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Are you struggling with dry patches, dehydration, as well as dullness? Well, just know that you’re not alone! A lot of women have trouble keeping their skin nourished & optimized as they age. Did you know that we tend to produce 1% less collagen each year as we age? This means that in order to bring back the radiance, as well as the needed bounce, it can take some time! Aside from time, you will also need some proper tips, such as the following 8!

Top 8 Skincare Hacks For Women Who Have Dry Skin

1. Drink Water

The beauty starts within, literally! This is why it is crucial & key to drink just enough water every day. Your skin will look a lot more nourished, glowy, as well as hydrated with the right daily intake. Aim for 2 liters/half a gallon of water per day, and you will notice a drastic change in the texture of your skin, your vibrancy, firmness, as well as overall radiance!

PS: Set an alarm on your phone that will remind you to drink water every 2-3 hours. This is great if you’re trying to make this into a routine. 

2. The Right Moisturizer

A lot of us tend to use the wrong kind of moisturizer for our skin type. The real issue occurs once you start purchasing different kinds of moisturizers (for day & night-time use). Your skin will need better protection during the day since you are exposed to UV rays and pollution. At night, your skin needs to rest & breathe, so two different kinds is always a good idea. Aim for a water-based cream in the morning, and a thicker & oil-consistency cream at night. 

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3. Stay Away From Those Steamy Hot Showers

This advice is quite practical, believe it or not. You should stay away from steamy and hot showers (especially during colder months) since they can harm your outer layers & further dry out your skin. Regular showers & exposure to sauna or steam rooms can cause our skin to dry out and become even duller.

4. Your Air Needs Moisture As Well

Do you live in a drier climate? Are you exposed to a lot of Sun, as well as humid air? Our skin can change drastically depending on the season, as well as when we find ourselves in different parts of the world. The best tip that will make a dramatic difference is for you to purchase a humidifier. This little item can look cute once placed in any room + it is a game-changer for any skin type!

5. Don’t Forget To Scrub

You should always think about all the nasty dirt and debris that can easily find its way into your pores. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin once a week (twice max) since it will unclog your pores and get all the dirt out. Exfoliators are small scrub-like beads that can clean any oil, makeup, as well as dirt & pollution that was previously stuck. Once exfoliated your skin will be able to breathe and sink-in all the needed nutrients.

6. Massage Your Face

Massaging your face for 5 minutes each night will do wonders for everyone, especially mature, dry & wrinkle-prone skin. Nowadays there are loads of different kinds of massage tools and different kinds of rollers that can boost your circulation. With regular use of these items or your fingertips, you will end up with a plump and soft complexion, as well as better blood flow which will further promote young & radiant skin.

7. Wear The Right Foundation

You can wear any foundation you like coverage-wise, but sticking to something radiant, luminous, as well as glowy might be the best go-to in this case and during this exact moment. Why? Well, you don’t want to emphasize your dry patches or your texture. You should try to focus on your radiance & healthy-looking complexion. Stay away from anything matte if your skin is feeling quite tight and dry at the moment.

8. Get A Facial

Last, but not least, we definitely recommend getting a facial. With the right treatment and with the right approach of your aesthetician you will feel replenished and brand new! Your skin will look a lot more nourished, toned, as well as healthy. Your aesthetician will use proper ingredients and the right approach that is catered to your skin type, which will leave you looking sexy while feeling confident! Facials are something that you should do monthly if you wish to maintain your youthful beauty.

Need a bit of help and guidance when it comes to the best-catered facials for your skin type or your age group? At Dr. Glow Getter your face will be in the hands of specialized experts who know how to take care of any minor or major changes, just book your session here and see for yourself!

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Dealing with dry skin and dry patches? Just know that you’re not the only one. A lot of women and men worldwide deal with dry patches and dehydrated skin. It is quite common to feel as if your skin is being heavy and as if it can’t breathe underneath your foundation. If you’ve been dealing with this for quite a while and you want to get to the bottom of it, keep on reading! Here, we will let you know why these things happen, what are some of the most common reasons for dry skin, and how to combat them the right way! 

1. This Can Be Hereditary 

Are your parents satisfied with their skin condition? Or are they also struggling and dealing with dry patches? A lot of men and women often have naturally bad and dehydrated skin. This happens because they lack nutrients and their skin craves more ceramides or hyaluronic acid. If they’ve been pre-exposed to the sun they might also suffer severe damage. Usually, light-skinned and pale people are more likely to burn and experience dry patches than others. If this is the case, look into your family history and their skin journey.

2. You Are Not Drinking Enough Of Water 

Water intake is more than important, and a lot of people forget and struggle to drink at least two liters per day. If you’re naturally dry and you drink only a couple of glasses per day, start with this as your main goal of solving the issue! Also, you should drink even more water if you’re someone who works out and you sweat a lot. It is important to keep your body at its optimal health. Usually, dry patches and lines can be solved with the right water intake. You could turn on a reminder that will beep every 1-2 hours, just to remind you to step up your water game.

3. You Are Not Using The Right Skincare Items 

Are you on the right skincare journey? Plenty of women neglect their skincare, and most men don’t even try to step it up and give their skin what it truly needs. If you’re not too sure what to aim for, you should book yourself an appointment with a professional! In fact, you can ask a dermatologist to give you a specialized and personalized skincare routine. What are some of the most basic rules that you should follow and understand? 

A) If your skin is dry try to boost its hydration with hyaluronic acid and serums 

B) If your skin is dull you should aim for vitamin C and citrus-based products 

C) Women with oily skin will appreciate witch hazel as their everyday extract and essential 

D) If your skin is normal try to use aloe vera based products

4. You Don’t Remove Your Makeup At Night 

Do you remove your makeup fully every night before you hit the bed? Some women neglect and forget about this step, are you one of them as well? If so, try to remind yourself to take optimal care of your skin, and also use high-quality and nourishing skincare items before you fall asleep. Removing your makeup at night will help prevent any clogged pores, you will feel a lot more refreshed, and your skin will be free of any toxins or dirty makeup residue. Make sure to double cleanse as well, since this will help with severe dryness and your skin will sink in your applied skincare items with ease.

5. You Need A Facial

Last, but not least, you will appreciate a facial treatment! A lot of women often neglect this as their monthly must-do. However, with the right steamer, extraction methods, as well as nourishing creams, your skin will finally become glowy and dewy! You should remove any impurities and ask your dermatologist or skin care specialist for a customizable solution. By getting a facial at least once a month, you will prevent any dry patches, you will be one step closer to combating fine lines, as well as wrinkles. Luckily for you, you can book yourself a skincare treatment right here! At Dr.Glow Getter, every facial treatment is catered to your skin type and your needs, which means that every customer will end up with flawless skin in only a couple of sessions!

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