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Are you a frequent eyelash curler user or a lash lift junkie? Do you prefer to have them done and rock them throughout the month? If so, it is only natural and logical that you wear your lashes lifted during high heat as well, and throughout the summer season. However, you may question and wonder how humidity can affect your lash lift!? There are a lot of things that you can do to prolong their wear time. Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it and how you can maintain them. 

So, Does Humidity Affect Your Lash Extensions? 

The truth is that humidity can affect and make an impact on your lash lifts, just as any heat, poor weather conditions, or excessive water exposure can have an impact. However, you can make some adjustments and prolong their wear time and lifespan. To begin with, stay away from direct sun exposure and always wear a hat or sunglasses for an additional protective layer.

How To Take Care Of Your Lifted Lashes In Humid Weather? 

Stay away from oils – this applies to any type of oil. You shouldn’t use oil-based cleansers, creams, or lotions, pretty much anything is out of the question since it can change the texture of your lifted lashes.

  • Don’t apply falsies on top – avoid adding any type of material, heavy artificial lashes, or magnetic lashes since they will loosen your curl.
  • Try sleeping on your back – this way, your lashes will not break or tug around, leaving that curl with a prolonged lifespan.
  • Don’t use an eyelash curler – believe it or not, this little item will become an enemy for your newly lifted lashes. Let them rest and show off the curl on its own.

PS: You should have nice, long, wispy, and high-quality natural lashes to begin with to make them look good and to get the perfect lift. Aim for lash or brow serums and oils which will boost your growth and once you’re satisfied with their fullness book yourself a lash lift treatment.

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How Your Lash Tech Should Treat Your Lashes?

To avoid extreme humidity, it is important to be surrounded by proper conditions when getting the treatment. Ask your lash tech to:

  • Get your room conditions under control. Don’t go for too high or low temperatures, stick to comfy 20 degrees for best results. 
  • In case it is too hot you can get a dehumidifier or air conditioner to bring the humidity down.
  • Your lash tech can also purchase and use high-quality tools and lashes that can withstand different conditions. 

Want A Bit Of A Lift?

Are you craving that flawless and luscious lash lift? If you want the prettiest lashes ever make sure to book the best expert you know of. With the help of Dr. Glow Getter’s skilled staff, everyone will end up with beautiful & luscious lashes, despite the current heat! Show them off everywhere you go and just know that you’re in good hands.

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If you are a frequent eyelash wearer you probably know how they can feel against your lid and when you wear them for a long time. On the other hand, you can also experience poking and irritation. Why does this happen sometimes? Keep on reading and find your answers down below!

Why Are My Lash Extensions Poking Me?

Once you get your eyelashes done and installed they can feel a bit too heavy at first. If you go too long and too voluminous they can weigh down your lid, making it harder to open up your eyes. Two to three weeks after getting them and wearing them your natural lashes may get irritated as well, causing excessive pushing and poking of lash extensions. However, it all goes back to the application process, and the approach/expertise of your lash tech.

How Do You Know If Your Eyelashes Are Done Poorly?

1. You struggle to brush them out: if your lash artist can’t brush them out during the application process just know that you won’t be able to brush them out yourself when you get home. This will, sooner or later, cause unwanted poking.

Get yourself a brush and lash cleanser that helps with keeping them clean and easy to brush

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2. Burning eye sensation: if you’re experiencing a burning sensation always speak up! A poorly done application will lead to this experience, which is why you should be honest with your lash artist. Burning eyes will automatically cause a poking sensation.

3. Twisting and squeezing: never try to spin, twist, droop, pull and turn your extensions. This will cause them to shed or move around, leaving you with a sparse area, shedding of the lash, and constant poking.

4. Thick, coarse, and curly lash extensions will naturally add so much pressure and heaviness to your natural lashes. This is why your lashes have to be done by a skilled lash technician who has an eye for design and can help you select the best set for your face and eye shape. Never overdo it, and you will achieve a poke-free outcome!

5. Watch out for tangles: all people are unique and have a story for themselves, meaning that they have unique growth patterns of lashes. This is why you should know that all of your lashes have their life cycles, meaning that some will fall and shed faster than others. Your lash tech should apply only one lash extension on top of your individual natural lash. Too much of stacking and the pressure will lead to an unwanted gap.

Want To Look Your Best?

If you want to get the set of your dreams and look your best just know that Dr. Glow Getter will help you out! Every girl will end up with a fierce, luscious, and wispy pair that is fully catered per her face and eyelid shape. Book with us in Edgewater NJ and enjoy new lashes for everyday or formal events.

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The beauty industry has seen it all when it comes to lashes and their major comeback. Nowadays, lashes come in all different forms, such as strip lashes, magnetic ones, and eyelash extensions. If you’re sick and tired of using your same old mascara, growth serums, or heated curls it might be best to move to the next phase: lash extensions. Interested in how they work and if they’re bad for your natural lashes? Keep on reading and discover all there’s to it down below

What Are Lash Extensions And How Are They Applied?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes. They are applied and done by a skilled lash artist who knows how to do feminine transformations while fully adjusting and customizing the look per your preference. Lash extensions can be made of synthetic, mink, faux mink, or silk fibers. The application takes 45-90 minutes to do depending on the look that you’re aiming for.

Will Lash Extensions Harm Your Natural Eyelashes?

Damage to your natural lashes is not possible if initially applied the right way. The truth is that you have to book a skilled lash tech who has done it and seen it all! Applying extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will result in premature shedding, along with breakage. Here is what is crucial when it comes to your natural eyelashes and lash extensions:

1. Don’t get them wet: you should avoid all contact with water and steam within the first 48 hours after having your extensions applied. Your extensions can fall off or shed if exposed to improper conditions, along with rain, saunas, pool, etc.

2. You shouldn’t use oil-based products: don’t use any oil-based products while you have lash extensions. Oils will dissolve the glue that is holding your lashes in place. It could also irritate your natural lashes.

3. Sleep on your side and on satin sheets: when sleeping on your stomach or on rough sheets you are expediting the fallout and breakage of your lashes. Sleep on your back and on smooth satin sheets to prolong the lifespan of your extensions.

4. Don’t rub your eyes: stay away from touching, tugging, and rubbing your eyes! These movements will result in you experiencing breakage. Be gentle so that your natural lashes stay intact and prevent them from shedding.

5. No need for an eyelash curler: you should know that mechanical eyelash curlers are bad for you. They can get all the way into your lash root and cause them to fall out or break in half.

6. Don’t go for too heavy lashes: lastly, if you wish to prolong the lifespan of your lash extensions make sure that you don’t go for the heaviest infill there is. You should start with something lightweight since thick, heavy mink Russian infills can be damaging to your natural lashes.

Read more on how to keep your lashes healthy by following a good maintenance routine

It All Comes Down To Your Lash Tech

If you want to have the prettiest lashes ever make sure that you book a skilled lash tech. In fact, by getting your lashes done by Dr. Glow Getter in Edgewater NJ, every woman will experience feminine, flirty, and full lashes, perfect for everyday or formal wear! Just know that you’re in safe hands and that you’re going to love a customized solution.

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Eyelash extensions are available in different materials, lengths, volumes, and curls. This is why finding your ”the one” can seem like an impossible task. You can go for a ton of different simple, wispy, sexy, or glamorous looks. If you’re not too sure what are your options or how to narrow down your selection keep on reading and find your answers down below.

Different Curl Type

There are several types of eyelash extensions, such as B-curl, C-curl, D-curl, and the L+ curl. All of these are applied differently and have their own sets of unique features. For instance:

  • B-curl is a natural-looking curl, perfect for those with straight eyelashes
  • C-curl will fit most eye shapes easily, perfect for subtle volume and fullness
  • D-curl is used for dramatic transformations and formal looks
  • L-curl gives your eye the best amount of a lift and curl

Different Material Types

Mink lashes: super popular and often worn by celebrities. Mink fur is made with real hair, which is why it can be a bit pricier than some other options. The material itself is thin and not too heavy, perfect if you don’t want to weigh down your eyelashes. also this is what we can as our lashes here at Dr. Glow Getter in Edgewater, NJ

Faux mink: this material is synthetic. It looks a lot like mink, only a bit more affordable and vegan. It is a durable eyelash that looks amazing even when wet.

Silk lashes: if you are allergic to certain furs or if you’re vegan this is for you to consider. They aren’t too pricey and are low-maintenance. Perfect for those who are just starting out with wearing false lashes. 

Different Types of Refills

Classic lashes: these are simple and will take you 90 minutes to achieve at a salon. It is a 1:1 lash applying technique that tends to look the best on bigger eyes. 

Hybrid: can take around 2 hours to do. It is the perfect mix and match and mash of different eyelashes. You will get a natural fullness yet not too much of a length.

Volume Drama: this application can take 2-3 hours to do, depending on the outcome that you’re aiming for. The process involves applying very thin lightweight lash extensions to each individual natural lash. This treatment creates more dimension and texture, perfect for formal wear.

Mega Volume: If you like to wear a lot of makeup on a daily and you are a fan of dramatic looks, get the mega volume fill! It will suit women who are off to some fancy occasions.

Most Popular Looks

Doll eyelashes: a super popular long lash look that has the most amount of lashes concentrated around the center portion. It leaves your eyes looking open and wide, as well as Barbie-like. If you have downturned eyes this is a look to consider doing.

Cat eyelashes: most of your lashes will be concentrated on the outer eye corner, giving you that feline-like look. This is perfect for small hooded or rounded eyes who want to have that sexy winged-out outcome.

Classic eyelashes: these are applied evenly all over your lash line, with no key focus options, making your natural eye pop and look simple. The intention is just to enhance your lashes, without any major change. Can work on any eye shape.

Which Lash to Go For and Where to Book Your Appointment?

Enjoy the cutest, wispiest, and most customized pair of lash extensions with Dr. Glow Getter. Women who want a unique solution and those who want to look their best are in safe hands. Your chosen look is customized per your eye shape and is durable without being too pricey. See for yourself by booking an appointment.

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How many times have you had your eyelash extensions done and filled? Out of all of those studio visitations, how many times has your lash stylist counted your lash extensions, and only then did the application? If you are a newbie when it comes to wearing and getting lash extensions there are a lot of rules for you to consider and think about before booking your next lash appointment. Keep on reading as we list out all the key facts and reasons why someone might want to count your lashes, and why other salons don’t go for this technique.

Why Do Some Lash Studios Bill Per Lash Extension?

In some salons, your lash extensions are applied not by your preferred look, but by the number and quantity of lashes that are being used in the application process. This is why some lash salons have specific pricing for your preferred infill, such as anywhere from 50-150 lashes! The more you stack and go for, the pricier the outcome. The reason behind this is probably because their materials are pricey, as well as their import, also they bill based on the time needed to apply each lash, However, proper and experienced salons do not go for this method.

How Are Lashes Applied?

Eyes come in various shapes and sizes. This is why not every girl can rock the same lash type or length. You can go for wispy, large, small, and medium sizes that are adjusted to your smaller or bigger eyes, hooded eyes, or deep sets. Your lash artist has to do the measurement and figure out the perfect length and curl for you. The most common sizes are 0.15mm-0.2mm. For some salons the trickier the application, the pricier the outcome.

What To Know About The Number Of Lashes?

Most women have around 100-150 Natural lashes per one upper lid. In some cases, you can have super thin lashes and sparse types (only around 50 per eye), or you can be blessed and have thick full 200 lashes on one eye! However, the number of natural lashes you have can play a significant role in the final result of your set. Although the application can be trickier for sparse lashes, it shouldn’t be pricier. With some salons, you’re only paying for the full picture and its marvelous outcome.

How Time-Consuming Is The Application?

Some lash artists bill per hour while others bill per set. In most cases, here is how time-consuming this is for experienced lash artists:

  • 50 lashes take around 1 hour to do
  • 100 lashes take around 2 hours to do
  • 150 lashes around 2.5 hours

The only unanimous rule is that super long, pricey, and voluminous Lash refills are going to be pricey, no matter the salon and its policy or pricing. Find a salon that is within your price range and that promises quality and marvelous lashes, not tricky lash-counting payment options.

So, Counting or Not Counting? Which Is Best For Clients

Lash salons have different business models, these models have some effects on the profitability of the business, as well as the results and the outcome provided

When a Lash Salon bill the customer per lash, the client pay for the material and time spent on the application, no matter what the outcome would be, usually salons who uses this type of model will blame you as a customer if the outcome is not what you expected, they request to pay extra as you go based on how full the eyes should be, the more lashes you want, the more you pay

Is it a bad approach? Not always, especially when you are in well-experienced hands, but it is not the best when it comes to what we expect from our lash artists, as a client you want a set of options that is based on the look and the results you get, you don’t wanna get into details, like how many lashes are being applied, or what is the length or whatever! If I needed a volume look -let’s say- I would want to know a prefixed price to deliver the look I desire, and that’s it, usually that’s how experienced artist set their prices and lash business, honest, clear, and transparent

Where To Find And Experience A High-Quality Service?

If you want the best of the best and you’re paying for the actual look instead of the number of lashes, it is time to book your appointment with Dr. Glow Getter! Enjoy high-quality, wispy, and sensual lashes without being worried about surpassing your common go-to lash count. Enjoy the take of a skilled lash stylist when it comes to doing Russian infills and stop worrying about the price point. You’re in safe hands that know how to customize the solution per your face type and eye shape, just as it should be!

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Eyelash extensions, who wouldn’t love them?! The truth is that they are so popular and often worn by a ton of different women. They can suit all the eye shapes and will look lovely on different age groups or events when done the right way and by a specialized lash stylist. However, how to know when is the right time to get them, how often you might need a refill, and when is the right time to get a whole new set? This is a move that a lot of women tend to get wrong and they are not equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to lash extension maintenance. Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it down below.

How Often Should I Get A New Full Set Of Eyelash Extensions

1. It All Comes Down To Your Upkeep

The truth is that the way you treat your lashes will determine their longevity. Women who can handle their maintenance and who are regulars at the lash studio will always have a gorgeous full set. This means that you should book your refills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the outcome. Doing a new, fresh, and full set is recommended only every 5-6 months.

2. Know That Lashes Shed

Our lashes naturally shed quite often, and there is nothing that you can do to slow down this process. Everyone’s growth process is different. However, you are often looking at a regular shedding session of 2-3 weeks. This is why bold, long Russian lash extensions can be heavy on top of your natural ones, causing them to shed more often.

3. It Is Important To Clean Your Lashes

Every time you get a new set of lash extensions it is up to a lash stylist to fully clean your natural lashes and prepare them for application. By doing so, the adhesive will create a strong bond and you will end up with high quality and longevity in the long run. However, taking a break from lashes is also recommended. This is why a new set of extensions will be required after filling in or two.

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4. Pricey, But Worth It

A lot of women tend to avoid new sets of lashes just because they are pricey. But you can’t always rely just on refills. Sometimes, a lash stylist will not be capable of doing this type of application because you are way past your due date. Doing a set and a refill 2-3 times is recommended, along with giving your lashes a one-month break. Although it may look like a less costly option, it is always best to consider your options with your lash studio.

5. Be Gentle With Them

Lastly, be gentle and very cautious when it comes to your lash upkeep and their health and hygiene. This means combing through your lashes, washing your face every day, and possibly sleeping on satin sheets. The less eye makeup you apply, the better (prettier) and long-lasting the outcome. Avoid steamy saunas as well, and let your lashes completely recover as time goes by, preparing them for a new voluminous set.

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Want To Get The Prettiest Eyelash Extensions?

If you’re ready for a fresh and full new set, check out Dr. Glow Getter serving the Edgewater, NJ area. You can have some of the prettiest, longest, most voluminous, and wispy lashes ever! You will end up with a fully customized look, catered to every girl and her face or eye shape. Book online or give us a call for customized solutions that serve your style and desired look

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After getting a fresh new set of lash extensions, every woman feels a lot more pretty, feminine, as well as confident! Lash extensions are an amazing addition to the face, and women love getting them since they are customizable per your preference, eye shape, and your headed event! If you end up getting a set any time soon, here’s how to maintain it and keep it on for as long as possible!

What To Avoid After Getting Lash Extensions? Top 6 Steps Which You Shouldn’t Do!

1. Don’t Wash Your Lashes For 2 Days

Once you come back home from your treatment, try and stay away from water. This means that you shouldn’t wash your face or your lashes for the next 2-3 days. By doing so, you will actually prolong the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Don’t go for a steamy bath or a hot shower, since high heat can open up your pores, and cause the extensions to loosen up, and for the glue to weaken. So, stay away from the beach, saunas, as well as the pool, it is that simple!

2. Don’t Wear Makeup For Three Days

Makeup shouldn’t be on your go-to list. This especially applies to eye makeup. Let your face rest for the upcoming 2-3 days. You can apply a bit of BB cream and lipstick (if you truly must), but try to stay away from any lashes, mascaras, or eyeshadows. These can tug on your lash extensions and can cause them to fall out sooner than expected. Embrace your natural beauty for the welfare of your lash extensions!

3. Don’t Apply Oily Products In The Longrun

Applying any oily products will, unfortunately, irritate your lash extensions and cause them to fall off and slip from the root. This is why you should avoid any oil-based cleansers, makeup removers, as well as creams! Switch to natural ingredients, and make sure that your skincare & makeup items are free from oils! Also, make sure you are very gentle when it comes to the removal of your makeup. Heavy motions and hard wiping or rubbing actions will irritate your lashes, and cause them to shed.

4. Don’t Use Creamy Eyeshadows In The Longrun

A creamy eyeshadow will look a bit flaky, and it will easily smudge. Aside from this, creamy eyeshadows can easily get into your lash line and cause your lash extensions to fall off or move. If you’re doing your eye makeup, make sure you use something that is either matte or powdery in your crease & lid area. Dab the product in with your brush, and not your fingers. Make sure you are gentle and careful since sudden and rough motions may irritate your lash line.

5. Don’t Apply Liquid Eyeliners In The Longrun

Liquid liners are the worst since they can easily sink into the root of your lashes. They are also easily spread, they have a liquid & runny texture, and they can smear! All of this will eventually lead to the fallout of your extensions, as well as their early shedding. If you must, rather use black eyeshadow on your lid. Make slow tapping motions along the lash line till you are left with the optimal coverage! Also, a matte gel is a good idea and a good backup for the liquid liner.

6. Don’t Use Waterproof Makeup Or Mascaras In The Longrun

Waterproof makeup is a lot harder to remove, which is why you should avoid it. This especially applies to the use of waterproof mascaras. Your lash extensions are already voluminous & noticeable on their own, no need to add any coats of mascara on top! If applied correctly, they will look gorgeous and you won’t have to reach for other eye makeup items! This also applies to lash curlers and glue-on lashes.

Optional: Sleep On Your Back 

This step is a bit unusual, but following it can truly contribute and help your lashes to last a bit longer. Try and sleep on your back and on satin sheets. By doing so, your face won’t be in direct contact with the pillow, and your lashes won’t move around! Practice makes everything perfect, so give this little trick a chance!

PS: This can also help with wrinkles, skin in general, and will also give you healthy hair!

You can also read our dedicated guide on how to maintain your lash extensions to have them last longer

If you are an active person, or a regular gym enthusiast who works out multiple times a week, you can use a Lash Sealant to protect your lash extensions from getting wet, read more detail on our detailed article about lash sealant here

Ready To Try Out Lash Extensions?

So, do you feel a bit more confident now when it comes to rocking lash extensions? As you can see, with some proper tips & tricks you can prolong their lifespan! By following our simple 6 hacks, your lashes will stay on for three weeks, with ease! If you’re intrigued, check out all the different lash services that you can get with our lash experts in Edgewater, NJ. Book oBook Appointment online whenever you are ready and come glow like a Glow Getter

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If you want to have fluffy, full, and sexy eyebrows and eyelashes make sure to consider getting a lash & brow serum. This little makeup item can be practical and handy, ideal for everyday use and when you’re trying to spice up your makeup. With regular use, you can experience a luscious outcome and enjoy wispy, elegant, and extravagant hair fulness. Keep on reading and understand the pros and benefits of using this serum.

Top 6 Benefits Of Using A Lash & Brow Serum

1. Speeds up the hair growth

Did you know that your lashes are made of keratin? This is a substance that is also known as one specific kind of protein. It is used to stimulate your natural brow and lash growth while filling out any sparse space or gaps in between your lashes or eyebrows. The result is increased volume and a lot more thickness, realistically within a 1-2 month period.

2. Helps with hair loss

Some people are genetically predisposed to lose lashes and eyebrows due to different health conditions. Research has proven that using an eyelash serum can lengthen the eyelash growth cycle to produce darker, fuller, and longer lashes. If you suffer from baldness, alopecia, you are albino or other similar cases you will prefer this little trick right up your sleeve!

3. Gives and locks in the moisture

A lot of women struggle with dry lashes, dry eyes, and drier skin. If your eyes water and are often easily irritated you should consider giving them a bit of moisture. For a lot of women, their lash line (where they apply eyeliner) tends to look super dried-out. A high-quality eyelash serum can moisturize lashes and soothe your follicles, leaving you with a nourished and glowy outcome!

4. Can be used by anyone

There are no restrictions when it comes to the use of this product. Thanks to its multi-purpose everyone can apply the substance over their lash line or eyebrows to get a bit of that boost! If you’re a fan of nourished eyelashes and you’re often on the hunt for high-quality makeup just know that this tube is filled with biotin, peptides, and keratin!

5. Not too pricey

How often do you use false lashes, brow gels, lash curlers, or mascaras? The truth is that a lot of us tend to go through these bottles in a matter of weeks! However, with regular use of the right type of lash or brow serum, you will get the moisture, shine, pop of color, and volume – all in one! Women who want to save a bit of money will appreciate incorporating this beauty item into their everyday routine and switching up their mascaras or brow gels.

6. Easy to apply

You won’t struggle with the application since little goes a long way! Simply use the brush and close your eye and apply the serum through your lashes and lash line. Do not open your eyes during this. Apply a bit of it over your brows in the morning and at night. Brush up and down with your fingertips and let it air dry before you apply any makeup on top.

Where To Find A Lash & Brow Serum?

shop Lash Eyebrows SerumLash Eyebrows SerumShop

If you want to check out an amazing and promising lash serum check out this one by Dr. Glow Getter! Dr. Glow Getter has combined unique ingredients such as peptides which play an integral role in promoting hair growth and enhancing healthy hair follicle activity. More importantly, these peptides create a good foundation for your brows while strengthening them. Transform your brows and eyelashes in no time while enjoying high-quality results.

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Thinking about getting your lashes done? If so, you should also know why you might want an eyelash sealer in your everyday routine. Not a lot of women use it regularly, but they should make it their priority and should incorporate it into their lash routine. Why? It can prolong the lifespan of your lashes while keeping them voluminous, detangled, shiny & healthy looking. Keep on reading as we discuss some of the importance of this cool little item.

What Is An Eyelash Sealer?

You will enjoy a lash sealer since it will prolong the lifespan and the beauty of your lashes. It acts just like a top coat polish does for our nails. In fact, a lash sealer makes a sturdy barrier on top of your voluminous false lashes and lash extensions. The most basic function of a lash sealant is to form a barrier to protect against the elements that break down the lash glue. Once done this will add that much-needed barrier to your eyelashes while preventing them to twist or peel.

How Does It Work?

Oftentimes women get surprised by the fact that they can wear this product and this liquid on their eyelashes. Don’t you recall when your lash tech said that even mascara is out of the question? However, unlike other cosmetic products, a lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free, functional aftercare product that prolongs the retention of lash extension. It has an amazing texture and a high-quality formula that can’t make any bad or negative impact on your lash extensions.

Who Needs It?

Anyone who has had their eyelashes done just recently can add this handy little item to their routine. You can actually use it all year-round since it acts as an additional coat of protection. Women will like it since it helps with:

  • A period when your lashes are exposed to high humidity
  • High levels of sweat (if you go to the gym)
  • If you are often swimming
  • Ideal for women who have oily skin

When To Add It To Your Routine?

Eyelash extension adhesive has to fully dry down and has to bond along with your natural eyelashes. This is why you can’t apply mascara, makeup removers, or any other makeup/skincare products during the first 24-48 hour period. The same rule applies to the lash sealant. You should add it to your routine 2-3 days after the process of lash extensions.

How To Apply It?

The application is not too hard or scary. It is a lot like applying your favorite liquid eyeliner while focusing a lot of pressure and product placement against the lash. You should do it in 4 simple steps:

1. Once you have pulled the brush from the tube, get any excess product off by swiping the brush and gliding the product off.

2. Work step by step and add little by little. Place the brush along your lash line and graze the product against the root. Work from inner to outer corner. 

3. Lightly dab the brush under your lash line.

4. Do not comb the brush through your lash line like you would when using mascara. Use the product once a day (morning or night) to get the prettiest-looking eyelashes.

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