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Pamper yourself, always! It is crucial to take care of your skin, but most women should understand that your perfect beauty routine starts with your maintenance, as well as regular upkeep. If you’re struggling with some minor imperfections, acne, or wrinkles, it is crucial to invest in your skincare items and take care of them beforehand and at the right moment. You should pamper yourself every week, or at least once a month. Here are just some ways and ideas on how you can do it. 

Top 5 Important Steps 

1. Clean Your Skin 

Clean your skin morning and night, and remove any kind of imperfections! Most women make a mistake when it comes to their night time routine. In fact, every woman has slept with her face makeup at one point in her life. We all tend to make this mistake, but it is important not to get used to this as your everyday ritual. Make sure that you remove your makeup thoroughly, invest in your skincare items, as well as ingredients, and you will love your outcome! Use circular motions when removing your makeup, and also use a proper facial cleanser morning and night. 

2. Enjoy A Beverage 

This one might sound a bit weird, but it is important to fully relax every once in a while. This rule applies to your face, body, mind, and skin! Jump into a hot bubble bath, play some relaxing music, and pour yourself a glass of wine. You should also do a face scrub, or at least a face mask to get the full pleasure and an amazing outcome!

Pour yourself a glass, shut down from the world, and enjoy a moment of silence, and enjoy your own company! You could even read a book or watch a movie. This is how the ultimate pamper day should look like. follow us on Instagram to get inspired more

3. Book Yourself A Massage 

Another way to fully relax and enjoy your pampering moments is with a massage! Book yourself a therapist and a relaxing 60-minute massage which will fully help you relax all of your senses, and your body. If you work out a lot and you’re under a lot of stress or pressure, you can also book yourself a deep tissue massage. It will help with any kind of tension or unwanted cramps, as well as with sore muscles. Make sure to get a high-quality massage at least four times a year, you deserve it!

4. Let A Professional Take Care Of Your Skin 

One more important and key step is to get smooth skin with a professional who knows how to do extractions. Every esthetician will know how to take care of your skin. They will also give you a smooth base that will be able to hold makeup for hours! Your face won’t get clogged, your pores will be able to breathe, and your overall complexion will look a lot more glowy. You will also experience baby smooth skin.

A professional skincare treatment should be done every 2-4 months (depends a lot on your skin type, age, as well as concern). Every facial treatment will be catered to your skin type and your needs. Also, you will enjoy it since it only takes 30-60 minutes to achieve that perfect and smooth complexion!

5. Take Care Of Your Lashes As Well Ready To Look Your Best?

Last, but not least, you can also book yourself a lash treatment. With a set of lash extensions, every woman will feel invincible! She will enjoy that feminine curl, as well as an amazing lifespan that lashes offer. Lash extensions are great for any age group, as well as any event. You will love them if you’re off somewhere formal, and especially if you wish to look well-put and attractive for your office. They are low-maintenance and can be fully customizable per your eye shape. 

If you are into something more comfortable or wearable for every day, you can go for a lash lift. This will give your current natural lashes an amazing volume, without looking like something extra, and will prepare you for everyday tasks! All you have to do is apply mascara and you’ll be good to go!

Ready To Glam Up?

Ready to look your best? Make sure to invest a bit of time and care when it comes to your beauty routine. Some treatments such as lash extensions and facial treatments can be achieved right here at Dr.Glow Getter! You can book your preferred treatment, or you can ask a team of experts to fully customize it per your preference and your skin type!

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The season of surprises and gifts is here, along with the season of spoiling your loved ones! During Christmas as well as New Years’, a lot of men and women love to receive presents or meaningful gifts from people they love. On the other hand, some people love to shop for their friends and family. If you’re struggling with what to give to your closest ones this time of the year, keep on reading! We have loads of different ideas that will suit everyone, and that will make everyone happy.

Top 5 Creative And Innovative Surprise Ideas For Your Loved Ones 

1. Think About Giving Them Fabulous Lashes 

You can get a set of fabulous lash extensions, or you can book a lash treatment for someone who really loves them. If someone you know is lacking that feminine and luscious curl, book them a treatment for lash extensions! You can also book a lash lift if your mom, sister, or friend prefers that low maintenance and simplistic makeup look a bit more. Lash extensions are a bit more extravagant after all. Both treatments are super affordable yet they can last for 3+ weeks! The best part? It takes you only 40-60 minutes to get these treatments done, and they are not too pricey, yet will give every woman a boost of confidence.

2. Book Them A Massage 

A lot of people love to get massages. Are you one of them as well? If so, you could book yourself and your loved one a group massage. You two will enjoy 60 minutes in peace and quiet for ultimate joy. Make sure to pamper yourself since massages are good for your circulation, but also for your soul. You will feel a lot better, refreshed, as well as regenerated after a 60-minute session. Both men and women need it equally, which is great since you can bring anyone with you! They are not too pricey either.

3. You Can Buy Them An Advent Calendar 

A lot of women prefer advent calendars, especially for the holidays. You can get them an advent calendar for both New Years’ and Christmas! They will feel loved and spoiled since they get to open up different gifts each day. These products and items are usually super small and come in mini sizes, which means that they will browse through different presents for a shorter period. Also, these are great since they will explore and play with new items + they might get used to something fun and new, who knows, you might change their beauty and everyday makeup routine!

4. Spoil Them With A Perfume 

Both men and women will appreciate a high end and luxurious perfume. You can gift a 100mL bottle to your mom, dad, grandparents, your aunt – you name it! They will think of you whenever they spritz it onto their skin or wrist, which is super sentimental and practical at the same time. Get them a signature scent, and go for something that truly reminds you of them, their character, as well as their personality. Wrap it up in a lovely paper and you will spoil them just like that!

5. Get Them A Coupon Or A Gift Card

Last, but not least, why not give them a coupon or a gift card that they can use however and whenever they feel like? A coupon or a gift card can range from $50 to-300. You can give them this as a Christmas or New Years’ present since this way they can customize their own treatment and get something done that they truly need. Nowadays these gift cards are also electronic, which makes them even more practical as well as convenient to give out. If you want to surprise someone you love with it, yet they live far away, simply go for an e-card and email them details!

Ready To Spoil Your Loved Ones?

Which of these top five ideas seems the most practical, convenient, as well as fun to do? Luckily for you, we do different kinds of treatments + we also have gift cards that you can give out! Also, you get to save 10% of your money when you pay with your gift card, so how awesome is that?! Check it out at Dr.Glow Getter right here!

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