Our Membership

Why Membership?

Our membership program is designed to make you save money on services you usually get. It is billed monthly & automatically, you get to save money on the regular price of each service

Members Benefits

Is it for me?

Our membership program has a lot of benefits, but not everybody needs them or benefit from them, to answer the question above check the following comparison

Membership IS FOR YOU If:

Membership IS NOT FOR YOU If:

Decide Yourself


  • No commitment
  • Deposit required for all appointments
  • Pay Full Price
  • No Rewards Benefits
  • No discounts on additional services
  • No Affiliate link


  • 12 months commitment minimum
  • No deposit required for appointments
  • Save up to 40%
  • Rewards Benefits
  • Additional Discounts on other services
  • Custom Affiliate Link

Become a Member

If you have decided to be a member, congrats on the first step. Please fill up the form bellow to apply, you will get an email as soon as a decision is made regarding your application

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