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Do you ever wonder if the acne you get now as an adult is the same as the acne you experienced when you were a teenager? In fact, did you know that acne is the most typical skin issue?!

Acne forms when your skin’s oil draws in bacteria and dead skin cells. 

Acne is more likely to appear on your face, chest, and upper back since these areas produce the most oil.

There are many different kinds of acne, such as:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Cystic acne
  • Pimples

To understand the difference and figure out how to treat each type keep on reading and get your answers down below.

Adult Acne

Modern lifestyle elements including chronic stress, changing hormones, a demanding schedule, and increasing pollution levels are to blame for the increase in adults who have acne. Another common factor that affects mature skin is smoking & drinking. 

Adult acne scars heal more slowly than teen acne scars due to a slower rate of skin cell turnover. 

Acne development in adults has been linked to hormonal shifts and persistent stress for both men and women.

Acne that is inflammatory (red, sensitive) typically appears close to the lips, chin, and jawline. Anyone can experience this type of skin concern, which is why nothing should worry you.

Teen Acne

Acne in adolescents is largely hormonal and partly hereditary. 

Face, chest, and back acne is more common in teenagers than in adults. 

During puberty, androgen levels rise (the “masculine” hormones found in both sexes), causing an increase in sebum production and, consequently, an increase in acne.

Due to increased cell turnover and stronger skin, teenagers heal faster from outbreaks than adults. 

In most cases, acne clears up once the teen years are over, as the hormonal changes that triggered breakouts in the first place have settled down. This is why most teens just have to stick through the heeling process.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

1. Wash Your Face

Wash your face gently once or twice a day.

Abrasive washcloths and facial cleansers should not be used since they may make acne worse.

If you decide to wear makeup, pick water-based products over oil-based ones. Also, be thorough when removing your makeup (no matter your age or skin type).

Teenagers can use over-the-counter acne treatments, but adults require more delicate solutions that are catered to their specific type.

2. Don’t Pick Your Face

Picking and squeezing acne may cause scarring, so avoid doing so. 

Due to the slower rate of skin renewal in adults, this is especially important for the treatment of adult acne. You should avoid touching your skin when out and about – you’re constantly catching bacteria on every corner.

3. Watch Out For External Factors

The severity of acne can be affected by environmental factors. 

Some people claim that exposure to sunlight helps clear up their acne. 

Acne could be a side effect of intense exercise that causes you to sweat excessively. 

Though there’s no proof linking stress and nutrition to acne, if you find that certain foods cause breakouts for you, it’s best to avoid those.

Read more in depth on things peope with acne need to avoid to deal with acne guide here

4. See a Dermatologist

If your acne does not go away after applying home remedies, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a skilled individual. For some, the key might be in pills and oral medication while others may want to turn to retinoids, chemical peels, etc. For the best results and customized facials check out Dr. Glow Getter in Edgewater, NJ and just know that you’re in safe hands.

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Are you someone who struggles with dry patches, wrinkles, fine lines, or dehydration? A lot of women have some type of concern when it comes to their skin. Some have acne and others have blackheads or pimples. Where do you stand and what do you struggle with the most? Here are some common skin concerns and ways how you can treat it. 

Top 6 Most Common Skin Concerns 

1. Dryness 

Battling dryness and having dry patches usually happen to women as they age. This is a process that you can’t stop or prevent but you can slow it down with the right approach. We produce 1% less collagen each year as we age. This means that you need to take your skincare seriously as time goes on and as you get older. Aim for regular facials, loads of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Infuse your skin with high-quality creams and serums as well. learn more about why your skin is dry, top reasons, and solutions here

2. Fine lines 

Fine lines will happen first and before you start to develop deep or noticeable wrinkles. They are the first sign of slow and steady aging that usually happens around our smile lines. In this case, microdermabrasion or vampire facials can do their magic and can transform your skin. You could also incorporate some face rollers to boost your glow. Simply massage your face frequently by doing up & down movements to get firmer skin. Learn more here

3. Wrinkles 

Wrinkles are another part of the aging process. Women above the age of 30 will develop them, this is unavoidable, and you will experience more & deeper lines as you age. Most commonly wrinkles will appear over our forehead, around smile lines, as well as beneath our eyes. You will develop crow’s feet and you will have tighter skin around your eyes that can be tricky to handle. This is why and where a HIFU facial can come in handy for your long-term maintenance and problem-solving.

4. Blackheads 

Blackheads are not scary or harmful but they can be quite annoying to remove. They also look ugly or unappealing, and everyone can have them. Usually, they are the most visible and prominent over our nose, and sometimes the chin & forehead (the T-zone can be tricky). Sometimes covering them with foundation can be tricky too. If you’re struggling with blackheads you should consider doing a deep cleansing facial. You will appreciate extractions as well, and a hydrating mask on top.

5. Acne 

Acne is quite common for women, especially during their teenage years. If you’re struggling with some pimples, whiteheads, or acne, you should consider getting a deep cleanse and going for a facial that is mainly focused on extractions, as well as getting all the debris out of your pores. A skincare expert will use clay, charcoal, as well as retinol to take care of your skin and breakouts. Often times tea tree oil is quite good in combating this issue and is ideal for your at-home use.

6. Hyperpigmentation

Lastly, there is a lot of hyperpigmentation going on in the summertime, especially for dark-skinned women. You could also experience some freckles in this case or darker patches. If this does sound like your skin you should go for chemical peels or retinoids. Your esthetician will customize the facial per your skin type, age, concern, as well as damaged area. You will be left with a glowy, radiant, hydrated, as well as even complexion.

Ready To Transform Your Skin?

So, are you ready to take care of your skin with the best treatment & proper approach? Luckily for you, you can get everything done at Dr. Glow Getter! You will enjoy all of the treatments that are available in our skin center. Simply book your appointment right here and get in touch with the best skincare experts and dermatologists that will customize everything per your needs.

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Dealing with acne is a nightmare for every woman, and some men as well. If you care about your appearance you will invest a significant amount of time in your skincare routine, as well as your makeup products. For some people, this problem with acne can begin even earlier, and some can experience teenage acne. Are you having these breakouts or someone very close and dear to you is? Either way, it is, this article will help you combat and focus on dealing with breakouts the right way. If you wish to learn a thing or two more about teenage acne and how to combat them, keep on reading!

Why Do We Have Acne In The First Place?

Acne can be a hereditary skin condition that you may end up with because of your parents. Most often, this skin condition happens because you are someone who has oily skin and clogged pores that cannot breathe. Acne also happens when you are eating unhealthy and greasy food items, and when you forget to take off your makeup at night.

What Causes Teenage Acne?

Did you know that over 85% of teenagers have acne of some sort? Some can experience blackheads, whiteheads, and others just inflamed acne. When you hit puberty you will experience an increase in your hormones that are called androgens. When there is too much sebum in your pores you will produce unwanted oils and you will end up with pimples.

You can also experience cysts inside of your pores, which is why some teens turn to birth control pills to calm down this inflammation. Heavy sweating as well as workouts can also contribute to acne, especially over your body.

What Is The Treatment For Acne?

Treatments will vary from person to person, but teenagers will have a wide range of options since their skin is capable of handling different substances. In most cases, the best ingredients and treatments are:

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Lactic or glycolic acid
  • Retinoids
  • Specialized skincare treatments
  • Acne patches
  • Antibiotics

How Your Skincare Routine Should Look Like If You Have Acne: Top 5 Steps

1. Wash Your Face With The Right Product

Washing your skin morning and night is necessary for every woman, no matter your skin type. However, women who have oily skin should wash their face with some amazing, high-quality, as well as nourishing face washes. Grab a product that has a mattifying property, and which is filled with mint since it can clear your skin and calm down your oils. 

Wash with lukewarm water and rinse out the product to get all the debris out. 

2. Use Clay Masks

Clay masks are some of the best masks for women who have oily and acne-prone skin. Is your skin often inflamed and red? If so, invest in your clay mask and use ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, as well as black clay or charcoal to get perfect results!

Some of these ingredients are moisturizing and nourishing, while others are known for their deep cleansing properties. 

Apply a clay mask every 5-7 days and let them clean out your pores thoroughly.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your skin, always! Even though your skin is quite oily, it still needs to be moisturized. You should also use aloe vera as its main ingredient since it is calming and nourishing, as well as moisturizing for acne-prone skin. Also, make sure to apply a heavier cream at night, and something lightweight and water-based early in the morning.

When it comes to teenage skin, it is best to use natural ingredients and products that are free of sulfates and parabens. Also, avoid alcohol or fragrance since these can be drying as well as irritating on top of your skin.

4. Pat Dry Your Skin And Blot It

Always pat dry your skin after just cleansing it with a clean towel. Make sure to do tapping instead of wiping or rubbing motions since these can tug your skin, cause premature aging, as well as irritate your breakouts.

Also, aside from slow tapping motions, we recommend using a blotting paper throughout the day.

Reach for this item since it will keep your texture matte, and your pores at bay. Simply dab it as you’d dab your powder and calm down any excess shine.

5. Get a Facial

Last, but not least, we believe that finding the perfect facial treatment is more than crucial as well as mandatory for your acne-prone skin.

If you’re impatient and you need results overnight, make sure to let professionals take care of you. Skincare specialists as well as dermatologists will determine what is the right treatment for your skin type. Find your ideal facial right here at Dr.Glow Getter and combat acne the right way, and for good!

Ready To Experience Flawless Skin?

Dear teens, are you ready to say bye-bye to acne? A lot of women will experience acne throughout their lifetime. If you’re someone who is struggling at the moment, make sure to stay calm, positive & only follow our simple 5 tips and tricks which will do wonders, we promise!

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