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It seems like celebrities have gorgeous & feminine eyebrows all the time, right? However, not all of them are keeping them as maintained as much as you’d think. In fact, some are just using the right set of products + they have the needed knowledge for their upkeep. By getting your needed brow tools & products, as well as by mastering the technique, you will be one step closer to nailing your brows just as well as them. Keep on reading and pick up some eyebrow tips that will suit you, no matter your age or natural brow shape, count, or look!

Top 9 Celebrities And Their Eyebrow Routine + Brow Products

1. Emma Watson

ema watson eyebrows

Emma revealed to the Huffington Post a couple of years back that she prefers her eyebrows naturally shaped, yet with a bit of tint. She prefers the henna brow method where your eyebrows are colored with a natural plant-based dye. Once done they are left looking feminine & darker, starting at the root. Some women also get their lashes tinted, and they love to embrace that dark natural lash with fluffy brows as well.

2. Rita Ora

Rita Ora loves to rock dark lips, as well as dark eyebrows. Although a blonde, her eyebrows are often left quite dark (almost like a dark brown tint), but somehow, she can pull it off! Her eyebrows are thick and properly arched thanks to the Benefit eyebrow pencils that are a staple in her bag.

3. Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne eyebrows

Cara Delavingne had to be on this list since she is a natural beauty with the thickest yet most natural-looking eyebrows. She loves them since they are a staple + they truly round her look. All she does to them is brush them up with either a brow spoolie or dark brown mascara to make them pop. Some women also love getting their eyebrows laminated in order to achieve this (or similar) effect.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim has some of the prettiest eyebrows that women worldwide are trying to copy. This billionaire knows how to make her eyebrows pop and look trendy with the best brow powder or brown shadow which she created along with her brand, K-beauty.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna often rocks naturally thin & short eyebrows since they frame her best way better than thick, long & bushy eyebrows. This look means that she plucks her brows on a weekly basis, and emphasizes her arch with a light, white & shimmery eyeshadow. This look is great for women who have naturally thin, short, or sparse eyebrows.

6. Beyonce

Queen B is an icon in every sense & in every way, while also being a beauty queen. She often rocks brushed-up eyebrows that she is capable of achieving with a brow gel, or a tinted brow gel. She keeps them light in color and even bleaches them from time to time.

7. Zendaya

Zendaya is another beauty next to Cara that is quite famous & known for her fluffy and bushy eyebrows. This singer/actress rocks her natural and gorgeous eyebrows while also embracing the arch. She knows how to do her makeup with just one item, and that is the Urban Decay brow pencil.

8. Margot Robbie

Blonde Margot Robbie is someone who is not afraid of dying her eyebrows whenever in need of a quick change. This blonde bombshell loves to DIY the process of eyebrow tinting at her home with a tint that is 2 shades darker than her natural hair.

9. Lily Collins

Last, but not least, you can try to pull off these wild brow that Lily Collins is known for rocking. She has a heart-shaped face that can pull off loads of different & unique looks. Do you have the same face shape as well? You can recreate the look with the right fine tip pencil, like the one from Dior that she swears by.

Ready To Rock Some New Eyebrows?

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So, are you ready to try out some new brow methods & techniques? How do you feel about these top 9 different brow styles? Let us know which one is your favorite! You could also book yourself an appointment with an eyebrow specialist who will give you the brows of your dreams, catered to your face! Find an amazing solution right here!

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