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Have you ever had a set of gorgeous lashes before? If so, you probably know how tricky it can be to maintain them, especially if you are not aware of some basic upkeep rules. Interested in getting them sometime soon, but you also wish to prolong their lifespan? Keep on reading, and figure out all there is to know when it comes to lash extensions.

Top 6 Tips For Lash Extensions And Their Maintenance

1. Do Not Wear Makeup

This tip is important for your initial appointment. You need to come barefaced and without any eye makeup if you want to end up with phenomenal results. Your face should be clean, moisturized, as well as free of any traces of mascara. Let the lash artist do their magic and trust their approach. Long-lasting lashes begin with your initial approach, as well as your proper preparation.

2. Do Not Get Them Wet

You should never get your lashes wet, especially after just getting them done. They are still fresh & brand new, which makes them prone to breakage. Do not wash your face, use any scrubs, and avoid deep exfoliation. You should also stay away from makeup application since your new lashes need to set and bond along with your natural ones.

3. Avoid High Heat, Sauna, As Well As The Gym

Any type of heat and steam can be damaging to your lashes. Try to stay indoors and rest, while also embracing that natural beauty! You should avoid saunas, high heat, as well as swimming at the pool or sweating at the gym. Most of these activities can cause your glue to become soft and weak, which can further lead to eyelash breakage or falling out from the root.

4. Use A Spoolie

An eyebrow spoolie or an eyelash spoolie is a handy little item that can do wonders for your eyelashes. You should comb them with this item every morning and night to untangle them, as well as get rid of any dirt, debris, or traces of makeup. Wiggle the wand and embrace the beauty of your lashes all over again! 

PS: Do not use lash oils or serums. Avoid the use of this product since it is liquid and can be damaging to your eyelashes.

5. Avoid The Use Of Cotton 

When removing your makeup at night you should know that it is vital to use makeup wipes, instead of cotton balls or cotton rounds. This item can be so tricky to use & get out of your lashes. The cotton balls will tangle deep into your extensions, and they can be impossible to get out. Do not use them or cotton q-tips since they are also impossible to wiggle out of, literally.

6. Get A Refill

Last but not least, you should book yourself an eyelash refill every couple of weeks. Usually, most lash artists and technicians recommend going for a 2-3 week refill. This is because regular refills will help with the maintenance and regular beauty of your lash extensions. They are often half the price point, and are quicker & easier to do since there is a lot less lash material being used in the process!

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, where do you stand when it comes to lash extensions? A lot of women love them, and if it is your first time getting them done, why not check out this service right here?! At Dr.Glow Getter, every woman will easily find her ideal go-to look, as well as preferred lash style. Choose from natural, short, wispy, or full Russian volume extensions, and enjoy their beauty for several weeks! Book online to secure your spot

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Thinking about getting a lash tint sometime soon? Not everyone is aware of this process and this beauty treatment, but it should be on your go-to list in the near future! A lash tint will make you feel feminine and cute-looking while transforming your face and making you look like you’re wearing makeup while actually investing the minimal effort. Women who wish to emphasize their eyes will enjoy getting their lashes lifted + they will enjoy the minimal makeup look! 

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

An eyelash tint is a process where a special type of color (dye) is applied on top of your natural eyelashes. The process is quick & easy, as well as perfect for any type of natural eyelashes. Once done, you are left with darker and naturally more feminine eyelashes. It is perfect for blonde women who wish to color their naturally lighter eyelashes as well. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t love to wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, yet wants something quick & easy, as well as affordable.

Is The Process Painful?

Every beauty treatment or process does have its pros and cons, as you probably know by now. This one, in particular, can be harmful only if you book a lash tech who doesn’t know how to give you proper results, or if you go for someone inexperienced. Remember that eyes are naturally sensitive and that you should nourish your eyelids and eyelashes with proper products. If you are someone who has sensitive eyes or sensitive skin, as well as if you are prone to allergies, heads up before you book your treatment, and make sure that you talk to your lash tech! However, it can’t be painful or uncomfortable in any way.

Is The Tint Safe?

Professionals will use proper dye that is safe on your eyelids and your eyelashes. Under no circumstances should they (or yourself) use actual and regular hair dye over your eyelashes. Some tints are even organic & fully natural, so stick to one that suits your preference and skin type the best.

What Is The Process Like?

The application will take 10 minutes to do. It is done while you lay down on a bed and keep your eyes shut while facing your aesthetician. This process is safe for lens wearers, as well as women who have thin and flat natural lashes. Just make sure that you remove your contacts beforehand, and also let your aesthetician know about your current skin complications or any vision/eye problems. 

They will apply dark brown or black dye all over your natural eyelashes. Each lash is coated in product individually that they will brush out with a brow spoolie so that it sticks better.

How Long Will The Results Last?

This treatment can last for 3-6 weeks. This will depend a lot on you and your everyday makeup routine. How often do you touch your face, how often do you wash your face, and are you a frequent makeup wearer? Make sure that you stay away from oil-based products since not using them will prolong the outcome and the beauty of your natural lashes, as well as their tint. Check out these products in case you would like them to last longer

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Who Should Do It?

If you are thinking about getting a lash tint, just go for it! Women who might appreciate it (or need it the most) are:

  • Women who have naturally lighter colored lashes
  • Women who prefer minimalistic makeup and don’t want to wear mascara
  • Women who want something durable & great for an upcoming holiday
  • Great for tropical getaways where you will not be wearing a lot of makeup
  • Perfect for teens who can’t wear a lot of makeup
  • Ideal treatment if you plan on pairing it up with a lash lift

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, are you ready to coat your lashes in a bit of color? Have you ever had your lashes lifted or tinted before? If not, have you ever had lash extensions before? Either way, it may be, this can be your perfect and simple baby go-to treatment for everyday wear. Luckily for you, you can book your session right here and let experts take care of your natural lashes!

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