woman can go for lash extensions. It is up to your lash artist or technician to customize them per your preference and your wishes. As long as you’re not too sensitive or prone to allergies/irritation, you are a good candidate for this beauty treatment.

5. Are They Pricey?

Different places and different salons will work with their own unique pricing system. However, once you consider the fact that you will not be wearing any glue-on lashes, mascaras + you won’t use lash serums on top – you might be saving some money. This justifies the price point in the long run. Also you get what you pay for!

6. What Are Russian Lash Extensions?

These are voluminous & elegant lashes that can also be buildable. Russian Lashes are more voluminous than a classic set since they are mostly worn for nighttime events and by women who enjoy wispy looks.

7. What Is A Refill?

Your lashes will fall out and naturally shed as time goes by. Infills are the re-application of lashes that is much needed if you wish to keep your extensions wispy & going! You should book a refill every 2-3 weeks.

8. Can You wear Mascara With Them?

You don’t need to wear mascara with lash extensions since your lashes are going to look wispy, voluminous & fluffy on their own. Tugging your lashes with mascara can also make them fall out & shed sooner than expected. If you really must, rather use an oil-free kind.

9. Can You Swim Or Work Out With Lash Extensions?

Luckily, you can continue with all of your everyday activities or workouts. Avoid steamy rooms, saunas & heavy sun exposure. All places & locations are fine, as long as you don’t spend an excessive amount of time in each one.

10. How to Look After Lash Extensions?

Don’t pick them! Picking, tugging, or pulling will ruin the outcome.

Do brush them out with a clean spoolie to break down any makeup residue, oil, or dust.

Sleep on satin sheets since it helps with soft skin, hair, nails & lashes.

Try to sleep on your back frequently since moving all over the place could cause them to rip sooner than expected.

Also, check out our maintenance guide here

Ready For Your New Lash Treatment?

If you are intrigued by these gorgeous lashes you can book yourself a treatment right here with Dr. Glow Getter! Get a full set that is customized per your eye shape, face shape & headed event. Ideal for any age group & women who like subtle or dramatic makeup looks.

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Are you someone who loves lashes and lash extensions? If so, why not consider getting them sometime soon? They are gorgeous and wispy while being wearable by any woman despite her age or the natural lash count. Just keep on reading since we will talk about all the lash trends and myths when it comes to their wear. You will see that you’re the perfect candidate for them!

Top 5 Myths/Facts About Eyelash Extensions Answered

1. Lash Extensions Can Irritate Your Eyes

A lot of women believe that lash extensions are uncomfortable & hard to wear. This is far from the truth. They can get pretty annoying or irritating only if done by someone who has no experience in this field. When a lash expert applies eyelash extensions to your natural lash, you should not feel any pain during the process. Also, oftentimes patch test is done beforehand just so that you avoid any allergic reactions. Make sure that you trust your lash artist before you commit to the process.

2. Lash Extensions Will Ruin Your Natural Lashes

Women hate to experiment with different kinds of lash looks since they are worried that they might ruin their natural eyelashes or that they will look poor. However, your lashes will stay intact and in place, if your lash guy or girl uses verified and quality materials. Your extensions shouldn’t be too heavy or layered one top of the other. A thickness of 0.20 is too much for most lashes + you should stick to shorter mm kinds & lengths. When doing the application your stylist will have to isolate natural eyelashes and apply them evenly onto each lash. You will not ruin or damage your natural lashes as long as you take proper care of them + you shouldn’t remove them on your own.

3. There is Only One Type of Lashes to Go For

Luckily, there are loads of different lash looks & outcomes to go for. There are also different lengths & looks. Most lash artists will have a range of 4 mm up to 14 mm in length for you to choose from. Lash extensions won’t look the same on each individual, which is why it is crucial to customize & adjust the look fully based on your face type & facial features. Some eyes are smaller, others larger and they are different shapes, which means that the ”same” application method will look completely different on someone else. The end result is always unique + you can get something that fully suits you & your elegant side. It is important to customize it per your preference, and only some lash stylists know how to do this look.

4. You Can’t Apply Mascara On Top

If you truly want to – you can. However, most lash experts recommend that you avoid its use. This is because once properly placed & set in place these lashes will look feminine, voluminous, as well as elegant on their own. You won’t have to touch up your look at all, so why add more products on top? You should purchase a special mascara that is meant to be used only over your extensions, other than that, oil-based kinds could ruin your extensions.

5. You Can’t Wash Them or Get Them Wet

This is one of the biggest mistakes a customer can make. A lot of women are worried that their natural lashes & false lashes will hate water, doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot. Extensions will not fall out if we wash them regularly but in a mild way and without making way too much pressure. If a client does not wash them, you risk the extensions falling out earlier, due to oil and dirt. It is only important that you use no oil cleansers on top since they will shorten the lifespan of your lashes.

Check out our lash extensions maintenance guide to learn more

Are You Ready to Wear Lashes? 

As you can see, they are perfect for most girls and age groups. It is all about customizing them per your preference and your style. With Dr. Glow Getter you can rock the right and customized lash type! Find your ideal look and start wearing wispy lashes asap!

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A lot of women struggle with thin, sparse, as well as uneven natural eyelashes & eyebrows. Are you one of those women as well? If so you will enjoy this article. Here is how to speed up your natural growth and enjoy fluffy and bushy brows & lashes in the quickest way possible and with professional tips & tricks.

Top 6 Tips For Your Eyelashes

1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is naturally rich in fatty acids and can help with the moisturizing properties of your natural eyelashes. This little trick will do wonders and it is great for women who need a quick & easy DIY remedy. Simply coat your lashes in oil with a disposable mascara wand every other night.

2. Try Out An Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash serums might not work overnight, but with regular application and use of products they will give out flawless lashes. Add one or two coats each night before you hit the bed and you will end up with naturally thicker, longer, as well as fluffier natural lashes. Go for products that are packed with plant peptides and biotin to help promote growth. 

shop Lash Eyebrows SerumLash Eyebrows SerumShop

3. Comb Your Eyelashes

It may sound basic and simple, but when you comb out your natural eyelashes you promote blood flow & circulation which will lead to healthy & new lashes. A foldable eyelash brush that has tiny spikes will get the job done. Brush them every night.

4. Consider Biotin Supplements

If you’ve ever looked into hair growth of any kind there’s a huge chance that you’ve spotted biotin as its main and active ingredient in most items or supplements. If you’re lacking some basic minerals such as iron, vitamin B12, proteins, etc – your body and your hair will enjoy a boost of biotin. This super affordable solution will work on anyone!

5. Use A Lash-Boosting Mascara

Have you heard of these before, and have you tried them out? If so you will probably enjoy them over again and on top of your natural lashes. Get a mascara that can pull double duty, and that gives you volume while taking care of your growth problem. Only reach for this type of mascara for 4 weeks and you’ll definitely see an improvement. 

6. Get Lash Extensions If All Else Fails

In the end, if you need a solution that can do wonders overnight and you’re looking for something that can give you that complete transformation you’ll opt for this treatment. It will take you less than one hour to achieve a set of fluffy & wispy lashes that can be worn to any event. 

Top 6 Tips For Your Eyebrows

1. Biotin, Once Again

Biotin is a vitamin that helps hair grow, and this also includes your eyebrows. Aside from biotin supplements, you should also aim for eggs, peanuts, avocados, and salmon. All of these will do wonders in the long run.

2. Purchase An Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow serums are made in such a way that they will promote healthy & new growth of your brow hairs. This is because a lot of these serums contain peptides and oils that have been known to naturally boost the growth of your sparse or thin eyebrow hairs.

shop Lash Eyebrows SerumLash Eyebrows SerumShop

3. Don’t Wear A Lot Of Face Makeup

Aggressive face makeup can slow down the growth of your eyebrows. Did you know this? If so, make sure that you avoid eyebrow pencils, shadows, powders, gels, and pomades. Give it time to see the right type of difference and let your hair fully recover.

shop Micellar WaterMicellar WaterShop

4. Massage Them

Massage your eyebrows regularly, just as you would massage your scalp. Regular and deep massages can improve your blood circulation, which will further lead to healthy, even, as well as well-nourished growth. Your skin, in general, will love this subtle move & massages.

5. Drink Water

Water is good for your overall health, but especially for your hair, skin, and nails. You need to aim for 2 liters of water per day (at least). A lot of women prefer to drink 10 glasses each day since this will help with their overall organs, immune system, as well as your healthy blood flow.

6. Don’t Over-pluck

This is the most common mistake that women tend to make when it comes to their eyebrow maintenance. Plucking & waxing your eyebrows damages its natural hair follicle and eternally. Let your hair breathe and stay away from razors, waxing products, as well as tweezers for 1-2 months. You’ll be surprised at the level of growth and thickness that your eyebrows can reach.

Where To Get The Right Level Of Help?

If you need some help when it comes to your eyebrow & eyelash treatments make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter. Here, you can try out different treatments that are fully personalized per your skin type and your hair growth. Ideal for all women, no matter their age, natural hair color, lash growth/type, or eyebrow color!

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Are you someone who loves to look feminine and flawless when rocking your new set of lash extensions? A lot of women who prefer different beauty looks and innovative ideas will appreciate this trend. However, sometimes what you have to take into consideration is your eye sensitivity, as well as any possible allergic reactions. Keep on reading and understand how to keep your allergies under control, while also rocking some flawless lash extensions.

What Are Spring Allergies?

People who have had allergies all their lives will know that the Spring season is the worst due to its pollen production, and it can cause unwanted allergies overnight, literally. Tree pollen, as well as grass pollen, will start to show in February while continuing all the way till May. If your immune system fails to produce the needed antibodies, you will show visible signs of a poor allergic reaction, such as sneezing and coughing/crying or having irritated eyelids.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms When It Comes To Spring Allergies?

Most people will have and experience:

  • Clogged sinus
  • Watery nose
  • Constant coughs and or sneezes
  • Irritated eyelids
  • Watery eyelids or even crying 

What Happens When You Have An Allergic Reaction While Having Lash Extensions On?

Having lash extensions and experiencing an allergic reaction is a bad combo. This is because you might end up shortening the lifespan of your lash extensions. Allergies & allergy season will make your eyes red & inflamed, and your eyelashes may come off sooner than you’d want them to. This is why you need to focus on calming your eyelids and approaching the allergy with the right medication, tools, as well as creams/oils.

PS: You should get your lash extensions only after dealing and beginning the treatment if you want to prolong their lifespan.

How To Prepare & Approach Your Allergy

You should drink your medication around two weeks before you typically start to feel your allergy symptoms. You can also purchase over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays. These are not too pricey and are easily accessible as well as available in most drugstores or pharmacies, yet they will make a huge difference with your allergies. Also, consider the following:

1. Clean beforehand

You should clean out your closet and remove any dirt, debris, or dust. Clean & wash everything while wearing a mask that will reduce your inhalation of potential allergens. This also applies to your furniture, windows, as well as your fabrics/curtains.

2. Close your windows and avoid pollen

You should keep the pollen out of your home and keep your house protected by closing the windows and avoiding any direct sunlight, as well as pollen. Rather turn on your AC and avoid any possible complications day and night. Practice this approach and this step all the way till summer.

3. Avoid mold

Did you know that mold can often occur in basements and your kitchen? The area that is not as dry can create unwanted humidity which is bad for pollen production and its accumulation, as well as your lash extensions. Wet & humid areas will cause your lash extensions to prematurely fall out, which is why dry & airy rooms are the best go-to.

4. Maintain Your Lash Extensions The Right Way

After getting your lash extensions done, make sure you follow your technician advice and tips on how to maintain them to last longer, You can check out our guide on how to keep your eyelash extensions amazing and maintain them the correct way

Can You Still Wear Lash Extensions?

In the end, just know that you can still wear & get a set of lash extensions. However, knowing how to approach them if you are prone to allergies is crucial. Simply apply these tips, take your medication, and act responsibly before you book your treatment. Once you’re ready to commit make sure that you book your session here and enjoy the work of art of our specialized and master lash artists.

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Have you ever had a set of gorgeous lashes before? If so, you probably know how tricky it can be to maintain them, especially if you are not aware of some basic upkeep rules. Interested in getting them sometime soon, but you also wish to prolong their lifespan? Keep on reading, and figure out all there is to know when it comes to lash extensions.

Top 6 Tips For Lash Extensions And Their Maintenance

1. Do Not Wear Makeup

This tip is important for your initial appointment. You need to come barefaced and without any eye makeup if you want to end up with phenomenal results. Your face should be clean, moisturized, as well as free of any traces of mascara. Let the lash artist do their magic and trust their approach. Long-lasting lashes begin with your initial approach, as well as your proper preparation.

2. Do Not Get Them Wet

You should never get your lashes wet, especially after just getting them done. They are still fresh & brand new, which makes them prone to breakage. Do not wash your face, use any scrubs, and avoid deep exfoliation. You should also stay away from makeup application since your new lashes need to set and bond along with your natural ones.

3. Avoid High Heat, Sauna, As Well As The Gym

Any type of heat and steam can be damaging to your lashes. Try to stay indoors and rest, while also embracing that natural beauty! You should avoid saunas, high heat, as well as swimming at the pool or sweating at the gym. Most of these activities can cause your glue to become soft and weak, which can further lead to eyelash breakage or falling out from the root.

4. Use A Spoolie

An eyebrow spoolie or an eyelash spoolie is a handy little item that can do wonders for your eyelashes. You should comb them with this item every morning and night to untangle them, as well as get rid of any dirt, debris, or traces of makeup. Wiggle the wand and embrace the beauty of your lashes all over again! 

PS: Do not use lash oils or serums. Avoid the use of this product since it is liquid and can be damaging to your eyelashes.

5. Avoid The Use Of Cotton 

When removing your makeup at night you should know that it is vital to use makeup wipes, instead of cotton balls or cotton rounds. This item can be so tricky to use & get out of your lashes. The cotton balls will tangle deep into your extensions, and they can be impossible to get out. Do not use them or cotton q-tips since they are also impossible to wiggle out of, literally.

6. Get A Refill

Last but not least, you should book yourself an eyelash refill every couple of weeks. Usually, most lash artists and technicians recommend going for a 2-3 week refill. This is because regular refills will help with the maintenance and regular beauty of your lash extensions. They are often half the price point, and are quicker & easier to do since there is a lot less lash material being used in the process!

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, where do you stand when it comes to lash extensions? A lot of women love them, and if it is your first time getting them done, why not check out this service right here?! At Dr.Glow Getter, every woman will easily find her ideal go-to look, as well as preferred lash style. Choose from natural, short, wispy, or full Russian volume extensions, and enjoy their beauty for several weeks! Book online to secure your spot

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It seems like celebrities have gorgeous & feminine eyebrows all the time, right? However, not all of them are keeping them as maintained as much as you’d think. In fact, some are just using the right set of products + they have the needed knowledge for their upkeep. By getting your needed brow tools & products, as well as by mastering the technique, you will be one step closer to nailing your brows just as well as them. Keep on reading and pick up some eyebrow tips that will suit you, no matter your age or natural brow shape, count, or look!

Top 9 Celebrities And Their Eyebrow Routine + Brow Products

1. Emma Watson

ema watson eyebrows

Emma revealed to the Huffington Post a couple of years back that she prefers her eyebrows naturally shaped, yet with a bit of tint. She prefers the henna brow method where your eyebrows are colored with a natural plant-based dye. Once done they are left looking feminine & darker, starting at the root. Some women also get their lashes tinted, and they love to embrace that dark natural lash with fluffy brows as well.

2. Rita Ora

Rita Ora loves to rock dark lips, as well as dark eyebrows. Although a blonde, her eyebrows are often left quite dark (almost like a dark brown tint), but somehow, she can pull it off! Her eyebrows are thick and properly arched thanks to the Benefit eyebrow pencils that are a staple in her bag.

3. Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne eyebrows

Cara Delavingne had to be on this list since she is a natural beauty with the thickest yet most natural-looking eyebrows. She loves them since they are a staple + they truly round her look. All she does to them is brush them up with either a brow spoolie or dark brown mascara to make them pop. Some women also love getting their eyebrows laminated in order to achieve this (or similar) effect.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim has some of the prettiest eyebrows that women worldwide are trying to copy. This billionaire knows how to make her eyebrows pop and look trendy with the best brow powder or brown shadow which she created along with her brand, K-beauty.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna often rocks naturally thin & short eyebrows since they frame her best way better than thick, long & bushy eyebrows. This look means that she plucks her brows on a weekly basis, and emphasizes her arch with a light, white & shimmery eyeshadow. This look is great for women who have naturally thin, short, or sparse eyebrows.

6. Beyonce

Queen B is an icon in every sense & in every way, while also being a beauty queen. She often rocks brushed-up eyebrows that she is capable of achieving with a brow gel, or a tinted brow gel. She keeps them light in color and even bleaches them from time to time.

7. Zendaya

Zendaya is another beauty next to Cara that is quite famous & known for her fluffy and bushy eyebrows. This singer/actress rocks her natural and gorgeous eyebrows while also embracing the arch. She knows how to do her makeup with just one item, and that is the Urban Decay brow pencil.

8. Margot Robbie

Blonde Margot Robbie is someone who is not afraid of dying her eyebrows whenever in need of a quick change. This blonde bombshell loves to DIY the process of eyebrow tinting at her home with a tint that is 2 shades darker than her natural hair.

9. Lily Collins

Last, but not least, you can try to pull off these wild brow that Lily Collins is known for rocking. She has a heart-shaped face that can pull off loads of different & unique looks. Do you have the same face shape as well? You can recreate the look with the right fine tip pencil, like the one from Dior that she swears by.

Ready To Rock Some New Eyebrows?

shop Lash Eyebrows SerumLash Eyebrows SerumShop

So, are you ready to try out some new brow methods & techniques? How do you feel about these top 9 different brow styles? Let us know which one is your favorite! You could also book yourself an appointment with an eyebrow specialist who will give you the brows of your dreams, catered to your face! Find an amazing solution right here!

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Thinking about getting a lash tint sometime soon? Not everyone is aware of this process and this beauty treatment, but it should be on your go-to list in the near future! A lash tint will make you feel feminine and cute-looking while transforming your face and making you look like you’re wearing makeup while actually investing the minimal effort. Women who wish to emphasize their eyes will enjoy getting their lashes lifted + they will enjoy the minimal makeup look! 

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

An eyelash tint is a process where a special type of color (dye) is applied on top of your natural eyelashes. The process is quick & easy, as well as perfect for any type of natural eyelashes. Once done, you are left with darker and naturally more feminine eyelashes. It is perfect for blonde women who wish to color their naturally lighter eyelashes as well. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t love to wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, yet wants something quick & easy, as well as affordable.

Is The Process Painful?

Every beauty treatment or process does have its pros and cons, as you probably know by now. This one, in particular, can be harmful only if you book a lash tech who doesn’t know how to give you proper results, or if you go for someone inexperienced. Remember that eyes are naturally sensitive and that you should nourish your eyelids and eyelashes with proper products. If you are someone who has sensitive eyes or sensitive skin, as well as if you are prone to allergies, heads up before you book your treatment, and make sure that you talk to your lash tech! However, it can’t be painful or uncomfortable in any way.

Is The Tint Safe?

Professionals will use proper dye that is safe on your eyelids and your eyelashes. Under no circumstances should they (or yourself) use actual and regular hair dye over your eyelashes. Some tints are even organic & fully natural, so stick to one that suits your preference and skin type the best.

What Is The Process Like?

The application will take 10 minutes to do. It is done while you lay down on a bed and keep your eyes shut while facing your aesthetician. This process is safe for lens wearers, as well as women who have thin and flat natural lashes. Just make sure that you remove your contacts beforehand, and also let your aesthetician know about your current skin complications or any vision/eye problems. 

They will apply dark brown or black dye all over your natural eyelashes. Each lash is coated in product individually that they will brush out with a brow spoolie so that it sticks better.

How Long Will The Results Last?

This treatment can last for 3-6 weeks. This will depend a lot on you and your everyday makeup routine. How often do you touch your face, how often do you wash your face, and are you a frequent makeup wearer? Make sure that you stay away from oil-based products since not using them will prolong the outcome and the beauty of your natural lashes, as well as their tint. Check out these products in case you would like them to last longer

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Who Should Do It?

If you are thinking about getting a lash tint, just go for it! Women who might appreciate it (or need it the most) are:

  • Women who have naturally lighter colored lashes
  • Women who prefer minimalistic makeup and don’t want to wear mascara
  • Women who want something durable & great for an upcoming holiday
  • Great for tropical getaways where you will not be wearing a lot of makeup
  • Perfect for teens who can’t wear a lot of makeup
  • Ideal treatment if you plan on pairing it up with a lash lift

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, are you ready to coat your lashes in a bit of color? Have you ever had your lashes lifted or tinted before? If not, have you ever had lash extensions before? Either way, it may be, this can be your perfect and simple baby go-to treatment for everyday wear. Luckily for you, you can book your session right here and let experts take care of your natural lashes!

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Wondering & thinking about getting your eyebrows laminated? This trend and this beauty process has been one of the new and highly talked about kinds in the beauty industry. It is a quick and easy solution for women who struggle with drawing their eyebrows and making them look cute and fluffy for everyday wear. Keep on reading and understand why you might want to consider this eyebrow treatment! 

What Is Eyebrow Lamination? 

This is a process where your brows get lifted and are kept in place with a firming lotion. This beauty treatment reminds me a lot of getting a perm since it is a treatment that has long-lasting results. Its main emphasis is on leaving your brows lifted and firm. Eyebrow lamination is done over your natural brows where they become shiny and smooth after the process is done. It is not painful or too hard to do, and it is not time-consuming either. 

Is It For Everyone? 

Every woman can get her eyebrows laminated. This process is safe for most skin types, and it is ideal for anyone who struggles with flat, short, as well as straight natural hairs. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are quite thick, curly, as well as hard to maintain, you will appreciate eyebrow lamination. This process will leave you with feminine eyebrows that are set in place and kept straight all day long. They won’t look unruly, messy, or uneven.

How It’s Done Step By Step 

Step 1: Your brow esthetician will apply a cream on top of your eyebrows to lift them up. This cream is left on top of your surface for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Your eyebrows are brushed upwards with a brow spoolie.

Step 3: The tech applies a neutralizer to seal your eyebrows.

Step 4: They will use an oil in the end to prevent any kind of irritation or dryness of your skin as well as your brows.

The process takes 45-60 minutes to do. Your tech can also recommend tweezing excess hairs and giving you a bit of color (tinting your brows) to enhance new changes. This is up to you, but you two can come up with a feminine and gorgeous outcome that suits your face and your natural eyebrow count, color, as well as shape.

Who Should Go For It 

You will enjoy eyebrow lamination if you are:

  • Struggling filling your natural eyebrows
  • You are stuck with some bald patches
  • You enjoy the fluffy eyebrow look
  • You have bushy brows and you don’t want to fill them in every day
  • You prefer that natural minimalistic makeup look

Are There Any Risks To It 

Every treatment that we do on top of our skin, hair, as well as our body & nails, can have minor side effects. In this case, you can experience some mild redness or itching, but these will go away in 2-3 days. Just make sure that you talk with your technician about any potential risks or damages before you book your treatment. Every tech will tell you whether you’re suitable or not for your treatment. 

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What Are The Benefits When It Comes To Eyebrow Lamination?

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing look, laminated eyebrows can also come in handy in some other cases and for different women. Those are:

Women who have super thin hairs that might thin out and occur as you age

Uneven gaps due to poor and improper overplucking or waxing of your eyebrows

Easier maintenance & time-saving solution

How Long Does The Outcome Last 

The process is not as time-consuming once you realize the benefits as well as the longevity of this treatment. In fact, eyebrow lamination can last you anywhere between 3-5 weeks. You will be advised to come back and repeat the treatment every couple of months. Women who prefer natural and fluffy brows, as well as fuller brows, will want to book their treatment every 3-4 weeks to maintain their results. These eyebrows & their upkeep is minimal while their price is more than justified and affordable, which means that you should consider going for it, especially if you have an important event ahead.

Want To Book Yourself A Treatment?

Are you ready to book yourself a treatment? Thinking about getting your eyebrows laminated, plucked, or even tinted? Luckily for you, all of your wishes will come true at Dr.Glow Getter! Call or book online with confidence whenever you are ready, our staff are working around the clock to make sure everyone gets their expected results

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