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Taking care of your skin should always be your priority, no matter your age or skin type. A lot of women struggle with different kinds of imperfections, such as dryness, impurities, as well as breakouts, and wrinkles. If you wish to give your skin exactly what it needs you should consider reading through this article. Here’s what you need to take into consideration when it comes to your product application for day and night time. 

AM Skincare Routine 

1. Cleanser 

It is crucial that you clean your skin before you move onto any next future step. Use a mild cleanser since you only need to remove the oil buildup that you’ve collected overnight. Massage it in and rinse it out with lukewarm water.

shop Clarifying CleanserClarifying CleanserShop
shop Green Clay CleanserGreen Clay CleanserShop

2. Moisturizer 

After your skin is clean you should move onto your cream or favorite moisturizer. Apply a heavy amount of it and let it absorb into your skin. Go for a watery texture since it is a better choice for daytime wear.

shop Antioxidant MoisturizerAntioxidant MoisturizerShop

3. Eye cream 

Add light and gentle eye cream underneath your eyelids. Dab the product in with your ring finger. Go for something that has cooling properties, and that is quite mild and lightweight since you won’t need heavy ingredients in this time period. Aim for a product that has vitamin C as its main ingredient.

shop Vitamin C Face MaskVitamin C Face MaskShop

4. SPF 

Now it is time to rotate your skin. You should use an SPF 30 (at least) since it will keep you protected from heavy sun exposure, as well as any damaging UV rays. Dab it in with your fingertips and let it absorb into your skin. Do not forget about your décolletage area either.

5. Makeup 

Time to apply your makeup! Go for your favorite daily products after preparing your base with the needed creams & moisturizers. You can also use a foundation that has an SPF in itself.

PM Skincare Routine 

1. Makeup remover 

The first step during your night-time routine should be to remove your makeup. Make sure that you use 3-4 cotton rounds and a high-quality makeup remover that removes matte or high-pigmented makeup. Wipe it away and remove as much as you can.

shop Micellar WaterMicellar WaterShop

2. Cleanser 

Move onto the use of a facial cleanser. What your makeup remover wasn’t capable of removing from your pores – your face cleanser will! Wash your face with lukewarm water, and remove any impurities, dirt, as well as grease with gentle rubbing motion.

shop DMAE CleanserDMAE CleanserShop

3. Serum 

Add your favorite night-time serum onto cleansed skin. Dab the product in with your ring fingers. You can also use a toner. Both of these products will help with minor imperfections, as well as dark spots & large pores. 

shop Anti-aging Skin SerumAnti-aging Skin SerumShop

4. Moisturizer 

Add a thicker cream on top. Your skin needs to revitalize overnight, and it should sink in all the needed nutrients. Go for something that is gel-based, and use high-quality products & ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, as well as enzymes.

shop Hyaluronic AcidHyaluronic AcidShop

5. Eye cream 

A nourishing eye cream that has green tea, hyaluronic acid, Q10, caffeine, as well as any similar ingredients will make a difference in your skincare routine. Apply a bit of product with your ring finger and dab it in to get rid of puffiness, dark circles, as well as discoloration. 

6. Lip balm

Lastly, you should nourish your lips and think about their hydration. Apply something that is rich, moisturizing, as well as slightly scented. Leave the product on and wake up with juicy & flawless lips the next morning! 

How To Enjoy Flawless Skin? 

In the end, do you know which products to use, as well as how to approach your skin type? A lot of women make mistakes when it comes to their everyday maintenance. If you have some concerns and you’re trying to get professional help, just book your session with a professional skincare expert right here! We will answer all of your questions and give you the skin of your dreams!

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Are you struggling with dry patches, dehydration, as well as dullness? Well, just know that you’re not alone! A lot of women have trouble keeping their skin nourished & optimized as they age. Did you know that we tend to produce 1% less collagen each year as we age? This means that in order to bring back the radiance, as well as the needed bounce, it can take some time! Aside from time, you will also need some proper tips, such as the following 8!

Top 8 Skincare Hacks For Women Who Have Dry Skin

1. Drink Water

The beauty starts within, literally! This is why it is crucial & key to drink just enough water every day. Your skin will look a lot more nourished, glowy, as well as hydrated with the right daily intake. Aim for 2 liters/half a gallon of water per day, and you will notice a drastic change in the texture of your skin, your vibrancy, firmness, as well as overall radiance!

PS: Set an alarm on your phone that will remind you to drink water every 2-3 hours. This is great if you’re trying to make this into a routine. 

2. The Right Moisturizer

A lot of us tend to use the wrong kind of moisturizer for our skin type. The real issue occurs once you start purchasing different kinds of moisturizers (for day & night-time use). Your skin will need better protection during the day since you are exposed to UV rays and pollution. At night, your skin needs to rest & breathe, so two different kinds is always a good idea. Aim for a water-based cream in the morning, and a thicker & oil-consistency cream at night. 

shop Antioxidant MoisturizerAntioxidant MoisturizerShop

3. Stay Away From Those Steamy Hot Showers

This advice is quite practical, believe it or not. You should stay away from steamy and hot showers (especially during colder months) since they can harm your outer layers & further dry out your skin. Regular showers & exposure to sauna or steam rooms can cause our skin to dry out and become even duller.

4. Your Air Needs Moisture As Well

Do you live in a drier climate? Are you exposed to a lot of Sun, as well as humid air? Our skin can change drastically depending on the season, as well as when we find ourselves in different parts of the world. The best tip that will make a dramatic difference is for you to purchase a humidifier. This little item can look cute once placed in any room + it is a game-changer for any skin type!

5. Don’t Forget To Scrub

You should always think about all the nasty dirt and debris that can easily find its way into your pores. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin once a week (twice max) since it will unclog your pores and get all the dirt out. Exfoliators are small scrub-like beads that can clean any oil, makeup, as well as dirt & pollution that was previously stuck. Once exfoliated your skin will be able to breathe and sink-in all the needed nutrients.

6. Massage Your Face

Massaging your face for 5 minutes each night will do wonders for everyone, especially mature, dry & wrinkle-prone skin. Nowadays there are loads of different kinds of massage tools and different kinds of rollers that can boost your circulation. With regular use of these items or your fingertips, you will end up with a plump and soft complexion, as well as better blood flow which will further promote young & radiant skin.

7. Wear The Right Foundation

You can wear any foundation you like coverage-wise, but sticking to something radiant, luminous, as well as glowy might be the best go-to in this case and during this exact moment. Why? Well, you don’t want to emphasize your dry patches or your texture. You should try to focus on your radiance & healthy-looking complexion. Stay away from anything matte if your skin is feeling quite tight and dry at the moment.

8. Get A Facial

Last, but not least, we definitely recommend getting a facial. With the right treatment and with the right approach of your aesthetician you will feel replenished and brand new! Your skin will look a lot more nourished, toned, as well as healthy. Your aesthetician will use proper ingredients and the right approach that is catered to your skin type, which will leave you looking sexy while feeling confident! Facials are something that you should do monthly if you wish to maintain your youthful beauty.

Need a bit of help and guidance when it comes to the best-catered facials for your skin type or your age group? At Dr. Glow Getter your face will be in the hands of specialized experts who know how to take care of any minor or major changes, just book your session here and see for yourself!

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Face serums are a staple in night cabinets for a lot of women, especially those with mature skin types. A face serum is a lightweight moisturizer that pushes all of your skincare products deep into the skin. This type of product also does wonders for women with dry and dehydrated skin types. However, there are a lot of different kinds of serums that can suit different women, skin types & age groups. Find out everything in the text below!

When Should You Apply A Face Serum?

Serums can be applied morning & night, depending on your skin type or your targeted concern. Usually, women with dry skin will apply it twice a day, others will stick to only night-time use. However, if you have rosacea or eczema, it is best to stay away from face serums.

Always apply the serum to clear skin which is free of any product. Add a few drops and dab the product into the skin. You can apply moisturizer on top if you need to.

What Are The Different Types Of Skin Serums? Which Serum Is Perfect For Your Skin Type?

When trying to find your perfect skin serum, you should always be open to suggestions. You will notice that there are 6 different kinds of serums:

1. Anti-aging

Women who are in their forties or fifties will appreciate these serums more than others. These serums are specifically made to target saggy skin, wrinkles, as well as fine lines. In time they will give your skin a firmed and plumped outcome. Thanks to vitamin A which is its main ingredient you will easily experience increased collagen production, hydrated skin, as well as rested complexion.

shop Anti-aging SerumAnti-aging SerumShop

2. Skin Brightening

Is your skin dull and discolored? Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? If so, some grapefruit extracts and vitamins C & E will brighten your complexion! Women who dislike their undertone, any demarcations or previous unhealed wounds will need a serum that has similar glow-boosting properties.

3. Acne-Fighting

Acne can occur at our teens but also when we’re 40 or 50 years old! Some serums can reach deep underneath your skin and fade the acne scars while also removing the build-up. With regular use, your skin will stop producing an excessive amount of sebum, and will also look a lot less red or irritated. Acne-fighting serums are usually filled with acids, glycolic acid, as well as green tea.

shop Acne SerumAcne SerumShop

4. Hydrating

Some moisturizers can’t give you your ideal moisture and optimal hydration. If you are on a drier side you will appreciate these serums. They penetrate deep into your pores and they lock in all the moisture! As long as your serum is filled with Argan oil, glycerin, hyaluronic acid or jojoba, you will feel nourished!

shop Dryness SerumDryness SerumShop

5. Exfoliating

An exfoliating serum can smooth and tone down your complexion while getting rid of any wrinkles and fine lines, as well as hyperpigmentation! Our skin will slow down its collagen production as we age, which is why it is important to layer and buildup these areas that are lacking hydration. Find serums that have retinol, enzymes from plant or fruit extracts, as well as acid to experience the best-looking skin.

shop Peel SerumPeel SerumShop

6. Renewing

You can restore back the dewy complexion with a renewing serum. Any type of irritating or picking of the skin can lead to scars, which you will want to renew. You should also reverse the effects of discoloration, dryness, as well as fine lines with this serum. If you purchase a serum that has flower water, green tea, ceramides, retinol, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, you will renew your complexion in time.

Benefits Of Using Skin Serums

No Fatigue

If you’re experiencing any fatigue or dullness you will easily combat it with a skin serum. It can promote cellular regeneration and will give you a brighter complexion.

No Pores

A lot of women deal with enlarged pores, especially those who have oily skin. With the use of a serum, they are kept at their minimal size while being clean and free of oils.

Smooth Surface

Your skin will look and feel noticeably a lot softer. With often and regular use you will, for sure, notice this difference.

No More Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Some serums are specially made to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can get younger-looking skin with proper care and regular use of these serums.

Retains The Moisture

Your skin can hold and lock in all the moisture since the serum acts as a barrier between all the skincare products.

Ready To Treat Your Skin The Right Way?

If you want to treat your skin the best way and you want it to look good, think about incorporating serums into your routine. Here are some of our favorite picks, and high-quality services for every skin type! If you are ready to consult with our skincare specialist, book an appointment and experience amazing service which is catered towards your skin type.

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Your wedding day is one of the best and most important days of your life. It is filled with joy, pure happiness, as well as positive emotions. Are you getting married sometime soon? If so, you will appreciate this article, as well as all of our tips and tricks when it comes to doing your perfect and flawless makeup. Keep on reading and figure out these top 6 key facts and rules that will help every bride-to-be feel and look her best for her big day!

How Brides Should Do Their Makeup

1. Microblade Your Eyebrows

You should think about getting your eyebrows microbladed. These are permanent and long-lasting eyebrows that can’t smudge or move throughout the day. This makes them perfect for your everyday wear, but especially for your wedding! You won’t lose them due to sweat or poor weather. They can withstand any condition, and they will look amazing in pictures! Their lifespan is up to 2 years, and they will look amazing on every face shape, as long as you get them customized per your features.

2. Nourish Your Skin One Day Before

You should think about nourishing your skin a day before your big day. Try to book a facial treatment and let the right specialist take care of your skin. Enjoy different benefits for your skin, such as smaller pores, better hydration, and that overall glow! Your makeup will sit a lot better during the day and your skin will look flawless as well as unfiltered, and who doesn’t want that? Your skin will be prepared for any makeup application, you will enjoy a glowy look and you won’t experience dry patches. if you are around NJ/NY area, give us a call or book your skin treatment to maximize your skin results as much as possible

3. Get A Long-lasting Eyeshadow Palette

Go for a shadow palette that is highly pigmented and let your eyes pop everywhere you go with a simple yet durable look. You will enjoy a dark brown matte shadow in your crease and a bit of shimmer over your eyelid. This look is super easy to achieve and you will love its combo, just stick to pinks and browns, as well as any neutral shadows. Use high-quality brushes that are effective and that can perform well on different skin types.

4. Lash Extensions Are A Must-Have

You will look the best with a set of flawless lash extensions. They are low-maintenance as well as easy to pull off + they will suit any face shape and any eye shape. Make sure to book this treatment 4-5 days before your wedding. They are sturdy and long-lasting, and they have a lifespan of 4 weeks, which covers your honeymoon as well. Lash extensions are feminine, playful, as well as super wispy! You can get a minimalistic or a dramatic refill, the choice is up to you. Do you want to be a dramatic or natural beauty? 

5. Go For A Matte Lipstick 

Use a highly-pigmented matte lipstick since it is the best kind for brides. It doesn’t smudge, move around, and it lasts for the entire day. The most important part? It is smudge-proof, meaning that you can freely kiss when that ”I do” moment comes along. You will enjoy its pigment, staying power, as well as the way that it looks in pictures. Matte lipstick is full coverage and the safest color choice is a classical nude. 

6. Set Your Face

Last, but not least, you should set your face with the best setting spray that is on the market. You will enjoy a mattifying setting spray over your entire face since it helps with long-lasting and effective makeup wear, even during high heat and poor weather. Women with oily skin will appreciate a matte setting spray, while those who have dry skin might want something a bit more luminous, hydrating, as well as dewy.

Ready To Look Your Best?

Do you want to look your best? How about you book yourself the right needed facial treatment, or you can treat yourself with some feminine and wispy lash extensions? Everyone can get their ideal and customizable look in just one click! Make sure to browse your options right here and go for something that our team recommends, you can’t make a bad choice.

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Thinking about spicing up your skincare routine and taking care of your skin the right way? You will appreciate this article. Here, we will talk about some common yet practical skin hacks that will make a drastic difference in your skincare routine and your everyday approach. Keep on reading and follow these steps. 

Top 10 Skin Hacks

1. Exfoliate

Dry skin can look flaky, dull, as well as dehydrated. This is why you need to exfoliate it at least once a week. This will remove any dead skin cells, dirt, as well as dust that is stuck in your pores. Use a regular exfoliator that suits your skin type, as well as some rough textured brushes that will speed up your exfoliating process.

2. Ice Water Challenge 

You can embrace a poreless look with a quick ice bath. The cold water forces and speeds up your circulation which will give you a plumped and flushed rosy look. This will also help with any bacteria as well as enlarged pores that are quite common for women with oily or acne-prone skin.

3. Use a Toner

A facial toner will keep your pores smaller and at bay. It will also help with your natural pH balance as well as texture. Use it every night with a cotton pad for flawless results, you can always pick one of natural 3 tones with the Moroccan rose water or blossom orange

4. Moisturize

Whether you have dry or oily skin, remember that a moisturizer is a must-have in your case. It will reduce dry and cracked patches while infusing your skin with all the needed nutrients, as well as moisturizing ingredients that will give you a plumped outcome. This will also prepare your skin for makeup application.

5. Use Proper SPF

Sun rays can be quite harmful and damaging to every skin type. You should protect your face with an amazing organic SPF which will prevent any dryness as well as sunburns. This will also keep you looking young and youthful. Prevent wrinkles and fine lines with the right SPF. 

6. Eat Fat

Healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. This means that you should invest in your skincare items and also your nutrition. A healthy diet with good fats will help with your overall complexion, as well as your pores. Aim for olive oil and some nuts to get flawless skin.

7. Drink Water

Drinking water should be your first go-to step early in the morning and during the day. Hydrate your body and think about its needed moisture for your face and skin. This will remove any debris in the long-run and will help with your makeup application.

8. Reduce Stress

Stress can be quite damaging to your skin, as well as your overall body health. Try to reduce stress by reading some books, watching movies, listening to music, as well as with meditation. Make yourself a hot bubble bath and do yoga, anything that is a stress-free activity is more than helpful and welcome in this case.

9. Sleep

Beauty sleep is more than essential. Rested and glowy skin starts from within, which is why you should let your body recover overnight. Aim for eight hours (at least) and get rid of any toxins, along with bad energy or negativity that can impact your mood.

10. Physical Activity

Stay active in any way that you like, such as with yoga and weight training. Zumba, samba, or any type of dance will keep you busy and boosted. Your skin will glow inside out once treated the right way.

Ready For Flawless Skin?

So, are you ready to embrace glowy and healthy skin? With these top 10 tips and tricks, you will see a dramatic change in your overall complexion. While you’re at it, you should also think about getting a facial. Luckily for you, we have loads of different treatments that you can go for. All of them are catered to per your skin type and your concern. Browse through your options right here or go straight and book your spot from here.

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Celebrities often love to take the weird way out, and they don’t care about the price point for most of their treatments, as well as facials. This is why in this article, we will talk about different kinds of facials that you can explore and get. Here are some of the most-loved beauty options that you can go for, that are huge in Hollywood. 

Top 5 Most-loved Facials By Celebrities

1. Kim Kardashian And Her Vampire Facial 

The vampire facial is also known as a platelet-rich plasma facial where a specialized skincare esthetician injects your own blood into the skin to stimulate your collagen production. Because of this unique ingredient as well as an unusual approach, you can expect to end up with rejuvenated and plumper skin. This skincare treatment is a bit unusual, and it can get super pricey. In fact, you will pay around $500-800 per one treatment. In the end, you will end up with glowy and clear skin, as well as a plumper outcome. This approach can be done by anyone, just make sure to find a trustworthy Dermatologist before you book your treatment, also if you are around NY/NJ area, Dr. Glow Getter is your place to go, make sure to check these amazing treatment

2. Mila Kunis And Her HD Diamond Ruby Peel 

Mila Kunis is an actress that everyone tries to copy. She is a natural beauty who invests a lot of care and time into her beauty routine. She swears by the $7,000 facial treatment that is quite popular in Singapore. The diamond and ruby peel changed her Golden Globe appearance. The whole point is for the esthetician to use rubies along with some diamonds to remove your dead skin cells and to help with the radiance. Your skin will breathe and look a lot more luminous in the end, as long as you can afford the 7,000 luxury.

3. Kate Middleton And A Bee Venom Facial 

The Duchess of Cambridge loved this skincare treatment for her wedding day. This facial is also known as the natural botox since it is a simple way for you to regenerate your skin. Your skin is stung by a bee a couple of times. Because of this venom, the skin is tricked into producing its collagen as a way of protecting from any external factors. This facial treatment is also loved by Simon Cowell and Kylie Minogue. The bee venom is quite hard to extract, which further explains and justifies its price point of $1,000 per one treatment.

4. Jennifer Aniston Microcurrent Facial 

Have you ever heard of the microcurrent facial? Your favorite Friends TV character is obsessed with it. Jennifer Aniston believes that this electrical current can stimulate your facial muscles and that it will tighten your skin after several treatments. Regular treatments will help with fine lines and wrinkles. One treatment is around $200, which is the most affordable facial from this extravagant celebrity list. If you are on a budget yet you want to look like this diva this might be the best and most affordable solution for you.

5. Irina Shayk’s 24K Gold Facial 

Last, but not least, how about you shower in some gold and join Irina Shayk on this facial treatment journey? It is believed that gold can improve the microcirculation that will leave you with feminine and younger-looking skin. Gold is often linked to radiance, and it can absorb with ease underneath your skin. This luxurious golden facial costs around $500 per one session. This can help mature women the best with their texture and fine lines.

Ready To Try Your Perfect Facial?

So, are you ready to give your skin all that it needs? Which one of these top five luxurious and high-end treatments is your favorite? Every woman will easily find something that suits her. However, if you’re on a budget and you’re trying to get something similar yet a lot more affordable, browse through this list right here! You can explore different advanced skincare treatments as well that can be customized to your skin type and your targeted concern. Our team of experts will leave you feeling beautiful while having that Hollywood glow, yet while saving your money!

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Dealing with dry skin and dry patches? Just know that you’re not the only one. A lot of women and men worldwide deal with dry patches and dehydrated skin. It is quite common to feel as if your skin is being heavy and as if it can’t breathe underneath your foundation. If you’ve been dealing with this for quite a while and you want to get to the bottom of it, keep on reading! Here, we will let you know why these things happen, what are some of the most common reasons for dry skin, and how to combat them the right way! 

1. This Can Be Hereditary 

Are your parents satisfied with their skin condition? Or are they also struggling and dealing with dry patches? A lot of men and women often have naturally bad and dehydrated skin. This happens because they lack nutrients and their skin craves more ceramides or hyaluronic acid. If they’ve been pre-exposed to the sun they might also suffer severe damage. Usually, light-skinned and pale people are more likely to burn and experience dry patches than others. If this is the case, look into your family history and their skin journey.

2. You Are Not Drinking Enough Of Water 

Water intake is more than important, and a lot of people forget and struggle to drink at least two liters per day. If you’re naturally dry and you drink only a couple of glasses per day, start with this as your main goal of solving the issue! Also, you should drink even more water if you’re someone who works out and you sweat a lot. It is important to keep your body at its optimal health. Usually, dry patches and lines can be solved with the right water intake. You could turn on a reminder that will beep every 1-2 hours, just to remind you to step up your water game.

3. You Are Not Using The Right Skincare Items 

Are you on the right skincare journey? Plenty of women neglect their skincare, and most men don’t even try to step it up and give their skin what it truly needs. If you’re not too sure what to aim for, you should book yourself an appointment with a professional! In fact, you can ask a dermatologist to give you a specialized and personalized skincare routine. What are some of the most basic rules that you should follow and understand? 

A) If your skin is dry try to boost its hydration with hyaluronic acid and serums 

B) If your skin is dull you should aim for vitamin C and citrus-based products 

C) Women with oily skin will appreciate witch hazel as their everyday extract and essential 

D) If your skin is normal try to use aloe vera based products

4. You Don’t Remove Your Makeup At Night 

Do you remove your makeup fully every night before you hit the bed? Some women neglect and forget about this step, are you one of them as well? If so, try to remind yourself to take optimal care of your skin, and also use high-quality and nourishing skincare items before you fall asleep. Removing your makeup at night will help prevent any clogged pores, you will feel a lot more refreshed, and your skin will be free of any toxins or dirty makeup residue. Make sure to double cleanse as well, since this will help with severe dryness and your skin will sink in your applied skincare items with ease.

5. You Need A Facial

Last, but not least, you will appreciate a facial treatment! A lot of women often neglect this as their monthly must-do. However, with the right steamer, extraction methods, as well as nourishing creams, your skin will finally become glowy and dewy! You should remove any impurities and ask your dermatologist or skin care specialist for a customizable solution. By getting a facial at least once a month, you will prevent any dry patches, you will be one step closer to combating fine lines, as well as wrinkles. Luckily for you, you can book yourself a skincare treatment right here! At Dr.Glow Getter, every facial treatment is catered to your skin type and your needs, which means that every customer will end up with flawless skin in only a couple of sessions!

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Are you a fan of facial treatments and you need something that is catered to your skin type and your concern? If you have problematic skin, you probably know the struggles of getting the perfect product and the ideal specialized treatment for your minor imperfections. Well, luckily for you, we have loads of different treatment ideas, as well as unique facials to offer. Also, you will browse through loads of different options and you will learn a lot about some new treatments that can be customized to your skin type, both are perfect for men and women!

Top 6 Facial Treatments That You Have To Try Out

1. Anti-aging

Mature skin types will enjoy this skincare treatment the best. If you are in your early 40s and you have some minor imperfections, such as fine lines and wrinkles – go with this as your solution. Saggy or wrinkled skin will demand moisture, and hyaluronic-infused facials are the best choice. Deep cleansing is also a part of your routine, and the outcome will leave you with glowy, nourished, and younger-looking skin!

For who: Women who are dealing with wrinkles, fun lines, as well as dehydrated skin and dry patches.

How much time does it take to do: This treatment will take 35 minutes to do.

How painful it is: It is not painful at all. The discomfort level grade is 1 out of 5.

2. Glow Vitamin C

Vitamin C treatments are exactly what they sound like, radiant, glowy, as well as nourishing skincare treatments that are perfect for women who are feeling a bit dehydrated and dull-looking. If you wish for healthy and glowy skin, enjoy the aspect of massage that this treatment entails, and end up with flawless skin! Say bye-bye to discolored skin parts, and also awaken your complexion while enjoying a brighter outcome, read more about the Glow Vitamin C facials here

For who: Women or men who have discolored and dull patches. If your skin is quite dry and it lacks that glowy radiance, this is for you!

How much time does it take to do: Around 45 minutes.

How painful it is: It is not painful, but Vitamin C and similar acids can sting your skin a little, especially if it is sensitive. It might feel like a 2 out of 5.

3. Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are newer peels and interesting facials to the market. They are great for women who have wrinkles, as well as women who are trying to remove any lines and damage. With a chemical peel, your skin will ”blister” and eventually peel off. If you have any signs of damage and you have uneven patches, go with this treatment!

For who: Men and women who have had acne will benefit a lot from this skincare treatment. It will also suit you if your skin is discolored and you are trying to bring back the balance.

How much time does it take to do: Around 60 minutes.

How painful it is: Chemical peels can be a bit uncomfortable since it might feel as if they are stinging your skin. A 2.5 out of 5 seems like a reasonable rate.

4. Dermaplane

Dermaplane is not really a skincare treatment, but it is an amazing solution for women who wish to try out something new. This is a unique procedure where you will remove any unwanted peach fuzz from your face and its surface. Several different cocktails and a small razor-like tool will remove any smaller and unwanted hairs around your forehead, cheeks, or your eyebrows and chin.

For who: Anyone who wants to have a smoother surface, flawless face, and who wishes to enjoy quick, easy, as well as simple and even makeup application on top of their smooth surface.

How much time does it take to do: This can depend a lot on your face hairs, as well as their thickness. It can vary from 30-60 minutes.

How painful it is: It is not painful at all. 0 out of 5!

5. Calming

A calming skincare treatment will suit you if your skin is quite sensitive, dry, as well as easily irritated. A calming facial treatment will help with any inflammation as well as fine lines. With a light massage, your blood will begin to plump and you will experience a healthy glow.

For who: Men or women who have dry, sensitive, as well as easily irritated skin. It doesn’t matter the age.

How much time does it take to do: 30-45 minutes.

How painful it is: It is not painful, 1 out of 5.

6. Acne Extracting

Last, but not least, you can get your acne fully extracted! Are you struggling with an uneven complexion, redness, as well as inflamed and irritated skin? Acne is common among teens, as well as women who have hormonal and periodical breakouts. If you have whiteheads, blackheads, or any form of pimples, you will easily remove your impurities.

For who: Anyone who has impurities, as well as acne.

How much time does it take to do: It can take you around 60-90 minutes to extract everything, clean each pore, and also finish it off with a hydration serum.

How painful it is: Unfortunately, this is quite painful and you will experience mild pain, 4 out of 5 in most cases, and for most people.

Ready For Your Ideal Facial?

So, are you ready for your next big facial? Luckily for you, all of these treatments are available at Dr.Glow Getter, and you can find them and book them right here! You will end up with a flawless complexion, and you will enjoy having everything customized per your needs.

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A facial treatment is a must-do skincare treatment for every woman, no matter her skin type, or her age! By getting a customizable skincare treatment and by a certified skincare expert or esthetician, you are guaranteed a youthful look, vibrant skin, as well as a hydrated outcome. If you want to know a bit more about it, keep on reading and find out why a facial treatment is a must-do on a monthly basis! 

Top 6 reasons why you should get a facial treatment

1. Deep Cleansing 

A deep cleanse will help you remove any unwanted impurities, toxins, as well as dirt from your skin and from your pores. We are experiencing pollution on a daily basis, and different dirt can get trapped in our outer and inner epidermis. An amazing exfoliation treatment such as deep cleansing will help you remove dead skin cells, and will prepare your skin for future upkeep as well as maintenance of hydrated, nourished, as well as clean skin!

2. Anti-aging

You can slow down the process of aging and embrace healthy, younger-looking skin. The best way to do that is by giving yourself a massage which will help with any wrinkles, fine lines, as well as drier patches. Massage your face (or let the esthetician do this for you) by making circular motions since this will help with blood circulation and better oxygen flow. 

PS: Just remind yourself that it is never too early to take care of your skin. If you are a teen, make sure to start early on, and invest in your skincare items and products!

3. Can be Quite Relaxing 

Massages are good for your body, so why wouldn’t they be good for your face as well? With the right approach, proper movements, as well as stimulation of all the right spots, you will enjoy a lymphatic massage that will detoxify your skin. Also, thanks to the use of all the different oils and creams, your skin will feel pampered as well as nourished at the end of the treatment + it will smell amazing!

4. You Will Experience Skin Rejuvenation

You will enjoy a different approach during the process, and the esthetician will customize the treatment per your skin type. This means that you will enjoy exfoliation, extraction, a bit of steam work, as well as a soothing mask at the end of the treatment. Your complexion will look a lot more nourished, and your skin will experience full skin rejuvenation.

5. Better and More Improved Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine will drastically change as time goes on, and as you invest more and more love into it. When you talk to a professional, you get a lot more inside knowledge, input, as well as help! They will teach you how to make the next key step, they will let you know which ingredients to use, as well as which ones to avoid. If there are any skin complications or allergies, they will customize the solution to your skin type and will help you find your ideal go-to products.

6. For Every Skin Type

Last, but not least, you can get the ultimate skin in a couple of steps, and you can experience a customizable routine. You will fully get rid of blackheads, acne, pimples, as well as wrinkles and whiteheads, and dehydration. With regular treatments and by visiting the spa or your clinic on a monthly, your skin will stay prepped for makeup application, you will experience an uplift, and a glow-up (literally), which is why you should think about investing in your skin on a monthly basis.

Ready for The Prettiest Glowy Skin? 

Ready to fully enjoy the effects as well as benefits of every facial treatment there is? Luckily for you, at Dr.Glow Getter, the team customizes the treatment per your skin type, and they can also leave you with amazing results in only a couple of sessions, so why not book your treatment right here!

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