GG Moroccan Orange Blossom Face Toner


Dr. Glow Getter Moroccan Orange Blossom Face Toner


This is an entirely organic toner that is made from powerful antioxidants that tighten your skin pores and moisturize your skin. . It is a purifying toner as it contains organic hydrosol obtained from orange blossoms to give your skin a healthy tone.

It comes in a very small container and hence very convenient for you. The Dr. Glow Getter orange blossom face toner is made from natural elements obtained from Morocco. It is also alcohol-free and therefore has no fear that it might cause any skin complications

Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types such as acne-prone and sensitive skin.  This is because it cleanses and soothes skin by removing excess dirt and oil. It is very gentle on your skin and it gives you a healing property because of its Mediterranean properties.

Attends to your needs

Our product is designed to give you the full benefits of its potent elixir. It is naturally made to tighten your skin pores to remove any fine lines that cause wrinkles. Orange blossom also contains microbial properties to exfoliate dead skin cells to give your skin a whole new feel.


  • Organic hydrosol
  • Water
  • Orange blossom distillate

How to Use

  • Cleanse your face first
  • Apply the toner on a cotton ball and dab it over your entire face
  • Allow it to rest on your skin for a few minutes.
  • Then apply the moisturizer.

The Perfect Product

If you feel that your skin problems cannot be solved, then come and make a stop here and we will be sure to provide you with the best next thing that will be sure to change your life forever.


  • Keep it out of reach from children
  • Avoid the mouth and eyes when in use

Additional information

Weight 8 oz



100ML / 3.38FL. OZ


GG By Dr. Glow Getter


1 GG Moroccan Orange Blossom Face Toner (unless ordered more or extra)


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