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Are you someone who loves to look feminine and flawless when rocking your new set of lash extensions? A lot of women who prefer different beauty looks and innovative ideas will appreciate this trend. However, sometimes what you have to take into consideration is your eye sensitivity, as well as any possible allergic reactions. Keep on reading and understand how to keep your allergies under control, while also rocking some flawless lash extensions.

What Are Spring Allergies?

People who have had allergies all their lives will know that the Spring season is the worst due to its pollen production, and it can cause unwanted allergies overnight, literally. Tree pollen, as well as grass pollen, will start to show in February while continuing all the way till May. If your immune system fails to produce the needed antibodies, you will show visible signs of a poor allergic reaction, such as sneezing and coughing/crying or having irritated eyelids.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms When It Comes To Spring Allergies?

Most people will have and experience:

  • Clogged sinus
  • Watery nose
  • Constant coughs and or sneezes
  • Irritated eyelids
  • Watery eyelids or even crying 

What Happens When You Have An Allergic Reaction While Having Lash Extensions On?

Having lash extensions and experiencing an allergic reaction is a bad combo. This is because you might end up shortening the lifespan of your lash extensions. Allergies & allergy season will make your eyes red & inflamed, and your eyelashes may come off sooner than you’d want them to. This is why you need to focus on calming your eyelids and approaching the allergy with the right medication, tools, as well as creams/oils.

PS: You should get your lash extensions only after dealing and beginning the treatment if you want to prolong their lifespan.

How To Prepare & Approach Your Allergy

You should drink your medication around two weeks before you typically start to feel your allergy symptoms. You can also purchase over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays. These are not too pricey and are easily accessible as well as available in most drugstores or pharmacies, yet they will make a huge difference with your allergies. Also, consider the following:

1. Clean beforehand

You should clean out your closet and remove any dirt, debris, or dust. Clean & wash everything while wearing a mask that will reduce your inhalation of potential allergens. This also applies to your furniture, windows, as well as your fabrics/curtains.

2. Close your windows and avoid pollen

You should keep the pollen out of your home and keep your house protected by closing the windows and avoiding any direct sunlight, as well as pollen. Rather turn on your AC and avoid any possible complications day and night. Practice this approach and this step all the way till summer.

3. Avoid mold

Did you know that mold can often occur in basements and your kitchen? The area that is not as dry can create unwanted humidity which is bad for pollen production and its accumulation, as well as your lash extensions. Wet & humid areas will cause your lash extensions to prematurely fall out, which is why dry & airy rooms are the best go-to.

4. Maintain Your Lash Extensions The Right Way

After getting your lash extensions done, make sure you follow your technician advice and tips on how to maintain them to last longer, You can check out our guide on how to keep your eyelash extensions amazing and maintain them the correct way

Can You Still Wear Lash Extensions?

In the end, just know that you can still wear & get a set of lash extensions. However, knowing how to approach them if you are prone to allergies is crucial. Simply apply these tips, take your medication, and act responsibly before you book your treatment. Once you’re ready to commit make sure that you book your session here and enjoy the work of art of our specialized and master lash artists.

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Have you ever had a set of gorgeous lashes before? If so, you probably know how tricky it can be to maintain them, especially if you are not aware of some basic upkeep rules. Interested in getting them sometime soon, but you also wish to prolong their lifespan? Keep on reading, and figure out all there is to know when it comes to lash extensions.

Top 6 Tips For Lash Extensions And Their Maintenance

1. Do Not Wear Makeup

This tip is important for your initial appointment. You need to come barefaced and without any eye makeup if you want to end up with phenomenal results. Your face should be clean, moisturized, as well as free of any traces of mascara. Let the lash artist do their magic and trust their approach. Long-lasting lashes begin with your initial approach, as well as your proper preparation.

2. Do Not Get Them Wet

You should never get your lashes wet, especially after just getting them done. They are still fresh & brand new, which makes them prone to breakage. Do not wash your face, use any scrubs, and avoid deep exfoliation. You should also stay away from makeup application since your new lashes need to set and bond along with your natural ones.

3. Avoid High Heat, Sauna, As Well As The Gym

Any type of heat and steam can be damaging to your lashes. Try to stay indoors and rest, while also embracing that natural beauty! You should avoid saunas, high heat, as well as swimming at the pool or sweating at the gym. Most of these activities can cause your glue to become soft and weak, which can further lead to eyelash breakage or falling out from the root.

4. Use A Spoolie

An eyebrow spoolie or an eyelash spoolie is a handy little item that can do wonders for your eyelashes. You should comb them with this item every morning and night to untangle them, as well as get rid of any dirt, debris, or traces of makeup. Wiggle the wand and embrace the beauty of your lashes all over again! 

PS: Do not use lash oils or serums. Avoid the use of this product since it is liquid and can be damaging to your eyelashes.

5. Avoid The Use Of Cotton 

When removing your makeup at night you should know that it is vital to use makeup wipes, instead of cotton balls or cotton rounds. This item can be so tricky to use & get out of your lashes. The cotton balls will tangle deep into your extensions, and they can be impossible to get out. Do not use them or cotton q-tips since they are also impossible to wiggle out of, literally.

6. Get A Refill

Last but not least, you should book yourself an eyelash refill every couple of weeks. Usually, most lash artists and technicians recommend going for a 2-3 week refill. This is because regular refills will help with the maintenance and regular beauty of your lash extensions. They are often half the price point, and are quicker & easier to do since there is a lot less lash material being used in the process!

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, where do you stand when it comes to lash extensions? A lot of women love them, and if it is your first time getting them done, why not check out this service right here?! At Dr.Glow Getter, every woman will easily find her ideal go-to look, as well as preferred lash style. Choose from natural, short, wispy, or full Russian volume extensions, and enjoy their beauty for several weeks! Book online to secure your spot

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Are you a fan of lashes? Or maybe lash extensions? Women love to emphasize them in different ways and through different makeup looks, as well as eyelash treatments. Keep on reading and figure out some new and fun facts about lashes that you probably didn’t know of. 

Top 11 Facts About Eyelashes 

1. They Grow In Stages 

Our lashes will grow in three stages, also known as anagen, catagen, as well as telogen. Anagen is the active growth stage that happens during 2-3 weeks. Catagen is a transitional stage where the follicle closes off. Telogen is a resting stage where your lashes stop growing and they’ve reached their full potential.

2. They Will Fall Out On A Daily 

Each eyelash will grow in its own ideal cycle, and you will never be lash-less as time goes on. Most people will lose five lashes in a day. Once it falls out it will take 6-8 weeks for your new lash to grow in, so you have to be patient! All you can do is using a lash serum to speed up this process while taking good care of them

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3. All Mammals Have Eyelashes 

Did you know that mammals are the only ones who have lashes? Plenty of animals can have thick and full lashes, such as giraffes, horses, as well as cows. You can enjoy their beauty and feel lucky if they are naturally wispy.

4. They Are Used For Protection 

Their main purpose is to protect your eyes from external factors. Your lashes will protect you from dust, rain, as well as dirt. The more you blink and the longer your lashes are, the less the chance of you getting something into your eye. They will also help with your overall sight and vision.

5. They Are Made Of Two Things 

Did you know that they are made with water (3% only) and 97% of keratin? Keratin is a natural protein that is common for hair, nails, as well as skin. The better the diet (which is protein-based) the prettier and stronger your lashes will appear and look.

6.  They’ve Been Loved In Ancient Egypt As Well 

Back in 4000 B.C. people in ancient Egypt would use kohl to darken their eyelashes. The first-ever non-toxic mascara was invented in the 19th century. A mixture of coal and vaseline will do you wonders as well, and women loved to combine these ingredients ages back.

7. You Have Tiny Mites 

Only around 0.2 millimeters long, these are found over our lashes and eyebrows. Called Demodex they are used to remove dirt as well as debris which will help you from infestation.

8. They Will Change As You Get Older 

Your hair will change as you age. Your natural lashes will look different when you’re in your 30s or 60s. You can speed their growth and boost their thickness with high-quality oils and serums.

9. They Are Thick On The Top 

You will see that they are long and thick around the top. There are also 200-300 lashes on one eyelid. You will also see that your middle portion is a lot stronger and more durable than the rest.

10. They Can Get Damaged 

You can easily damage them if you abuse them too much. Do not use lash curlers or mascara too often. Let your lashes rest, breathe, as well as nourish on their own. Embrace the growth cycle. Take care of them by keeping them clean every day

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Did you know you can pull them out of the root? Never break them in half and let them regenerate on their own. Always use light pressure and press up and down to get the curl.

11. They Like Food

Get the needed food and nutrients to speed up their growth. You should eat salmon, fruits, vegetables, as well as some vitamins that will help with the formation of your collagen.

Ready To Enjoy New And Flawless Lashes?

Are you ready to look your best and look amazing with your natural and wispy lashes? If some of these tips and tricks do not work out for you, you can always get a set of flawless lash extensions! Book yourself a lash session right here and enjoy a feminine curl that is fully customized per your eye shape, your headed event, as well as your preference!

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