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Wondering & thinking about getting your eyebrows laminated? This trend and this beauty process has been one of the new and highly talked about kinds in the beauty industry. It is a quick and easy solution for women who struggle with drawing their eyebrows and making them look cute and fluffy for everyday wear. Keep on reading and understand why you might want to consider this eyebrow treatment! 

What Is Eyebrow Lamination? 

This is a process where your brows get lifted and are kept in place with a firming lotion. This beauty treatment reminds me a lot of getting a perm since it is a treatment that has long-lasting results. Its main emphasis is on leaving your brows lifted and firm. Eyebrow lamination is done over your natural brows where they become shiny and smooth after the process is done. It is not painful or too hard to do, and it is not time-consuming either. 

Is It For Everyone? 

Every woman can get her eyebrows laminated. This process is safe for most skin types, and it is ideal for anyone who struggles with flat, short, as well as straight natural hairs. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are quite thick, curly, as well as hard to maintain, you will appreciate eyebrow lamination. This process will leave you with feminine eyebrows that are set in place and kept straight all day long. They won’t look unruly, messy, or uneven.

How It’s Done Step By Step 

Step 1: Your brow esthetician will apply a cream on top of your eyebrows to lift them up. This cream is left on top of your surface for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Your eyebrows are brushed upwards with a brow spoolie.

Step 3: The tech applies a neutralizer to seal your eyebrows.

Step 4: They will use an oil in the end to prevent any kind of irritation or dryness of your skin as well as your brows.

The process takes 45-60 minutes to do. Your tech can also recommend tweezing excess hairs and giving you a bit of color (tinting your brows) to enhance new changes. This is up to you, but you two can come up with a feminine and gorgeous outcome that suits your face and your natural eyebrow count, color, as well as shape.

Who Should Go For It 

You will enjoy eyebrow lamination if you are:

  • Struggling filling your natural eyebrows
  • You are stuck with some bald patches
  • You enjoy the fluffy eyebrow look
  • You have bushy brows and you don’t want to fill them in every day
  • You prefer that natural minimalistic makeup look

Are There Any Risks To It 

Every treatment that we do on top of our skin, hair, as well as our body & nails, can have minor side effects. In this case, you can experience some mild redness or itching, but these will go away in 2-3 days. Just make sure that you talk with your technician about any potential risks or damages before you book your treatment. Every tech will tell you whether you’re suitable or not for your treatment. 

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What Are The Benefits When It Comes To Eyebrow Lamination?

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing look, laminated eyebrows can also come in handy in some other cases and for different women. Those are:

Women who have super thin hairs that might thin out and occur as you age

Uneven gaps due to poor and improper overplucking or waxing of your eyebrows

Easier maintenance & time-saving solution

How Long Does The Outcome Last 

The process is not as time-consuming once you realize the benefits as well as the longevity of this treatment. In fact, eyebrow lamination can last you anywhere between 3-5 weeks. You will be advised to come back and repeat the treatment every couple of months. Women who prefer natural and fluffy brows, as well as fuller brows, will want to book their treatment every 3-4 weeks to maintain their results. These eyebrows & their upkeep is minimal while their price is more than justified and affordable, which means that you should consider going for it, especially if you have an important event ahead.

Want To Book Yourself A Treatment?

Are you ready to book yourself a treatment? Thinking about getting your eyebrows laminated, plucked, or even tinted? Luckily for you, all of your wishes will come true at Dr.Glow Getter! Call or book online with confidence whenever you are ready, our staff are working around the clock to make sure everyone gets their expected results

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Are you a fan of lashes? Or maybe lash extensions? Women love to emphasize them in different ways and through different makeup looks, as well as eyelash treatments. Keep on reading and figure out some new and fun facts about lashes that you probably didn’t know of. 

Top 11 Facts About Eyelashes 

1. They Grow In Stages 

Our lashes will grow in three stages, also known as anagen, catagen, as well as telogen. Anagen is the active growth stage that happens during 2-3 weeks. Catagen is a transitional stage where the follicle closes off. Telogen is a resting stage where your lashes stop growing and they’ve reached their full potential.

2. They Will Fall Out On A Daily 

Each eyelash will grow in its own ideal cycle, and you will never be lash-less as time goes on. Most people will lose five lashes in a day. Once it falls out it will take 6-8 weeks for your new lash to grow in, so you have to be patient! All you can do is using a lash serum to speed up this process while taking good care of them

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3. All Mammals Have Eyelashes 

Did you know that mammals are the only ones who have lashes? Plenty of animals can have thick and full lashes, such as giraffes, horses, as well as cows. You can enjoy their beauty and feel lucky if they are naturally wispy.

4. They Are Used For Protection 

Their main purpose is to protect your eyes from external factors. Your lashes will protect you from dust, rain, as well as dirt. The more you blink and the longer your lashes are, the less the chance of you getting something into your eye. They will also help with your overall sight and vision.

5. They Are Made Of Two Things 

Did you know that they are made with water (3% only) and 97% of keratin? Keratin is a natural protein that is common for hair, nails, as well as skin. The better the diet (which is protein-based) the prettier and stronger your lashes will appear and look.

6.  They’ve Been Loved In Ancient Egypt As Well 

Back in 4000 B.C. people in ancient Egypt would use kohl to darken their eyelashes. The first-ever non-toxic mascara was invented in the 19th century. A mixture of coal and vaseline will do you wonders as well, and women loved to combine these ingredients ages back.

7. You Have Tiny Mites 

Only around 0.2 millimeters long, these are found over our lashes and eyebrows. Called Demodex they are used to remove dirt as well as debris which will help you from infestation.

8. They Will Change As You Get Older 

Your hair will change as you age. Your natural lashes will look different when you’re in your 30s or 60s. You can speed their growth and boost their thickness with high-quality oils and serums.

9. They Are Thick On The Top 

You will see that they are long and thick around the top. There are also 200-300 lashes on one eyelid. You will also see that your middle portion is a lot stronger and more durable than the rest.

10. They Can Get Damaged 

You can easily damage them if you abuse them too much. Do not use lash curlers or mascara too often. Let your lashes rest, breathe, as well as nourish on their own. Embrace the growth cycle. Take care of them by keeping them clean every day

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Did you know you can pull them out of the root? Never break them in half and let them regenerate on their own. Always use light pressure and press up and down to get the curl.

11. They Like Food

Get the needed food and nutrients to speed up their growth. You should eat salmon, fruits, vegetables, as well as some vitamins that will help with the formation of your collagen.

Ready To Enjoy New And Flawless Lashes?

Are you ready to look your best and look amazing with your natural and wispy lashes? If some of these tips and tricks do not work out for you, you can always get a set of flawless lash extensions! Book yourself a lash session right here and enjoy a feminine curl that is fully customized per your eye shape, your headed event, as well as your preference!

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Your wedding day is one of the best and most important days of your life. It is filled with joy, pure happiness, as well as positive emotions. Are you getting married sometime soon? If so, you will appreciate this article, as well as all of our tips and tricks when it comes to doing your perfect and flawless makeup. Keep on reading and figure out these top 6 key facts and rules that will help every bride-to-be feel and look her best for her big day!

How Brides Should Do Their Makeup

1. Microblade Your Eyebrows

You should think about getting your eyebrows microbladed. These are permanent and long-lasting eyebrows that can’t smudge or move throughout the day. This makes them perfect for your everyday wear, but especially for your wedding! You won’t lose them due to sweat or poor weather. They can withstand any condition, and they will look amazing in pictures! Their lifespan is up to 2 years, and they will look amazing on every face shape, as long as you get them customized per your features.

2. Nourish Your Skin One Day Before

You should think about nourishing your skin a day before your big day. Try to book a facial treatment and let the right specialist take care of your skin. Enjoy different benefits for your skin, such as smaller pores, better hydration, and that overall glow! Your makeup will sit a lot better during the day and your skin will look flawless as well as unfiltered, and who doesn’t want that? Your skin will be prepared for any makeup application, you will enjoy a glowy look and you won’t experience dry patches. if you are around NJ/NY area, give us a call or book your skin treatment to maximize your skin results as much as possible

3. Get A Long-lasting Eyeshadow Palette

Go for a shadow palette that is highly pigmented and let your eyes pop everywhere you go with a simple yet durable look. You will enjoy a dark brown matte shadow in your crease and a bit of shimmer over your eyelid. This look is super easy to achieve and you will love its combo, just stick to pinks and browns, as well as any neutral shadows. Use high-quality brushes that are effective and that can perform well on different skin types.

4. Lash Extensions Are A Must-Have

You will look the best with a set of flawless lash extensions. They are low-maintenance as well as easy to pull off + they will suit any face shape and any eye shape. Make sure to book this treatment 4-5 days before your wedding. They are sturdy and long-lasting, and they have a lifespan of 4 weeks, which covers your honeymoon as well. Lash extensions are feminine, playful, as well as super wispy! You can get a minimalistic or a dramatic refill, the choice is up to you. Do you want to be a dramatic or natural beauty? 

5. Go For A Matte Lipstick 

Use a highly-pigmented matte lipstick since it is the best kind for brides. It doesn’t smudge, move around, and it lasts for the entire day. The most important part? It is smudge-proof, meaning that you can freely kiss when that ”I do” moment comes along. You will enjoy its pigment, staying power, as well as the way that it looks in pictures. Matte lipstick is full coverage and the safest color choice is a classical nude. 

6. Set Your Face

Last, but not least, you should set your face with the best setting spray that is on the market. You will enjoy a mattifying setting spray over your entire face since it helps with long-lasting and effective makeup wear, even during high heat and poor weather. Women with oily skin will appreciate a matte setting spray, while those who have dry skin might want something a bit more luminous, hydrating, as well as dewy.

Ready To Look Your Best?

Do you want to look your best? How about you book yourself the right needed facial treatment, or you can treat yourself with some feminine and wispy lash extensions? Everyone can get their ideal and customizable look in just one click! Make sure to browse your options right here and go for something that our team recommends, you can’t make a bad choice.

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Dealing with naturally straight lashes? Just know that you are not the only one! A lot of women struggle with flat, uneven, sparse, as well as straight lashes. This is quite common among women who wear a lot of makeup, as well as those who apply glue-on lashes on a daily. Want to know what are some ways that can fix and help with this situation? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about proper and perfect lashes! 

Top 6 Ways To Fix Your Straight Lashes 

1. Use A Lash Boosting Serum 

A lash boosting serum will help with the growth of your lashes. Regular use will speed up the process and will help you maintain your lashes healthy and strong. Usually, these treatments are used morning and night right on top of your natural lashes and along your lash line. Let it fully sink in before you use your mascara. Once the serum dries down, it will leave your hairs looking shiny and healthy, as well as prepped for faster growth.

2. Nourish With Oils 

Aside from lash boosting serums you can also go for some lash oils. Did you know that your lashes have their natural shedding cycle? The more you nourish them and apply proper products, the better they will grow! Go for something that absorbs quickly and that is effective on your upper and lower lashes. You can use a q-tip to apply the product evenly and sparingly.

3. Use A Lash Curler

This one might seem quite obvious, but some women forget about this little handy and practical makeup item and accessory. You should use it every time before you apply your mascara. Let it fully grab and grasp onto your natural lashes and squeeze 2-3 times so that it fully lifts them up. With that, your lashes will look a lot more lifted and they will also look voluminous, no matter how straight or flat! After that, you should apply two coats of your favorite mascara. 

4. Think About Getting Lash Extensions 

You should also consider getting a set of flawless and voluminous lash extensions. They are so beautiful and will suit every woman, no matter her face shape, lash count, or natural eyelash volume! You should get this treatment done if you have something formal going on. A lot of women prefer lash extensions for their office since they are so low maintenance and perfect for everyday wear! You will enjoy getting them done since they take only 45 minutes to apply, yet they can easily last you for 2 weeks!

5. Waterproof Mascara Is The Right Solution 

Are you a fan of waterproof mascara? If not, would you be willing to give it a try? Waterproof mascara is an amazing choice for women who want to achieve that amazing curl and also end up with loads of pigment in a matter of minutes! Wearing this makeup item will help you with achieving that flawless lift + your lashes won’t smudge even when exposed to high heat or even sweat! Use three coats and thank us later! Just make sure that you avoid any oil-based products. These are not the best choice for women who have lash extensions.

6. You Can Also Get A Lash Lift 

Last, but not least, you should give a lash lift of a go! It is a lot simpler than a set of lash extensions and is the perfect solution for women who want something easy to wear, as well as feminine and natural for everyday activities. A lash lift is done on top of your natural lashes. The process takes 30 minutes to do. Once done, you will have lifted natural lashes, and you will easily say bye-bye to falsies or glue on lashes. The curl is recognizable, with a lash curler or without it.

Ready For Your Perfect And Curled Lashes?

So, are you ready to experience some of the prettiest and most lifted lashes? These six steps will truly help every woman, and you will end up with amazing results in the shortest time possible! If you want immediate results we highly recommend that you book yourself a lash treatment right here, and end up with the prettiest curl in less than 60 minutes!

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Pamper yourself, always! It is crucial to take care of your skin, but most women should understand that your perfect beauty routine starts with your maintenance, as well as regular upkeep. If you’re struggling with some minor imperfections, acne, or wrinkles, it is crucial to invest in your skincare items and take care of them beforehand and at the right moment. You should pamper yourself every week, or at least once a month. Here are just some ways and ideas on how you can do it. 

Top 5 Important Steps 

1. Clean Your Skin 

Clean your skin morning and night, and remove any kind of imperfections! Most women make a mistake when it comes to their night time routine. In fact, every woman has slept with her face makeup at one point in her life. We all tend to make this mistake, but it is important not to get used to this as your everyday ritual. Make sure that you remove your makeup thoroughly, invest in your skincare items, as well as ingredients, and you will love your outcome! Use circular motions when removing your makeup, and also use a proper facial cleanser morning and night. 

2. Enjoy A Beverage 

This one might sound a bit weird, but it is important to fully relax every once in a while. This rule applies to your face, body, mind, and skin! Jump into a hot bubble bath, play some relaxing music, and pour yourself a glass of wine. You should also do a face scrub, or at least a face mask to get the full pleasure and an amazing outcome!

Pour yourself a glass, shut down from the world, and enjoy a moment of silence, and enjoy your own company! You could even read a book or watch a movie. This is how the ultimate pamper day should look like. follow us on Instagram to get inspired more

3. Book Yourself A Massage 

Another way to fully relax and enjoy your pampering moments is with a massage! Book yourself a therapist and a relaxing 60-minute massage which will fully help you relax all of your senses, and your body. If you work out a lot and you’re under a lot of stress or pressure, you can also book yourself a deep tissue massage. It will help with any kind of tension or unwanted cramps, as well as with sore muscles. Make sure to get a high-quality massage at least four times a year, you deserve it!

4. Let A Professional Take Care Of Your Skin 

One more important and key step is to get smooth skin with a professional who knows how to do extractions. Every esthetician will know how to take care of your skin. They will also give you a smooth base that will be able to hold makeup for hours! Your face won’t get clogged, your pores will be able to breathe, and your overall complexion will look a lot more glowy. You will also experience baby smooth skin.

A professional skincare treatment should be done every 2-4 months (depends a lot on your skin type, age, as well as concern). Every facial treatment will be catered to your skin type and your needs. Also, you will enjoy it since it only takes 30-60 minutes to achieve that perfect and smooth complexion!

5. Take Care Of Your Lashes As Well Ready To Look Your Best?

Last, but not least, you can also book yourself a lash treatment. With a set of lash extensions, every woman will feel invincible! She will enjoy that feminine curl, as well as an amazing lifespan that lashes offer. Lash extensions are great for any age group, as well as any event. You will love them if you’re off somewhere formal, and especially if you wish to look well-put and attractive for your office. They are low-maintenance and can be fully customizable per your eye shape. 

If you are into something more comfortable or wearable for every day, you can go for a lash lift. This will give your current natural lashes an amazing volume, without looking like something extra, and will prepare you for everyday tasks! All you have to do is apply mascara and you’ll be good to go!

Ready To Glam Up?

Ready to look your best? Make sure to invest a bit of time and care when it comes to your beauty routine. Some treatments such as lash extensions and facial treatments can be achieved right here at Dr.Glow Getter! You can book your preferred treatment, or you can ask a team of experts to fully customize it per your preference and your skin type!

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The season of surprises and gifts is here, along with the season of spoiling your loved ones! During Christmas as well as New Years’, a lot of men and women love to receive presents or meaningful gifts from people they love. On the other hand, some people love to shop for their friends and family. If you’re struggling with what to give to your closest ones this time of the year, keep on reading! We have loads of different ideas that will suit everyone, and that will make everyone happy.

Top 5 Creative And Innovative Surprise Ideas For Your Loved Ones 

1. Think About Giving Them Fabulous Lashes 

You can get a set of fabulous lash extensions, or you can book a lash treatment for someone who really loves them. If someone you know is lacking that feminine and luscious curl, book them a treatment for lash extensions! You can also book a lash lift if your mom, sister, or friend prefers that low maintenance and simplistic makeup look a bit more. Lash extensions are a bit more extravagant after all. Both treatments are super affordable yet they can last for 3+ weeks! The best part? It takes you only 40-60 minutes to get these treatments done, and they are not too pricey, yet will give every woman a boost of confidence.

2. Book Them A Massage 

A lot of people love to get massages. Are you one of them as well? If so, you could book yourself and your loved one a group massage. You two will enjoy 60 minutes in peace and quiet for ultimate joy. Make sure to pamper yourself since massages are good for your circulation, but also for your soul. You will feel a lot better, refreshed, as well as regenerated after a 60-minute session. Both men and women need it equally, which is great since you can bring anyone with you! They are not too pricey either.

3. You Can Buy Them An Advent Calendar 

A lot of women prefer advent calendars, especially for the holidays. You can get them an advent calendar for both New Years’ and Christmas! They will feel loved and spoiled since they get to open up different gifts each day. These products and items are usually super small and come in mini sizes, which means that they will browse through different presents for a shorter period. Also, these are great since they will explore and play with new items + they might get used to something fun and new, who knows, you might change their beauty and everyday makeup routine!

4. Spoil Them With A Perfume 

Both men and women will appreciate a high end and luxurious perfume. You can gift a 100mL bottle to your mom, dad, grandparents, your aunt – you name it! They will think of you whenever they spritz it onto their skin or wrist, which is super sentimental and practical at the same time. Get them a signature scent, and go for something that truly reminds you of them, their character, as well as their personality. Wrap it up in a lovely paper and you will spoil them just like that!

5. Get Them A Coupon Or A Gift Card

Last, but not least, why not give them a coupon or a gift card that they can use however and whenever they feel like? A coupon or a gift card can range from $50 to-300. You can give them this as a Christmas or New Years’ present since this way they can customize their own treatment and get something done that they truly need. Nowadays these gift cards are also electronic, which makes them even more practical as well as convenient to give out. If you want to surprise someone you love with it, yet they live far away, simply go for an e-card and email them details!

Ready To Spoil Your Loved Ones?

Which of these top five ideas seems the most practical, convenient, as well as fun to do? Luckily for you, we do different kinds of treatments + we also have gift cards that you can give out! Also, you get to save 10% of your money when you pay with your gift card, so how awesome is that?! Check it out at Dr.Glow Getter right here!

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Holidays are ahead, which means pampering yourself even more! You will probably head out to loads of different events and family gatherings, right? If so, you should take care of yourself and your appearance some more. Think about getting some facial treatments, lash treatments, or some advanced treatments, and pamper the right way! 

Top Four Ways To Take Care Of Yourself For The Holiday Season 

1. Get Lash Extensions 

Lash extensions will make every woman feel feminine, gorgeous, as well as confident. You will love wearing them for your Christmas family dinner, or when out with your friends on New Year’s Eve! A set of lash extensions is customizable, as well as adjustable per your preference and your face and eye shape. Women usually prefer natural, wispy, as well as semi-long lashes for their everyday wear.

You will love them since they are so elegant + you can wear them for several weeks. They are also low-maintenance while being appropriate for your job, or college. 

How is the process done?

You will have your eyes closed for 60-90 minutes. A lash tech will apply your lash extensions one by one on top of your natural lashes and will glue them down with high-quality lash glue. Once done, you should avoid any saunas, makeup, as well as water exposure. There is no need to apply mascara either, your volume will be there on its own!

2. Get A Lash Lift 

If you are someone who is more-so into low-key looks and you feel as if lash extensions would look overpowering on your face, get a lash lift! It is an amazing beauty treatment that will give freshness to your face, and it will give you a rested and feminine look.

A lash expert will coat your lashes with a firming lotion for 30 minutes. Once done, you will have an amazing curl + you won’t have to reach for your glue-on lashes at all! Two coats of mascara will get the job done.

How is the process done?

A lash tech will isolate your natural lashes and will protect them with a silicone fabric. They will place small rubber shields on top and below your eyelid. First, they will lift the lashes, and later on, they will color them with a lash tint. The process takes 30-40 minutes depending on your preferred curl.

3. Get A Facial 

Our skin is exposed to loads of chemicals, pollutants, as well as harmful external factors on a daily basis. It is crucial for you to clean your skin at home, but also book a facial every 2 months (at least) and remove any impurities. Sometimes, dirt can easily get stuck in our pores. You should book yourself a professional facial treatment where you will remove any inflamed pimples. Thanks to a skincare specialist, you will end up with glowy skin in less than 60 minutes!

How is the process done?

Each facial treatment is different, and you can spend anywhere from 30-60 minutes at a salon. The process usually involves a deep cleanse, your face will be exposed to high heat (usually from a steamer) and you will have your extractions done. Each facial treatment is different and will be fully customized per your needs and your skin type.

4. Consider Microonedling 

Microonedling is an advanced skincare treatment that will help women who have dry and dehydrated skin. You can also get it done if you’re struggling with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, as well as larger pores. The point of the treatment is to make slight punctures underneath your epidermis with slight needles. By doing so, your skin will rejuvenate and protect on its own with newer and healthy layers. This process is not as painful, but it is effective once done in sessions.

How is the process done?

A specialized skincare expert will puncture your skin with small pricks. They will use an anesthetic, and the process will take 30 minutes or more. You might end up with some redness, bruising, or slight irritation at first. However, this will all go away on its own. Usually, this skincare treatment will give you phenomenal results after 4-5 sessions.

Ready To Glow?

So, are you ready to glow and fully enjoy this holiday season? If so, make sure that you book one of these treatments right here at Dr.Glow Getter! You will look your best in no time + you will enjoy the fact that each and every one of these treatments can be fully customizable per your preference!

Also, you can gift yourself & your loved one a Dr. Glow Getter gift card, get yours online and secure your spot as soon as possible

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You can rock and wear different kinds of lashes for different events and opportunities. However, which one is your absolute favorite for day-to-day wear? If you are not too sure what are the different kinds of lashes that you can rock, keep on reading, and find your ultimate winner down below!

1. Glue-on Lashes

Glue-on eyelashes are the easiest lashes to wear, and the most affordable lashes when compared to other solutions. These are feminine, easy to apply, as well as great for everyday wear and for women who need something quick and easy to put on.

Glue-on lashes will suit you if you like to switch up your looks quite often, and if you are indecisive when it comes to wearing makeup + you love to DIY some solutions. 

How Is This Treatment Done?

You should apply glue-on eyelashes every day on top of your eyelid with a pair of tweezers and with a long-lasting glue. Your lashes will stay on for the entire day (around 8 hours). After you are done using them and wearing them simply unglue them from your lids and place them back into their box.

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

Usually, glue-on lashes are worn by younger women, as well as teens who love to follow different makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. You will also like these lashes if you are someone who has to switch up their eye makeup on a daily basis + you have a lot of time to spare when doing your looks.

2. Lash extensions

Lash extensions are a fabulous lash treatment that you will love if you are always in a rush + you’re doing errands. Lash extensions look natural once applied the right way. A certified esthetician will apply them and you will enjoy them if you are off on a vacation, or if you need something durable and long-lasting.

Lash extensions are wind-proof, water-resistant, as well as sweat-resistant. They are the best solution for workaholic women, as well as those who want lashes that can stay on for 3 weeks straight and up!

How Is This Treatment Done?

Lash extensions are applied by a certified master lash esthetician and at a salon. The whole process takes around 60 minutes to do, but this can vary and depend on your preferred volume. Your lashes are applied one by one, and once set in place they can stay on for 2-3 weeks. Your eyes will be closed during the process, and you will be able to show off your new and flawless lashes as you walk out of the salon. No reason to apply mascara either!

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

Lash extensions will look the best on mature women, as well as workaholic women who need something durable and practical for everyday wear. If you are off to your honeymoon, summer getaway, or something similar; get lash extensions. 

3. Lifted lashes

A lash lift is a common lash treatment among women who already have a lot of material to work with, but their lashes are naturally flat and non-voluminous. 

Are you someone who loves that natural and seamless look? If so, you will enjoy a lash lift the most when compared to other lash treatments. It is also a seamless way to make a subtle change with your appearance without spending loads of money or time at a salon.

How Is This Treatment Done?

You will book yourself a lash treatment at a salon. Once you arrive one of the staff members will apply a substance over your natural eyelashes. This substance will lift your natural lashes in the following 20-30 minute period. You will end up with lifted and more appealing lashes that you will love for everyday wear. You can also freely apply mascara on top of them to emphasize their beauty.

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

These lashes will look amazing on women who already have long yet flat natural lashes. You can get a lash lift no matter your age, profession, or headed event. Just make sure that you have enough material to work with since short, stubborn, flat, as well as non-voluminous lashes, may have a hard time noticing a drastic difference when it comes to this treatment. 

Ready to have the most flawless lashes?

Are you ready to experience flawless, feminine, as well as beautiful lashes? Which one of these top three lash trends is your favorite? You can book your treatment right here and enjoy different kinds of lash extensions or lifted lashes with Dr.Glow Getter!

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Unfortunately, the entire world had to change its lifestyle & business policy due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Cafes, clubs, beauty salons as well as medical aesthetic spas worldwide, had to adapt to some new rules to function & operate at their ideal speed and preferred capacity.

So, do you wish to book an appointment sometime soon? Are you craving that flawless lashes, deep skin cleansing, or any facial? 

If so, make sure you follow certain rules, and you’ll be more than welcome in almost any spa!

Here’s what you should implement when booking your next spa-appointment!

Top 5 Rules That You Should Follow When Visiting Any Medical Aesthetic Spa

1. Stay Safe & Sanitized

Every person should behave and act accordingly. Make sure you pay close attention to your current rules, and always do as you are told by your government.

The best way to get to your appointment is with your vehicle, or on foot.

If you can’t do any of these, take a cab. However, stay sanitized during the entire trip.

You should wash your hands as frequently as possible, and also bring a small hand sanitizer with you.

Place this item in your bag and reach for it every couple of hours. A hand sanitizer will kill 99% of germs, so purchase it and carry it with you at all times.

2. Wear A Face Mask

You shouldn’t leave your home without a mask in the first place. This rule applies to most countries around the globe. It especially applies if you plan on visiting larger facilities, such as hospitals, salons, spas, museums, cinemas, etc. Make sure you also obey this rule if you plan on using public transportation.

What you should do is carry your mask with you and around your neck. Make sure you have it on once you arrive at the spa.

In most cases and places, you won’t be able to enter the spa without it.

If you forget to bring your face mask, don’t worry about it with us! Our staff will provide you with one at the entrance that you can wear at the spa and also bring with you back home.

3. Make Sure You Book Your Appointment

When arriving at a boutique make sure you book your appointment beforehand. You won’t be allowed to come in if you don’t have an appointment.

This means that every customer will have their own time & space at the spa.

You won’t be disturbed by others, and you won’t come in contact with other people.

This way, everyone will stay protected and will feel safe.

Just book your appointment 2-3 days in advance via a call, text message, or through our online form.

4. Always Be On Time

It is crucial to come to the spa on time. Do not be late and respect our timing & schedules.

Every client should respect our working hours. By doing so, no one will interfere in someone else’s appointment.

Try to arrive 5 minutes early, just so that you can get a heads up with any bathroom duties, as well as disinfection.

You should clean your hands and throw on a mask while making yourself comfy in your chair.

5. Do Not Bring Others With You To The Salon

Lastly, make sure that you come to the spa on your own.

Do not bring your kids, friends, or your spouse with you except if they have appointment as well.

People who do not have their appointments booked are not allowed at a boutique, and will not be able to come in.

We ask you kindly to wait out front or at a nearby cafe.

For the first time ever, ”the more, the merrier” is not our policy!

For everyone’s safety & comfort level, make sure that you come alone.

Book Your Appointment!

You can book your appointment easily and in a few clicks. Enjoy our treatments and feel refreshed asap 🙂

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