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Do you remember ever seeing a bride without long, wispy, and dramatic lashes? Probably not. The truth is that women love to do their lashes. Some opt for mascara, others go for glue-ons, and some stick to falsies. If you’re a bride-to-be you may be wondering if you should go for eyelash extensions or glue-on eyelashes for your wedding. If you’re not too sure of your options and if you’re wondering what to go for keep on reading and discover the pros and cons of both looks.

Why Go For Glue-On Lashes?

If you want to experiment with different lash outcomes the truth is that glue-ons are a safer option. A lot of women can purchase 5-10 different pairs till they find their ”the one”. The truth is that you can always do your own makeup when working with glue-ons. 

Here Are The Pros to Them:

1. Versatile looks – you can try out a short, long, wispy, or voluminous lash. Experiment with a lot of looks till you find the prettiest kind.

2. Affordable – glue-ons vary in price and they can range anywhere from $5-$50. You can find something for everyone’s budget.

3. Two routes to take – you can always DIY your own makeup and apply these lashes with ease and on top. You can also book a makeup artist who can do this for you. If you’re feeling confident, why not DIY your look?

4. They look great in pictures and during daylight – you can look good and feel good when taking pictures. You can customize them and go for either a dramatic or a subtle outcome, both of which will show in the picture.

Cons of Wearing Glue-on Lashes:

1. They can unglue – the sad part is that your lashes might move during your big day. Some glues aren’t as durable, trustworthy, or high-quality, so heads up.

2. Not cry or water-resistant – you can’t shed a tear since they’re going to move and your mascara will possibly smudge. Make sure that you are well-equipped in case this starts to happen.

Why Go For Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are always a safe bet, while most women tend to do them for their everyday activities since they tend to speed up a routine. If you want to invest in your lash look and you’re on the lookout for something durable and long-lasting, here’s why you might love them.

Here are the pros:

1. High-quality & durable – once placed down and set with lash glue, your extensions won’t move an inch for the following 7-10 day period! You will love their durability, no matter the event.

2. You can wear them for the Honeymoon – most lash extensions have a lifespan of 7-14 days! This means that getting them just before your wedding will allow you to show them off for the Honeymoon itself. Once you’re back you can get a refill and rock them for another month or two.

3. Water & cry-proof – you can safely shed a tear and be sure that your lashes will not smudge, fall out, smear, or move! This makes them perfect for romantic and sensitive brides.

4. Customizable – with the right lash tech & approach, you can end up with voluminous, wispy, short, or long lashes. Your lash artist will leave you feeling like the prettiest girl for your big day.

Cons of wearing lash extensions:

1. You can’t do them on your own – the truth is that it would take some time, patience, skill & practice. If you don’t have the right tools or knowledge, leave it to professionals. 

Our top pick for brides: lash extensions

If you’re ready to look your best and you want to give it a go with some cool, cute, and stunning lashes make sure to check out Dr. Glow Getter in Edgewater, NJ. Every girl will look like a true diva for her big day!

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