GG Peel Skin Serum


Dr. Glow Getter Skin Serum (Peel)


Dr. Glow Getter is all about taking care of your skin and making sure it stays healthy and smooth. However, the skin is sensitive and challenges such as peeling may be quite an unnerving experience for most.

However, our peeling skin serum is meant to eradicate all your skin problems leaving you with healthy, elastic skin.  The peeling skin serum works by removing layers of dead skin that linger from the face. Its unique blend of ingredients also gently removes the skin and thereby reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Our product is designed to give you an even skin tone and a more healthy skin. It is very gentle on your skin and does not cause any irritation. It is a product entirely committed to giving you a youthful, brighter looking and even skin tone. This will go a long way in enhancing your self-image and raising your self-esteem.

Life-Altering Changes

  • The peeling skin serum is a product that gives you more than you have bargained for.
  • Its unique products are bound to bring life-changing transformations to your skin, altering even your sense of feel.
  • The transformation our product brings is long-lasting  and cannot be ignored


  • Beta hydroxy acid
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Water
  • Exfoliating acids

How To Use

  • Cleanse and dampen the skin
  • Apply gently on your face using your palms in small circular movements around the affected words

Perfect Peeling Serum

  • However way you want it, the peeling skin serum is best for all your needs.
  • Come over and we will be able to give you a  quality product that will solve all your skin peeling issues.


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • In case of any complications seek dermatological assistance
  • Avoid direct eye contact

Additional information

Weight 4 oz



30ML / 1FL. OZ


GG By Dr. Glow Getter


1 GG Peel Skin Serum (unless ordered more or extra)


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