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Vitamin C can be beneficial for your body, hair & skin health. It can also do wonders when you are trying to get over bad flu. However, some studies and plenty of dermatologists say that the use of this vitamin can boost your blood flow while giving you a glowy complexion, and a hydrated outcome! Do you love experimenting with different skincare items, and you are a fan of facials? If so, here’s why we believe that you should go for the vitamin C facial treatment, and how it can do wonders on almost any skin type!

Perks Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the main ingredient of collagen. As you probably know it by now, collagen is the most important compound when it comes to your skin’s health, glow, as well as natural radiance and shine. As we age, we tend to lose collagen, and our body produces way less of it. In fact, once we reach the age of 20, we will lose 1% collagen in each of the upcoming years! This is why it is essential to restore it either topically or orally. We recommend combining both of these methods for ultimate results! A heavy and significant amount of collagen can also help with wrinkles, fine lines, as well as any unwanted lumps and bumps on your skin.

Benefits Of Vitamin C For Your Face

By doing facial treatments that are rich in vitamin C you can get amazing skin. Also, vitamin C (when taken orally) can strengthen your immune system and will help with the absorption of calcium and iron. Our body will ingest and crave vitamin C while processing it the same way it does process water. If you intake foods that are rich in vitamin C and combine them along with your cream products, you will have better, more permanent, as well as more noticeable results! Some foods that you can eat to enjoy a prettier and shinier complexion are:

  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Mango
  • Tangerine
  • Apple
  • Broccoli
  • Tomato
  • Cabbages

All of these on a daily basis with the combination of the right skincare products will bring you phenomenal results!

Why You Should Get A Vitamin C Facial Treatment?

If you are unsure about the perks of a vitamin C enriched facial, here is why most women love getting it:

  • It is filled with antioxidants that can help with protection from free radicals as well as the sun exposure
  • It reduces lines and gives your face more elasticity
  • It helps minimize the redness of the face
  • It slows down and prevents aging (perfect for mature skin types)
  • Great for dry skin and can give you a glowy outcome
  • Amazing at boosting your collagen production
  • Helps with acne scars
  • Helps with a dull complexion

Is Vitamin C Treatment Safe For Anyone?

Vitamin C skincare facial is safe to do for any age group, and it is mostly targeted towards women who are in their 30s or 40s. However, vitamin C treatment is not recommended for women who have allergies (or those who get irritated easily), as well as those who have sensitive skin. In this case, a skincare specialist will do a small patch test to see how your skin reacts. If everything goes well, you can enjoy the treatment.

What Is The Facial Like?

The treatment is customized per your skin type and your age. A skincare specialist will work on your skin for 30 minutes (approximately). The vitamin C solution is applied on top of the skin and the masque is absorbed with a firm and circular hand movements. The massage helps with the relaxation of your skin and muscles, while also lowering cortisol, which is linked with stress. The results of the facial will be visible in the following day, and everyone can and should redo it every 2-3 months to maintain their results! Vitamin C should be a part of your everyday routine, no matter your age, or skin type. 

Ready For Your Appointment?

At Dr.Glow Getter, we believe that every woman can & should experience this highly effective treatment. You can learn more about this treatment, or simply book your consultation if you are ready.

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