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Struggling with removing and getting rid of your hair? Just know that you are not alone. A lot of men and women have a hard time changing their shaving habits and getting into something new. How many times have you tried to put down your razor, but still have failed to do so due to its practicality? If you’re looking for true, proper & long-lasting results, you’re going to enjoy this article! Here & today, we are going to discuss the difference between four other options: epilating, waxing, IPL, or laser.

1. Epilating

If you enjoy practical at-home treatments and solutions, give it a go with this approach. You can easily epilate your unwanted hair in a matter of minutes. Simply plug in your tool or make sure that its battery is filled before you begin the process. 

Why do it? 

An epilator pulls the hair from the root so you’re hair-free for longer. It also saves you from going to the salon to wax over & over again. You don’t need to grow your hair too long either since you can remove it at minimal length. Price-wise it is considered to be a lot more affordable than laser hair removal.

What about results & pain?

You will enjoy smooth skin for 7-10 days. Heads up, however, since this approach hurts quite a lot. For some people, it is even worse than waxing. 

2. Waxing

When it comes to affordable long-lasting hairless results, waxing is one the most popular and effective ways. It helps with any type of hair, especially thick & coarse kinds. The best part is that you can do it on most of your body regions & different problematic areas all on your own!

Why do it? 

Do it if you prefer smooth skin for weeks to come! Once done the right way this treatment will pull the hair from your root, leaving it smooth & hair-free. It is perfect for your summer holidays, as well as if you need to enjoy smooth skin for a longer period. As long as if you don’t mind rebooking your session every 2-3 weeks (and growing your hair in the meantime), you should give it a go.

What about results & pain?

Unfortunately, waxing hurts quite a lot. Oftentimes women can’t handle their bikini area being waxed, which means that it is only for those who are not over-sensitive. 

3. IPL

Did you know that you can now also purchase IPL devices for home use? No more need to book your salon sessions since nowadays at-home IPL tools will help with your hair-free experience. IPL uses intense pulsed light, which targets the pigments in the hair follicle to kill it and stop hair growth. Do these weeks apart to completely stop hair from regrowing.

Why do it? 

If you are eager to try something that is semi-permanent, yet it is not as painful or pricey as laser hair removal – this is it. You don’t have to pay visits to the clinic either since you can DIY your own treatments. It is a gentle tool, mostly popular for sensitive skin types.

What about results & pain?

IPL might not work as well for women who have darker skin types or super thick & coarse hairs. If you want long-lasting results that are not painful, this tool will make a dramatic difference.

4. Laser

Laser is definitely the queen of hair-removal solutions that does wonders in the long run. Laser promises more effective hair removal for a longer period of time. Its users will be hair-free in 5-8 months after continuous use and an approach that is done by a certified esthetician. Laser is also much safer for darker skin + you can use it over every body part.

Why do it? 

If you want to get rid of your hair once and for all and on any preferred region or part of your body, you’re going to enjoy laser hair removal. In just a couple of sessions, your hair will be gone from the root. No more dark spots either. Guys can also try out this treatment. 

What about results & pain?

Pain-wise, it is more so uncomfortable and like a stinging sensation. No one will have any form of redness or bruising, as long as if it was done by a certified expert. However, it is the priciest solution off of these from our list.

Time To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hairs For Good!

If you want to get rid of your stubborn, thick & coarse hair give Dr.Glow Getter a click. On there you can experience several different hair removal methods that will help you get rid of your hair once and for all. Find a solution with their help that suits you and that is customized per your skin type.

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Guys are often hesitant and not too sure or confident when it comes to their physical appearance. Some would like to invest in their looks and try out new innovative treatments, while others are insecure or unaware of different options that they can book and try out. Do you want to try out something new and different? Interested in knowing what is suitable for your gender and skin thickness, or skin type? Keep on reading as we focus on some beauty treatments that you can do yourself.

Top 6 Beauty Treatments That Guys Can Also Try Out

1. Laser Hair Removal 

A lot of men hate thick and coarse hairs, as well as bushy chests or hairy legs. If you’re one of those guys yourself we recommend that you try out laser hair removal. Avoid shaving or painful waxing since you can remove most of your hair with a couple of laser hair removal sessions. The process is painless and it doesn’t hurt either. You will end up with smooth and soft skin in 3-5 sessions (depending on the surface and thickness of your hair that you’re trying to remove). No more rash, redness, or breakouts either after shaving, why not test it out? learn more about Laser Hair Removal here

2. Microdermabrasion 

Who says that guys can’t be good candidates for this process and treatment?! Microdermabrasion can be successful on thicker skin types just as well. Microdermabrasion can help improve skin appearance by reducing fine lines, early sun damage, and mild acne on top of your skin and its texture. You will get rid of dead skin cells and your skin will become a lot more radiant and youthful after one treatment only. It will also help with the growth & shine of your facial hair, as well as your overall complexion.

3. Vitamin C Facials 

Anyone struggling with lack of hydration or that glow from within is going to enjoy this type of facial. It can be done by any skin type and it will suit those who have dry or dehydrated skin the best. You will enjoy nourishing ingredients and a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E on top of your pores and fine lines. Your skin will look a lot more moisturized without being shiny or oily. All you have to do is invest 30 minutes of your time into achieving the skin of your dreams. Book this type of facial every 2 months to maintain the results.

4. Eyebrows

Eyebrow waxing and tweezing is something that guys are becoming fans of. No woman wants to see two messy, uneven & furry caterpillars on your forehead. Try to book eyebrow tweezing, grooming, waxing, or even coloring! With a specialized and experienced tech, every person will end up with flawless brows that truly suit & frame their face. Say bye to the uni-brow look, and rebook your appointment every 2-3 weeks for ideal results

5. A Lash Lift

Who says that a guy can’t have luscious, curvy, as well as long lashes?! A lot of guys tend to get this treatment, it is not for women only. If you are someone who enjoys shiny lashes with a bit of that natural curl, you’re going to like this beauty solution. Simply book your session every 3-4 months (yes, no reason to do it more often than this), and spend less than 30 minutes at a salon! Once exected the right way, you will end up with a subtle change that will truly frame your face. Your eyes will also look more round and ”glowy”, ideal for big business meetings & dates.

6. Acne Extractions

Dealing with acne and oily skin? This is sometimes most visible and common around our T-zone. If you are struggling with blemishes or poor complexion overall – book yourself a facial that includes acne extractions. Men often struggle with pesky blackheads, but you can also have whiteheads, cystic acne, or you might be over-producing sebum. Do not extract this at home, and rather let true professionals handle it the right way. This means that you will avoid any kind of bacterial infections or possible acne scars. With the help of a sterile tool, a cream, and a lot of oils, the right esthetician will leave you with a glowy & even complexion. Expect to spend around 60 minutes at a salon when getting this treatment.

Ready To Look Your Best?

Which one was your favorite and must-have beauty treatment from our recommended options? Are you ready to invest in your skincare and everyday approach? If you want to try out some of our recommended ideas, consult with an expert at Dr. Glow Getterin in Edgewater, NJ. You will be taken care of, and your skin will finally begin to look glowy while not looking oily or shiny. Every age group can find their ideal treatment and be taken care of, see for yourself!

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Have you ever thought about doing anal bleaching? More so importantly, do you need it? A lot of men and women are giving it a go with this newer trend and this treatment. Keep on reading and discover what it is, figure out if you need it, and learn about all the most important facts, as well as about its pros and cons down below.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the process of applying chemicals that are quite powerful around the skin of your anus. With these professional & unique chemicals, you will lighten your skin and get rid of darker layers, discoloration, or depigmentation. This process is done within a couple of treatments (depending on your age & preferred results), ideal for any skin type. However, there are also laser treatments that one can opt and go for.

Is It Safe?

In most cases and with a proper technique, patients won’t experience pain or irritation of any sort if the process is done by someone who’s been in the business for years. In some cases, you could end up with a rash or a burning sensation, which is why you should never DIY the process yourself. Over-the-counter creams are not to be trusted. The process itself is a bit more complex which is why you should leave it to professionals.

What Is The Process Like?

The skin between your butt cheeks and your anus is generally darker than your actual skin color. A lot of men & women tend to do this anal bleaching process since it helps them feel a lot more confident in their own skin, especially when naked around their significant other. In most cases and with most salons you can choose between either topical lightening or laser bleaching.

A laser can cause a slight pop or sting when it hits the skin, which is why an expert will use a numbing cream to help with your pain levels.

How Can You Prepare For This Process?

Before your appointment, you’ll want to do proper steps to prepare for this procedure and the appointment itself. Here are the top 5 things to keep an eye out for:

1. Don’t have sex  – intercourse of any kind (vaginal and anal) should be avoided 2-3 days before your treatment. You don’t want to create friction, tears, or risk an infection since they will cause greater discomfort.

2. Do not remove the hair – shaving, waxing, and other hair removal types can irritate your skin and make the process uncomfortable.

3. Do not sweat – avoid heavy exercise since it creates irritation around your anus.

4. Wear comfy underwear – stay away from tight undies or thongs. It is vital for your anus to breathe.

5. Shower – on the day of your appointment, shower and lightly clean up with a soft towel.

What To Expect When At Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment you will be asked several basic questions. If you meet all the criteria you will begin with the process. Remove the underwear and roll your legs to one side. A technician will clean your skin and use a numbing solution. You will choose either the laser or chemical approach. The process is done in less than 40 minutes.

Is It A Permanent Outcome?

Anal bleaching results don’t last forever. This is because our everyday habits and activities can make an impact on our outcome, such as long walks & showers, as well as constant sitting. Laser treatments usually give the longest results. You only need a touch-up every 6 months to 1 year, but they are the priciest kind out of the bunch.

Ready To Give It A Go?

If you want to try out anal bleaching and you need quick results, make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter and enjoy their services. Thanks to their team of experts & professional staff every client will enjoy radiant skin and up to two shades lighter results!

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Aging is going to happen to all of us, and we can’t avoid it. Each year we produce less collagen than the year before, which is why it is essential to think about restoring it, and giving you elasticity. Luckily, there are some treatments & ways on how you can slow it down and enjoy youthful & radiant skin. Keep on reading and consider incorporating at least some of these methods.

Top 9 Steps On How To Slow Down The Process Of Aging

1. Wear a Sunscreen

Most of the aging your skin undergoes is due to sun exposure. If you live in a sunny area & you’re often on the beach, you will experience some signs of aging, such as premature wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, or discoloration. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. 

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes your skin to age quickly and prematurely, as you probably know it yourself. You will end up with wrinkles & fine lines mostly around your eyes & eyelid area, while some women will have a droopy and dull skin that will feel and look dried out. 

3. Change Your Diet

Your diet has an impact on how your skin ages. This means that your diet & water intake needs have to be met and satisfied. Limit the refined sugars and stop drinking sugary drinks. Aim for vitamins A, C & E, as well as meat & protein. Some of the best anti-aging foods are spinach and leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, nuts & berries.

4. Stop Drinking

Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, and it also gives you the worst hangover in the world. It shuts your body down and plays with your whole health. Never drink above your recommended amount, which is one glass of wine/beer for women per day, and two glasses for men. Try to drink moderately, and only for some big events/important meetings.

5. Go To The Gym

You should work out at least 3-4 times a week for your overall health reasons, but also for youthful & radiant skin benefits. Exercise improves your circulation and boosts your immune system. By hitting the gym 3-4 times a week you will increase your blood flow and combat any skin-damaging factors while reducing stress.

6. Sleep Tight

Your body needs a proper & adequate amount of rest to heal & renew itself. When you hit that 8-hour mark every day, your hormone levels stay balanced & your entire system is revitalized. You should also throw on a silk or a satin pillowcase since these are so soft & perfect for your skin that has to look young, radiant & youthful.

7. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is something that not a lot of people do, but you should consider incorporating it since it has different benefits. With weekly exfoliation, you get to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, and also let your skin renew itself while breathing. No more unwanted makeup residue + you will enjoy the radiant glow.

8. Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizers trap water in your skin, which is why your skin will end up looking glowy & youthful. You should invest in your skincare and avoid using some simple or cheap products. Skincare that is filled with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or glycerine will do the job!

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9. Get The Right Facial

Your skin will need a collagen-boosting facial. You can also go for microdermabrasion or acid treatments to bring back the glow. Most dermatologists & skincare experts recommend that you get a proper & soothing facial every 1-2 months (based on your skin type & your needs).

Time To Look Your Best

If you truly wish to look your best and you’re looking for customized facial treatment, visit Dr. Glow Getter and book a session to bring back the glow! With their team of experts, every woman will end up with glowy, healthy, as well as young-looking skin in the shortest time possible.

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Wrinkles are quite common and they are a thing that bothers most women, as well as guys who are in their forties or fifties. These visible signs of aging happen to all of us as we grow old, and they can be quite prominent around our face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms. Keep on reading and understand how they happen, why they happen + how to prevent them and end up with gorgeous & moisturized skin.

What Causes Aging To Happen?

1. Aging

As we grow old we start to produce less and less collagen each day. Collagen or elastin gives our skin the needed elasticity that provides skin with moisture & firmness. Some people will produce more collagen than others, and some will end up getting facial treatments that can contribute to your overall collagen production. Some factors that can slow down your collagen production are:

  • Often UV exposure
  • Cigarettes
  • Poor nutrition
  • Drinking alcohol too often

2. Weight loss

Carrying extra weight for an extended period can be quite heavy (literally) on top of your skin. This makes it harder for skin to snap back when you lose any additional weight. You should avoid quick diets & unhealthy ways of losing weight and overnight. These can be quite bad for your overall health, and they will cause your skin to drop all around your body.

3. Due to illness

There are some medical conditions that are linked to saggy skin. Also, your overall health can contribute a lot to your skin shrinking or ending up with fine lines & crows feet. A condition called cutaneous T-cell lymphoma is a state where people can see a very gradual slackening of skin on the elbows and knees. Forgetting to drink water on a daily can also be a contributing factor to premature fine lines & dehydration.

How To Prevent It Or Slow Down?

1. Use Retinoids

Retinoids can be included in your skincare routine. You should go for some over-the-counter medications, or you can ask your dermatologist what they recommend for your skin type. Although they may cause your skin to become red and peel at the beginning, later on, they will leave you with glowy & even skin that is a lot more bright & luminous.

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2. Go For Antioxidants

These include vitamins A, C, and E, as well as beta-carotene. You can go for some supplements while also adding these ingredients to your skincare routine. Moisturizers that are thicker in consistency and gel-like are helpful for visible signs of aging & moisturizing properties. Make sure that you invest in your skincare & everyday items, and your skin will thank you.

3. Get A Peel

There are loads of different peels that you can go for and that can suit your skin type. Some of them are glycolic & acid peels. These superficial peels can make a very slight difference in the intensity of fine wrinkles. On the other hand, you can also go for deeper peels that, as the name suggests, penetrate deep into your skin layers. Although a bit more abrasive, they will penetrate your skin & help with fine lines a lot better than some regular peels.

4. Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that helps with lifting & hydrating purposes of your skin. With this advanced treatment, you can achieve the effect of lifted skin around your face, neck, and chin. It can also be used on wrinkles in the chest area. Although on the pricier side, this treatment helps with dehydrated, wrinkly, as well as saggier mature skin types.

5. Try Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular & well-loved facials by women of any age! This is a process where your skin is massaged with a large rotating brush that penetrates deep into your skin and further stimulates collagen production. In microdermabrasion, the layer of skin that comes off is finer than the skin that is sanded off in dermabrasion, which makes it ideal for those who crave more elastic skin.

Time To Try Out Some Treatments

Ready to try out some of these treatments that can slow down the process of aging while combating your fine lines and wrinkles? If you’re interested in booking and trying the best of the best, make sure that you consult with Dr. Glow Getter! With their help & professional team members, you will be left with flawless, radiant, as well as hydrated skin in just a couple of sessions!

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Are you struggling with persistent and thick hair? Are you also struggling with coarse hair? A lot of women are constantly trying to find the best solution for themselves that is efficient and long-lasting. If you’re thinking about something that actually works, you should really consider the laser hair removal method. Make sure that you keep on reading since we have all of your answers down below, as well as detailed lists of pros and cons when it comes to laser hair removal.

Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

Top 6 PROS

1. The best solution for most skin types

Although this may not be a solution that can leave you with permanent results that go on forever, it is still the best treatment in terms of longevity & high quality. Laser hair removal is effective for light & dark skin tones, mature & young women, as well as any hair-length, thickness, or coarseness.

2. Great for any area

You can get it done anywhere on the body that you like/want or need. Both men & women can have their hair gone from their face, neck underarms, bikini, legs – you name it! It is vital to talk the process through with your aesthetician and to plan out your treatments & sessions accordingly beforehand.

3. Long-lasting results

If you’re trying to ditch razors & waxing + you want to try out something new that actually works and which is efficient, this is it! Also, it gives out the best results over your lips, chin, and underarm areas.

4. Not too painful

If you are someone who has super sensitive skin just know that this experience is bearable. The skin specialist will usually use a cooling system to numb the area + they will do a test run/trial to see how your skin reacts during your first treatment. You will feel a slight pinch, but nothing that is too uncomfortable.

5. Super precise & fast

Lasers can selectively target dark & coarse hairs that are too stubborn on their own. With each new pulse of the laser, you will end up with a dead hair follicle in less than a few minutes. However, the bigger the area – the more time it will take you to go through your whole body, which is why it is a good idea to have it planned & spaced out.

6. Good price point

Although it is a pricey treatment on its own and once you book it, you should know that it is still a lot more affordable in the long run. Think about the cost of regularly buying razors and waxing which can easily add on + they are also bad for the environment. Also, you don’t have to do the treatment too often, 4-5 times in one year could cut it for you!

Top 3 CONS

1. You have to be persistent

One downside is that you really have to be persistent in order for it to work. It will take multiple sessions to see real results and you generally have to wait 4-6 weeks in between treatments. If you skip out on 1-2 sessions, it can get tricky for you to maintain the results.

2. Burns or pigmentation issues

If the treatment is done by non-certified personnel, laser hair removal could leave burns or scars on your skin. It is always important & vital to find someone who specializes in these types of things. Pigmentation-wise, just know that there is a chance of increase or decreased pigmentation in the treated areas. This is why an SPF is highly recommended.

3. Watch out for your hormonal balance

Ingrown hairs can be quite tricky to take care of + they are a lot more stubborn in women and could make a difference with your procedure. Additional therapy may be required if you are dealing with some hormonal issues, which is why results can’t be guaranteed.

It Is Time To Look Your Best

Did you enjoy our article? Are you ready to enjoy smooth and flawless skin? With Dr. Glow Getter you can enjoy the best facials, lash treatments, as well as laser hair removal. Book your appointment from here or call us at (201) 252-7264 Let your skin breathe and prepare it for hot and steamy days, and enjoy your summer with smooth picture-perfect skin!

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Looking for a solution that doesn’t involve a long recovery time? Want to feel younger and take years off your face without going under the knife? Nowadays, there are even some non-surgical facelift treatment ideas that will suit most women. Look younger, feel youthful & feel your best with the right solution that is catered to your skin type, your needs, as well as your age group. Keep on reading and find out all there is to it.

What Is A Non-surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift is a newer go-to facial treatment that uses the right approach and minimally invasive non-surgical tools & ingredients to give you flawless results. With it, you will address the signs of aging as well as dryness, patches & texture. The most commonly treated areas are the cheeks, temples, lips, around the mouth, and under the eyes.

What Are The Advantages Of A Non-surgical Facelift?

Most women prefer non-surgical facelift treatments & non-surgical options since they require no downtime. You don’t have to worry about your overnight stay, anesthesia, or even high pain exposure. Let’s not forget that these are also a lot more affordable than implants or other types of surgical solutions.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Non-surgical Facelift Options? Top 5 Of Them To Consider

1. There Are Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the most popular & common go-to solution for those who want to have radiant & youthful skin. Women tend to get fillers all over their face to give it that lifted & sculpted look. They will plump up the old skin while eliminating any type of dark circles or shadows. You will get rid of any fine lines & wrinkles with the right dosage. This is because dermal fillers are filled with hyaluronic acid that will give you flawless results for 6-12 months.

2. Thread Lift

Another non-surgical facelift that has been widely spread & talked about online is the thread lift. With the help of absorbable threads, you are going to look a lot more sculpted & divine. Usually, these threads are used around your eyelids since their main purpose is to give you that model-like look with fierce eyes. These threads will also trigger the body’s natural healing process and cause collagen to dispense over the treated area.

3. Botox

Botox is perfect for women who need long-lasting results. If you want to get the ultimate non-surgical treatment, you are going to love botox. It does wonders for mature skin, especially around your eye wrinkles, forehead creases, frown lines, and deep crow’s feet. Although on the pricier side than our previous two methods, its results are also a lot more spectacular and long-lasting.

4. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be combined in different ways. Once done & properly applied, they will give out flawless & younger-looking skin. Some will tighten the pores, others get rid of dark spots that make you look older than you are, and some work on the texture. For a lot of women, micro-needling radiofrequency is something worth the try! Although you might need several treatments & sessions, the results fully justify the process.

5. Chemical Peels

Advanced & high-quality chemicals will help with your skin’s sagginess and texture. Most skin care experts recommend that you try out HIFU facial treatment. It is FDA-approved and works in such a way that it stimulates your collagen production to give you firmer skin. It is a must-have for anyone dealing with a double chin. It is not too pricey and can easily be found in some bigger salons & with most skincare facialists.

What Is The Upkeep & Maintenance Like?

You will talk the process through with your doctor or your skincare expert. Most treatments need to be redone in the following 2-6 month period. With regular maintenance & a proper approach, you will get radiant & lifted skin.

Where To Get The Right Treatment For Your Skin?

Your face is your identity, and it represents you. This is why it is vital to take good care of it, and with the right team of experts. If you’re ready to let professionals take care of your skin in a non-surgical way, make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter & their list of treatments when it comes to your youthful glow.

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Dealing with unwanted facial or body hair? You shouldn’t worry or overreact since you are not the only one. Women of different skin types, concerns, hair color, as well as age can struggle with thick, dense, and unwanted hair. If you are interested in switching to laser hair removal and you also want to know what are some perks & benefits of laser hair removal, keep on reading and find out all there is to it.

So, What Is Laser Hair Removal To Begin With?

Laser hair removal is a simple process for an experienced technician. It is a process that is done in sessions and can be fully customizable per region, hair thickness, density, as well as skin type. With the help of laser lights, your technician will remove the hair from its cuticle which will prevent it from growing back in the future. Hair grows in three different phases, which is why each new treatment is important and scheduled out based on your needs.

What Are Some Other Methods Of Hair Removal?

Aside from laser hair removal, shaving & waxing are the next two most common go-to options due to their practicality, as well as affordability. Although quite common & easy to do, these two methods are not as reliable as the laser treatment, which we will talk about more down below. There is also the:

Electrolysis – a permanent hair removal option (but it is considered to be painful, unlike the laser).

Depilatory creams -a quick & easy method for your at-home approach, but it tends to get quite messy and is not recommended for women who have sensitive skin.

Epilators – can remove most of your hairs,  but the process is time-consuming and irritating for most skin types.

So, Why Is Laser Hair Removal The Best Method? Top 7 Reasons

1. It is quick

If it’s a quick solution you’re searching for – this is the right treatment for you. This removal process is fast, convenient, as well as easy. In just 10-20 minutes you will get out of the salon and feel refreshed while having noticeable results.

2. Not painful whatsoever

If you are a sensitive gal or if your skin is prone to irritation just know that this treatment won’t harm you in any way. The feeling itself is a bit unusual (like being pinched on top of your skin). Girls who want to feel safe while getting flawless results will know that they are in safe hands.

3. Precise treatment

Precision is something that we all care about & gravitate to. If you need to remove some specific hairs (such as your mustache, nose, bikini, or eyebrows) you will easily get the precision that you crave. Your skilled technician will get rid of any baby hairs as well, and you will be left with clean, sharp, as well as precise results.

4. Great for any part of your body 

You don’t have to limit yourself to one region or one zone in particular. In fact, you can remove all of your unwanted hair – anywhere on your body! If you have bikini hair or back hair this treatment will come in handy since these regions tend to be super sensitive when getting waxed.

5. Stops the growth of ingrown hairs

Did you know that laser hair removal will stop and prevent any future hair growth? Your old-school methods such as shaving or waxing will not help with your unwanted hairs in the long run. It is vital to destroy the hair at the root and to prevent any new ingrown hairs for long-lasting results.

6. Long-term

Speaking of long-lasting and long-term, you will see flawless results after 5-8 sessions, but up to several months, or even years! Since this is a long-term solution it is cost-effective and ideal for those who wish to say bye to razor blades.

7. Done by a professional

Lastly, you will enjoy feeling pampered & well taken care of when at a salon. Professional estheticians know how to approach different skin types, which is why it is crucial to book someone that you trust. The process is done by skilled staff, which means that you are left with luminous, healthy, as well as hair-free skin.

Are You Ready For Smooth Skin?

In the end, are you ready to enjoy smooth skin? If you are ready to invest in yourself and you don’t mind the commitment, book a treatment right here and start enjoying the results as of today! Also you get in touch with us and one of our team will make sure you get the help you need and answer all of you questions

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Are you someone who struggles with dry patches, wrinkles, fine lines, or dehydration? A lot of women have some type of concern when it comes to their skin. Some have acne and others have blackheads or pimples. Where do you stand and what do you struggle with the most? Here are some common skin concerns and ways how you can treat it. 

Top 6 Most Common Skin Concerns 

1. Dryness 

Battling dryness and having dry patches usually happen to women as they age. This is a process that you can’t stop or prevent but you can slow it down with the right approach. We produce 1% less collagen each year as we age. This means that you need to take your skincare seriously as time goes on and as you get older. Aim for regular facials, loads of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Infuse your skin with high-quality creams and serums as well. learn more about why your skin is dry, top reasons, and solutions here

2. Fine lines 

Fine lines will happen first and before you start to develop deep or noticeable wrinkles. They are the first sign of slow and steady aging that usually happens around our smile lines. In this case, microdermabrasion or vampire facials can do their magic and can transform your skin. You could also incorporate some face rollers to boost your glow. Simply massage your face frequently by doing up & down movements to get firmer skin. Learn more here

3. Wrinkles 

Wrinkles are another part of the aging process. Women above the age of 30 will develop them, this is unavoidable, and you will experience more & deeper lines as you age. Most commonly wrinkles will appear over our forehead, around smile lines, as well as beneath our eyes. You will develop crow’s feet and you will have tighter skin around your eyes that can be tricky to handle. This is why and where a HIFU facial can come in handy for your long-term maintenance and problem-solving.

4. Blackheads 

Blackheads are not scary or harmful but they can be quite annoying to remove. They also look ugly or unappealing, and everyone can have them. Usually, they are the most visible and prominent over our nose, and sometimes the chin & forehead (the T-zone can be tricky). Sometimes covering them with foundation can be tricky too. If you’re struggling with blackheads you should consider doing a deep cleansing facial. You will appreciate extractions as well, and a hydrating mask on top.

5. Acne 

Acne is quite common for women, especially during their teenage years. If you’re struggling with some pimples, whiteheads, or acne, you should consider getting a deep cleanse and going for a facial that is mainly focused on extractions, as well as getting all the debris out of your pores. A skincare expert will use clay, charcoal, as well as retinol to take care of your skin and breakouts. Often times tea tree oil is quite good in combating this issue and is ideal for your at-home use.

6. Hyperpigmentation

Lastly, there is a lot of hyperpigmentation going on in the summertime, especially for dark-skinned women. You could also experience some freckles in this case or darker patches. If this does sound like your skin you should go for chemical peels or retinoids. Your esthetician will customize the facial per your skin type, age, concern, as well as damaged area. You will be left with a glowy, radiant, hydrated, as well as even complexion.

Ready To Transform Your Skin?

So, are you ready to take care of your skin with the best treatment & proper approach? Luckily for you, you can get everything done at Dr. Glow Getter! You will enjoy all of the treatments that are available in our skin center. Simply book your appointment right here and get in touch with the best skincare experts and dermatologists that will customize everything per your needs.

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