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The uniquely crafted GG brush meant to ensure you have beautiful results

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The perfect brush serves its purpose right. With this lash brush, you can be sure you will have the ultimate results. Composed of a single brush, the GG brush is made of a fabulous portable makeup case to help you carry it anywhere and use it at any time.

It is designed with the perfect size, which is easy to use and ideal for cleaning the eyelash extension. The brush works by gently washing the deep down pore taking away the black nose residue as well as any cosmetic waste.

The brush is made of a hard plastic handle with soft fiber hair and a mascara brush head that is elastic. This means it can be bent easily to suit your needs, helping you tackle unreachable ends of your lashes.

Moreover, it can be used with the excellent lash cleansers to ensure you clean your lashes effectively.

The brush is eco-friendly and does not affect the human skin.

How to use it

  • Open the plastic top of the brush to release the brush fibers.
  • Using the brush and a suitable lash cleanser, you can clean the lashes.
  • Use the brush gently on the eyes to avoid any shortcomings.
  • Ensure that you don’t get the lash to cleanse into your eyes. In case this happens, wash it immediately.
  • The product is designed to remove blackheads, ensuring that you have convenient and portable eyelashes.
  • If you are looking for the best eyelash cleaning brushes, then you will be pleased with this lucrative product.

How to care for your Brush

Using a special brush cleaner, or a mild detergent, you can clean the GG brush effectively.

When you are done cleaning, use a tissue or a cotton pad to gently press, allowing the moisture to escape.

You may apply a small amount of soap to the hair and place the makeup brush hair lightly in the palm of your hand.

Avoid rubbing the cotton on the brush vigorously, or you may end up destroying the structure of the bristles, which can result in hair loss.

Dry the makeup brush holder by wiping off the water using a towel.

Please put it in a well-ventilated area.

Also, avoid direct sunlight.

Perfect Brush

Its time you get rid of your overstuffed makeup bag. Using this brush means you can say bye to the hassle of fumbling around with different tools. The GG Brush has got you covered. This brush is designed with everything you require to get the job done. Take your experience to the next level with the best lash brush in the market.

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