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Are you struggling with persistent and thick hair? Are you also struggling with coarse hair? A lot of women are constantly trying to find the best solution for themselves that is efficient and long-lasting. If you’re thinking about something that actually works, you should really consider the laser hair removal method. Make sure that you keep on reading since we have all of your answers down below, as well as detailed lists of pros and cons when it comes to laser hair removal.

Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

Top 6 PROS

1. The best solution for most skin types

Although this may not be a solution that can leave you with permanent results that go on forever, it is still the best treatment in terms of longevity & high quality. Laser hair removal is effective for light & dark skin tones, mature & young women, as well as any hair-length, thickness, or coarseness.

2. Great for any area

You can get it done anywhere on the body that you like/want or need. Both men & women can have their hair gone from their face, neck underarms, bikini, legs – you name it! It is vital to talk the process through with your aesthetician and to plan out your treatments & sessions accordingly beforehand.

3. Long-lasting results

If you’re trying to ditch razors & waxing + you want to try out something new that actually works and which is efficient, this is it! Also, it gives out the best results over your lips, chin, and underarm areas.

4. Not too painful

If you are someone who has super sensitive skin just know that this experience is bearable. The skin specialist will usually use a cooling system to numb the area + they will do a test run/trial to see how your skin reacts during your first treatment. You will feel a slight pinch, but nothing that is too uncomfortable.

5. Super precise & fast

Lasers can selectively target dark & coarse hairs that are too stubborn on their own. With each new pulse of the laser, you will end up with a dead hair follicle in less than a few minutes. However, the bigger the area – the more time it will take you to go through your whole body, which is why it is a good idea to have it planned & spaced out.

6. Good price point

Although it is a pricey treatment on its own and once you book it, you should know that it is still a lot more affordable in the long run. Think about the cost of regularly buying razors and waxing which can easily add on + they are also bad for the environment. Also, you don’t have to do the treatment too often, 4-5 times in one year could cut it for you!

Top 3 CONS

1. You have to be persistent

One downside is that you really have to be persistent in order for it to work. It will take multiple sessions to see real results and you generally have to wait 4-6 weeks in between treatments. If you skip out on 1-2 sessions, it can get tricky for you to maintain the results.

2. Burns or pigmentation issues

If the treatment is done by non-certified personnel, laser hair removal could leave burns or scars on your skin. It is always important & vital to find someone who specializes in these types of things. Pigmentation-wise, just know that there is a chance of increase or decreased pigmentation in the treated areas. This is why an SPF is highly recommended.

3. Watch out for your hormonal balance

Ingrown hairs can be quite tricky to take care of + they are a lot more stubborn in women and could make a difference with your procedure. Additional therapy may be required if you are dealing with some hormonal issues, which is why results can’t be guaranteed.

It Is Time To Look Your Best

Did you enjoy our article? Are you ready to enjoy smooth and flawless skin? With Dr. Glow Getter you can enjoy the best facials, lash treatments, as well as laser hair removal. Book your appointment from here or call us at (201) 252-7264 Let your skin breathe and prepare it for hot and steamy days, and enjoy your summer with smooth picture-perfect skin!

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Dealing with unwanted facial or body hair? You shouldn’t worry or overreact since you are not the only one. Women of different skin types, concerns, hair color, as well as age can struggle with thick, dense, and unwanted hair. If you are interested in switching to laser hair removal and you also want to know what are some perks & benefits of laser hair removal, keep on reading and find out all there is to it.

So, What Is Laser Hair Removal To Begin With?

Laser hair removal is a simple process for an experienced technician. It is a process that is done in sessions and can be fully customizable per region, hair thickness, density, as well as skin type. With the help of laser lights, your technician will remove the hair from its cuticle which will prevent it from growing back in the future. Hair grows in three different phases, which is why each new treatment is important and scheduled out based on your needs.

What Are Some Other Methods Of Hair Removal?

Aside from laser hair removal, shaving & waxing are the next two most common go-to options due to their practicality, as well as affordability. Although quite common & easy to do, these two methods are not as reliable as the laser treatment, which we will talk about more down below. There is also the:

Electrolysis – a permanent hair removal option (but it is considered to be painful, unlike the laser).

Depilatory creams -a quick & easy method for your at-home approach, but it tends to get quite messy and is not recommended for women who have sensitive skin.

Epilators – can remove most of your hairs,  but the process is time-consuming and irritating for most skin types.

So, Why Is Laser Hair Removal The Best Method? Top 7 Reasons

1. It is quick

If it’s a quick solution you’re searching for – this is the right treatment for you. This removal process is fast, convenient, as well as easy. In just 10-20 minutes you will get out of the salon and feel refreshed while having noticeable results.

2. Not painful whatsoever

If you are a sensitive gal or if your skin is prone to irritation just know that this treatment won’t harm you in any way. The feeling itself is a bit unusual (like being pinched on top of your skin). Girls who want to feel safe while getting flawless results will know that they are in safe hands.

3. Precise treatment

Precision is something that we all care about & gravitate to. If you need to remove some specific hairs (such as your mustache, nose, bikini, or eyebrows) you will easily get the precision that you crave. Your skilled technician will get rid of any baby hairs as well, and you will be left with clean, sharp, as well as precise results.

4. Great for any part of your body 

You don’t have to limit yourself to one region or one zone in particular. In fact, you can remove all of your unwanted hair – anywhere on your body! If you have bikini hair or back hair this treatment will come in handy since these regions tend to be super sensitive when getting waxed.

5. Stops the growth of ingrown hairs

Did you know that laser hair removal will stop and prevent any future hair growth? Your old-school methods such as shaving or waxing will not help with your unwanted hairs in the long run. It is vital to destroy the hair at the root and to prevent any new ingrown hairs for long-lasting results.

6. Long-term

Speaking of long-lasting and long-term, you will see flawless results after 5-8 sessions, but up to several months, or even years! Since this is a long-term solution it is cost-effective and ideal for those who wish to say bye to razor blades.

7. Done by a professional

Lastly, you will enjoy feeling pampered & well taken care of when at a salon. Professional estheticians know how to approach different skin types, which is why it is crucial to book someone that you trust. The process is done by skilled staff, which means that you are left with luminous, healthy, as well as hair-free skin.

Are You Ready For Smooth Skin?

In the end, are you ready to enjoy smooth skin? If you are ready to invest in yourself and you don’t mind the commitment, book a treatment right here and start enjoying the results as of today! Also you get in touch with us and one of our team will make sure you get the help you need and answer all of you questions

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