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Have you ever had a set of gorgeous lashes before? If so, you probably know how tricky it can be to maintain them, especially if you are not aware of some basic upkeep rules. Interested in getting them sometime soon, but you also wish to prolong their lifespan? Keep on reading, and figure out all there is to know when it comes to lash extensions.

Top 6 Tips For Lash Extensions And Their Maintenance

1. Do Not Wear Makeup

This tip is important for your initial appointment. You need to come barefaced and without any eye makeup if you want to end up with phenomenal results. Your face should be clean, moisturized, as well as free of any traces of mascara. Let the lash artist do their magic and trust their approach. Long-lasting lashes begin with your initial approach, as well as your proper preparation.

2. Do Not Get Them Wet

You should never get your lashes wet, especially after just getting them done. They are still fresh & brand new, which makes them prone to breakage. Do not wash your face, use any scrubs, and avoid deep exfoliation. You should also stay away from makeup application since your new lashes need to set and bond along with your natural ones.

3. Avoid High Heat, Sauna, As Well As The Gym

Any type of heat and steam can be damaging to your lashes. Try to stay indoors and rest, while also embracing that natural beauty! You should avoid saunas, high heat, as well as swimming at the pool or sweating at the gym. Most of these activities can cause your glue to become soft and weak, which can further lead to eyelash breakage or falling out from the root.

4. Use A Spoolie

An eyebrow spoolie or an eyelash spoolie is a handy little item that can do wonders for your eyelashes. You should comb them with this item every morning and night to untangle them, as well as get rid of any dirt, debris, or traces of makeup. Wiggle the wand and embrace the beauty of your lashes all over again! 

PS: Do not use lash oils or serums. Avoid the use of this product since it is liquid and can be damaging to your eyelashes.

5. Avoid The Use Of Cotton 

When removing your makeup at night you should know that it is vital to use makeup wipes, instead of cotton balls or cotton rounds. This item can be so tricky to use & get out of your lashes. The cotton balls will tangle deep into your extensions, and they can be impossible to get out. Do not use them or cotton q-tips since they are also impossible to wiggle out of, literally.

6. Get A Refill

Last but not least, you should book yourself an eyelash refill every couple of weeks. Usually, most lash artists and technicians recommend going for a 2-3 week refill. This is because regular refills will help with the maintenance and regular beauty of your lash extensions. They are often half the price point, and are quicker & easier to do since there is a lot less lash material being used in the process!

Ready To Look Your Best?

So, where do you stand when it comes to lash extensions? A lot of women love them, and if it is your first time getting them done, why not check out this service right here?! At Dr.Glow Getter, every woman will easily find her ideal go-to look, as well as preferred lash style. Choose from natural, short, wispy, or full Russian volume extensions, and enjoy their beauty for several weeks! Book online to secure your spot

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Dealing with naturally straight lashes? Just know that you are not the only one! A lot of women struggle with flat, uneven, sparse, as well as straight lashes. This is quite common among women who wear a lot of makeup, as well as those who apply glue-on lashes on a daily. Want to know what are some ways that can fix and help with this situation? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about proper and perfect lashes! 

Top 6 Ways To Fix Your Straight Lashes 

1. Use A Lash Boosting Serum 

A lash boosting serum will help with the growth of your lashes. Regular use will speed up the process and will help you maintain your lashes healthy and strong. Usually, these treatments are used morning and night right on top of your natural lashes and along your lash line. Let it fully sink in before you use your mascara. Once the serum dries down, it will leave your hairs looking shiny and healthy, as well as prepped for faster growth.

2. Nourish With Oils 

Aside from lash boosting serums you can also go for some lash oils. Did you know that your lashes have their natural shedding cycle? The more you nourish them and apply proper products, the better they will grow! Go for something that absorbs quickly and that is effective on your upper and lower lashes. You can use a q-tip to apply the product evenly and sparingly.

3. Use A Lash Curler

This one might seem quite obvious, but some women forget about this little handy and practical makeup item and accessory. You should use it every time before you apply your mascara. Let it fully grab and grasp onto your natural lashes and squeeze 2-3 times so that it fully lifts them up. With that, your lashes will look a lot more lifted and they will also look voluminous, no matter how straight or flat! After that, you should apply two coats of your favorite mascara. 

4. Think About Getting Lash Extensions 

You should also consider getting a set of flawless and voluminous lash extensions. They are so beautiful and will suit every woman, no matter her face shape, lash count, or natural eyelash volume! You should get this treatment done if you have something formal going on. A lot of women prefer lash extensions for their office since they are so low maintenance and perfect for everyday wear! You will enjoy getting them done since they take only 45 minutes to apply, yet they can easily last you for 2 weeks!

5. Waterproof Mascara Is The Right Solution 

Are you a fan of waterproof mascara? If not, would you be willing to give it a try? Waterproof mascara is an amazing choice for women who want to achieve that amazing curl and also end up with loads of pigment in a matter of minutes! Wearing this makeup item will help you with achieving that flawless lift + your lashes won’t smudge even when exposed to high heat or even sweat! Use three coats and thank us later! Just make sure that you avoid any oil-based products. These are not the best choice for women who have lash extensions.

6. You Can Also Get A Lash Lift 

Last, but not least, you should give a lash lift of a go! It is a lot simpler than a set of lash extensions and is the perfect solution for women who want something easy to wear, as well as feminine and natural for everyday activities. A lash lift is done on top of your natural lashes. The process takes 30 minutes to do. Once done, you will have lifted natural lashes, and you will easily say bye-bye to falsies or glue on lashes. The curl is recognizable, with a lash curler or without it.

Ready For Your Perfect And Curled Lashes?

So, are you ready to experience some of the prettiest and most lifted lashes? These six steps will truly help every woman, and you will end up with amazing results in the shortest time possible! If you want immediate results we highly recommend that you book yourself a lash treatment right here, and end up with the prettiest curl in less than 60 minutes!

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You can rock and wear different kinds of lashes for different events and opportunities. However, which one is your absolute favorite for day-to-day wear? If you are not too sure what are the different kinds of lashes that you can rock, keep on reading, and find your ultimate winner down below!

1. Glue-on Lashes

Glue-on eyelashes are the easiest lashes to wear, and the most affordable lashes when compared to other solutions. These are feminine, easy to apply, as well as great for everyday wear and for women who need something quick and easy to put on.

Glue-on lashes will suit you if you like to switch up your looks quite often, and if you are indecisive when it comes to wearing makeup + you love to DIY some solutions. 

How Is This Treatment Done?

You should apply glue-on eyelashes every day on top of your eyelid with a pair of tweezers and with a long-lasting glue. Your lashes will stay on for the entire day (around 8 hours). After you are done using them and wearing them simply unglue them from your lids and place them back into their box.

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

Usually, glue-on lashes are worn by younger women, as well as teens who love to follow different makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. You will also like these lashes if you are someone who has to switch up their eye makeup on a daily basis + you have a lot of time to spare when doing your looks.

2. Lash extensions

Lash extensions are a fabulous lash treatment that you will love if you are always in a rush + you’re doing errands. Lash extensions look natural once applied the right way. A certified esthetician will apply them and you will enjoy them if you are off on a vacation, or if you need something durable and long-lasting.

Lash extensions are wind-proof, water-resistant, as well as sweat-resistant. They are the best solution for workaholic women, as well as those who want lashes that can stay on for 3 weeks straight and up!

How Is This Treatment Done?

Lash extensions are applied by a certified master lash esthetician and at a salon. The whole process takes around 60 minutes to do, but this can vary and depend on your preferred volume. Your lashes are applied one by one, and once set in place they can stay on for 2-3 weeks. Your eyes will be closed during the process, and you will be able to show off your new and flawless lashes as you walk out of the salon. No reason to apply mascara either!

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

Lash extensions will look the best on mature women, as well as workaholic women who need something durable and practical for everyday wear. If you are off to your honeymoon, summer getaway, or something similar; get lash extensions. 

3. Lifted lashes

A lash lift is a common lash treatment among women who already have a lot of material to work with, but their lashes are naturally flat and non-voluminous. 

Are you someone who loves that natural and seamless look? If so, you will enjoy a lash lift the most when compared to other lash treatments. It is also a seamless way to make a subtle change with your appearance without spending loads of money or time at a salon.

How Is This Treatment Done?

You will book yourself a lash treatment at a salon. Once you arrive one of the staff members will apply a substance over your natural eyelashes. This substance will lift your natural lashes in the following 20-30 minute period. You will end up with lifted and more appealing lashes that you will love for everyday wear. You can also freely apply mascara on top of them to emphasize their beauty.

Who Should Get These Lashes? 

These lashes will look amazing on women who already have long yet flat natural lashes. You can get a lash lift no matter your age, profession, or headed event. Just make sure that you have enough material to work with since short, stubborn, flat, as well as non-voluminous lashes, may have a hard time noticing a drastic difference when it comes to this treatment. 

Ready to have the most flawless lashes?

Are you ready to experience flawless, feminine, as well as beautiful lashes? Which one of these top three lash trends is your favorite? You can book your treatment right here and enjoy different kinds of lash extensions or lifted lashes with Dr.Glow Getter!

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A lash lift is a treatment that women who are into natural looks love to get. If you dislike lash extensions (or maybe you are allergic to them) and you don’t wear false lashes – give yourself a lash lift. It will last you for several weeks, and will still leave you with a beautiful low-maintenance outcome. Here are the top 6 facts that you should know about a lash lift.

1. What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is exactly what it sounds like – a lifting solution of your natural lashes. It is like a perm that people used to love back in the ’80s. The process curls up your natural lashes starting at the base and it elongates them to their full potential. As you can see, it is a lot different than compared to lash extensions:

Lash extensions are perfect for women who are into dramatic, longer, as well as bolder lashes. A lash lift will suit any lady who wears minimal makeup, and who fancies a quick & easy makeup solution for everyday wear.

2. What Is The Process Like?

Once you come to the salon, a lash expert will ask you about your preferred outcome. The therapist will clean your eyes and will place a silicone rod onto your eyelids. They will curl your lashes by using a substance which curls them at the root. They will also use a lifting solution that will set your lashes in place as they are being lifted. The whole process takes only 40-60 minutes to do. You can customize your result and talk about the process with your esthetician. The only important thing that you should do, before coming to the salon, is come in barefaced. If you wear no makeup, your esthetician will give you results that you crave and want with ease.

3. Who Can Get A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is for every woman that needs and craves volume. However, your natural lashes should be, at least, 4 mm long in order to get this service. Usually, a lash lift is perfect for the following group of people:

  • Women with stubborn straight lashes
  • Women with naturally shorter lashes
  • Women who love their lashes, but would only want a bit of pop
  • Women who have naturally lighter and sparse lashes
  • Anyone who likes minimalistic makeup looks

4. How To Take Care Of Them

Once you get your lashes lifted, you will have them on for 4-6 weeks! They will stay curled up and will appear soft & natural along the way. You can boost them furthermore by adding 2-3 coats of mascara. However, it is crucial not to apply any makeup on top of your lashes during the first 48 hours after the treatment. Also, stay away from water. The better you take care of them during these crucial 48 hours, the prettier they will look in the long-run!

5. Pros Of Getting A Lash Lift

The treatment itself is not painful! Women who dislike pain or who prefer treatments that are safe for everyone will love a lash lift. Once you get your lashes lifted, you will be left with:

  • A low-maintenance beauty addition – when taking care of your lashes, all you will have to do is wash them with your regular face wash (just make sure it is mild). Some estheticians recommend conditioning your lash with coconut oil for that additional shine & sparkle.
  • Quick & easy looks – you will be out the house way faster than you’re used to. Your appearance will change, no matter if you apply or skip on using mascara.
  • For everyone – as long as you are not allergic to the perming solution, you are the ideal candidate for a lash lift!

6. Are They For You?

In the end, this depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. Some women like dramatic lashes, as well as switching up their looks on a daily basis. If you are one of them, you should settle for glue-on lashes or falsies. If you like dramatic lashes that stay on for 3-4 weeks, a set of lash extensions will suit you. In the end, if you are very low-maintenance and you want to emphasize the beauty of your natural lashes, settle for a lash lift! This treatment can be done by any lady, no matter her skin type, age or the lash count.

Time To Lift!

In the upcoming period, play around with your lashes, and give them the optimal boost! If you want to curl them up and enjoy a flawless outcome for 4-6 weeks, click here! You will love this service, we guarantee you.

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Your lash extensions will sometimes shed more and sometimes less. This often depends on the activities that you are doing, as well as the humidity of your surroundings. *The higher the heat, the faster the lash glue will melt.* 

However, the way you take care of your lash extensions is the most important part. This especially applies to the initial 48 hours after just getting them done. This time period will allow you to either make or break the deal (literally) when it comes to your lashes. Here are the top 7 rules that you should be aware of: 

1. Your Lash Extension Can’t Stand Oils

 Are you someone who naturally has oily skin? If so, you will have to take proper care of your extensions, and you may need to switch up your skincare routine. This means using products that are mattifying, as well as cleansers that contain minimum to no oils! Lashes are prone to falling out once they come in contact with oily products, as well as alcohol-based products. This is why you should wisely choose your makeup-remover, such as the Neutrogena’s Gentle Oil Makeup Remover

shop Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover on AmazonOil-Free Eye Makeup RemoverShop on Amazon

2. Your Lash Extensions Dislike Heat 

High heat is pretty damaging to your skin; therefore, it does make sense that it can be damaging to your lashes (both natural and lash extensions). Stay away from saunas, hair salons, and don’t use tools that can heat up pretty quickly during the first 48 hours. This means stay away from a hair straightener, as well as a blowdryer. Allow your glue to bond along with your lashes, and don’t expose your extensions to any lash curlers, mascaras, or similar lash items! The less force you use – the better lashes you will have.

3. Stay Sweat-Free 

Believe it or not, sweating and overproducing oils can affect your lash count. If you end up sweating, you can move or cause your lashes to fall out. This is why it is essential to stay away from the gym or any workouts during the first 24-48 hours. A sweaty and steamy environment will definitely rip out a lash or two, so be careful and well-aware of this fact.

4. Don’t Cry

This advice may seem a bit funny or unusual, but it is still as important as any other! Shedding a tear or two will actually cause you to shed your lashes! Keep your lash extensions away from tears, water, as well as heavy rain and snow. They are very fragile and bendable during the first 48 hours, and should not come in contact with water. This means that you shouldn’t apply any makeup on top of your skin, and you shouldn’t wash your face either!

5. Use A Lash Cleanser

This is vital since your lash extensions can get dirty, just as your natural lashes do, or your glue-on lashes do. Invest in a lash cleanser that will remove any mascara residue, small gunk, as well as any other makeup build-up. You can also use a small Q-tip and run it through your extensions. This will help with any tiny residue or fallout. Make sure you wash your lashes with lukewarm water each night: but don’t rub your face. Always make tapping and pressing motions. It creates less friction, and it won’t cause your lashes to shed.

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6. Make Sure You Clean Your Eyes

This step is vital and crucial to do moments before your appointment! You will need to come barefaced and with clean, hydrated skin. This will allow your lash esthetician to place lash extensions one by one properly. You are also lowering the risk of any infections if you come well-prepped for the treatment. But also, clean your eyes each morning and night. It is a must due to hygiene reasons, and it is good for the longevity of your lash extensions.

7. Trust Your Lash Tech

Lastly, make sure you are always in good hands. If your lash esthetician is not experienced enough, you could still end up with a wonky outcome. Their glue should be of a high-quality, and you should trust their expertise and their skilled hands. If they mess up the application, you could lose all of your lashes in less than a week! This is why you should book your appointment with us at Dr. Glow Getter! Our highly skilled and professional team will give you the lashes of your dreams! See many different styles and options right here, right now.

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Have you booked yourself a facial on the same day when you have a lash appointment? Or maybe you have only one day apart between these two treatments? If so, we will let you know how to approach this situation. Plenty of women are scared that their skin may not be able to handle harsh facial treatments after getting lash extensions. Well, keep on reading & find out how to make this situation work, and what you should do to get perfect results.

What Is a Facial Treatment?

A facial treatment is a skincare treatment where your face will get cleansed. The whole process can take up to an hour to do. This will depend on your face, skin type, and your targeted concern. Usually, this procedure will allow you to apply many different products on top. A certified esthetician will use steam to open up your pores. Then they will exfoliate it, do extractions, peels, and finish it off by doing a face massage. They will seal the deal by applying a heavy amount of moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

If you want to see a list of some popular facials and find the one that is ideal for you, look into this list right here

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are individual lashes that are applied on top of your natural ones. The whole process is done by a certified lash technician, and it can take up to 90 minutes to do. Your lash expert will apply lashes one by one and will use either mink, synthetic, faux mink, or horsehair as their trusted materials. Often, they can also use human hair. 

If you are wondering about different kinds of lashes & which style may suit you the best, look into these different types here

The Difficulty Of Having Both Services On The Same Day?

Getting both treatments done on the same day can be complicated & it is not recommended. This is because your pores can be too big as well as sensitive, while your lashes may fall off & unglue due to high heat.

If you do come to the salon, make sure you have a genuine & real talk with your facialist or your lash technician. Make sure you:

  • Let both parties know that you did the other treatment beforehand
  • If possible, rather do and book your facial first and then do your lashes
  • It would be best if your facialist could avoid using steam (in case you already have your extensions on)
  • They should also stay away from hot towels and any type of moisture
  • Also, an ideal scenario would be if you could do your facial 3-4 days before your lashes. Remember this for the upcoming appointments.

Is It Possible To Have Both Services On The Same Day?

It is possible, but not recommended. As previously mentioned, rather try and have your facial first and apply your lashes after that. 

In case you do come to the salon with your lashes, your facialist will probably do one of the following options:

  • Cover your eyes with a towel that is twisted four by four. Only once your eyes are protected, it is safe to use steam and to do a facial.
  • Won’t use oil-based products. You can have a facial after getting your lashes, but make sure it is free from any oils. Oil-based products will ruin your lash bond & will cause your lashes to split & fall. Try to avoid oils in general since they are pore-clogging, as well as bad for your extensions.

How To Take Care Of Your Lashes And Face After Having These Service On The Same Day

After both of your treatments are over, it is vital to follow these three steps so you end up with long-lasting results:

Cleanse Your Face Carefully

Don’t use harsh cleansers or face scrubbers since they can irritate your face. Your pores are wide-open + your face is prone to irritation. Your facialist will clean your face so thoroughly that you could go without the need to wash your face for two days! Avoid face cleansers and let your face rest for a little before you come back to your everyday routine.

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Avoid The Steam

Your skin is probably super tender, while your lashes are prone to falling off during the first two days. Stay away from steam, high heat, saunas or pools since all of these surroundings can harm your skin, and can cause your lashes to fall out. Not only that, but you could easily push something deep into your pores and regret it later on once your skin breaks out.

Apply an SPF

Your face can easily burn since your skin is sensitive as well as covered in many scars, tissues, and large pores. Remember to apply an SPF 30 (at least) for the next seven days till your skin fully recovers.

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Still have questions? contact us for a free customized consultation with one of our experts

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Wondering which one to get any time soon? Plenty of women swear by lash extensions, while others prefer a lash lift. On the other hand, some women don’t even know the difference between these two treatments. If this sounds like you just know that this is fine, and that we will teach you everything there is to know! Here’s the difference between lash extensions, and a lash lift.

What Is Their Lifespan?

Lash extensions once applied can last you anywhere from 2-4 weeks. They are high-quality, sturdy & long-lasting without the need for any mascara or lash curlers. You can also put your glue-on lashes aside and enjoy these since they are pretty long & noticeable on their own.

A lash lift acts a bit like a perm for your natural lashes. Once done it lasts around 4-8 weeks, but it looks way more natural than your lash extensions do. You should still apply your favorite mascara on top to achieve & hold the volume. Also, you may need to reach for your glue-on lashes every here and there, especially if you crave fullness.

Is There A Specific Preparation For The Process?

If you are going to get a set of lash extensions you should come to the salon barefaced. This will allow your lash expert to work at a normal pace. Besides this, there are no other preparations that you should do.

If you booked a session for a lash lift you can use a lash growing serum beforehand. This helps with faster growth, and it allows easier workflow. However, it can take around 3-4 weeks for these serums to work, so you better take them at the proper time. 

Will You End Up With The Same Result?

Lash extensions can come in many different lengths, shapes & forms. Some of the options which you can go for are also listed on Dr Glow Getter services.

Women who love custom solutions will love knowing that they can customize their lashes & get a unique outcome.

A lash lift can also be customized. There are usually 3 different types of curls for you to choose from. The more they are fanned out, the longer & more noticeable they will be. You can also go for a super short & natural outcome, or a medium/normal curl.

What Is The Application Process?

The application process can get a bit tricky and can make you a bit impatient. Lash extensions are done at a salon with a set of needles, lash glue, as well as tiny little lashes. These extensions are individually applied on top of your natural lashes one by one. You will lay down on a bed while the aesthetician applies your individuals. They will set them in place with a high-quality glue and will fan them out in the end so they hold better.

A lash lift is done also while you’re laying down, but only with a different set of tools. After the aesthetician cleans out your lashes and separates them they will use a silicone shield underneath your eyes. This little cushion will prevent any fallout & dripping of the perming solution. Then, they will apply the perm on top of your lashes which will lift them up & hold the curl.

What Is The Wait Time?

You will wait around 60-90 minutes for the aesthetician to apply your lash extensions. During this time your eyes will be closed shut so you don’t get any glue dripping into your eye. Also, this process will take a lot less time the next time you book a refill. This is because there is a lot less material that should be glued on top since some of your lashes will still stay intact.

A lash lift is a lot different since it truly depends on your lash & hair type. Women who have flat, short & non-voluminous lashes may spend a bit more time at the salon. If you struggle with achieving curls on your hair you may struggle with this application as well. Usually, it will take 1-2 applications of the perm solution (which will stay on for 10-15 minutes each time) to hold your lashes. After that, a setting solution is applied which will hold the perm.

Is There A Price Difference?

Lash extensions are a bit pricier since they aren’t your natural lashes, but are actually little clusters of faux mink, mink or synthetic hair. You can expect them to range anywhere from $80-200 per application, for refills it could as cheap as $60.

A lash lift usually costs around $100-120 per session. It is a lot less expensive, but it is also only done on your natural lashes. Women who have sparse lashes may not enjoy the outcome as much as those women who have a lot of lashes, but they are naturally flat.

Can You Wear Mascara?

With lash extensions, there is no need to wear your favorite mascara. Also, you should avoid this makeup item since it can rip your extensions out. This is why women love lash extensions. They are low-maintenance, and they don’t demand any accessories on top. You actually get to save money & time by skipping on applying anything on top!

A lash lift allows & demands that you wear mascara. However, just wait it out for the first 24 hours until the solution settles in. After that you can wear 2-3 coats each day.

So, Which One Is Your Favorite?

In the end we could say that lash extensions are a bit more extreme but are also for those women who want to enjoy fuller volume.

If you need just a quick touch-up and you are on a budget you may enjoy a lash lift more. However, both treatments are beautiful & they will last you for weeks to come!

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Thinking of getting a pair of lash extensions? Is this your first time doing them? If so, you should invest in finding the perfect master lash stylist. They will take good care of you, and will give you your wanted outcome in no time! This way you will get the ultimate results and will end up with a high-quality service which is worth your coin. Here are the top 6 reasons why you need to hire a professional for your next lash application.

6 Reasons Why You Should Book With A Master Lash Stylist

1. Experience Is The Key 

Experience & hard work = knowledge. If your master lash stylist has at least 3-4 years of experience, as well as several different diplomas & certificates with them you can expect to end up with flawless results. They probably work with 3-4 different clients on a daily basis, and they know how to work on many different eye shapes & lash lengths by now. 

You can expect them to do the application a lot faster & more precise as well.

However, an inexperienced lash stylist may damage your natural lashes & leave you with a fungi infection. Be very careful when choosing your trusted tech.

2. Your Lashes Will Last A Lot Longer 

Lash extensions have got a specific life span. They usually last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 

If and when applied correctly they will stay on for a lot longer. This is why it is crucial for your lash expert to work with high-quality materials. Everything starting with his lash glue, needles & gloves should be sterilized, cleaned, and you’ll get the best outcome.

Lash stylists usually work in salons where clients get to lay down on a comfy bed for up to 2 hours. Your comfort is also very important since the more still you are = the better the lash extensions will be.

3. Your Natural Lashes Won’t Get Damaged 

If a lash esthetician uses the wrong kind of glue, or even if they make a wrong move you can end up with ripped or broken lashes.

Lash extensions can feel heavy once applied on top. Some estheticians also apply 2-3 locks per one natural lash. This is a lot, and it will weight down your natural lashes and cause them to break. You should settle with one lock per one natural lash. Only some applications such as Russian volume demand more.

An experienced lash expert will get the job done the right way, while not damaging your own lashes.

4. You’ll Avoid Allergies

Some women are allergic to lash extensions. Others are allergic to the lash glue. It is crucial for you to know your own body and its preferences. Some can handle faux mink lashes better, while others love synthetic.

If you are not too sure about this maybe you should do an allergy patch test before booking your appointment.

An experienced expert will still advise you on what to get, and what to avoid. Some women can have sensitive eyes, and it is vital for a master lash expert to deal with sensitive eyes properly.

5. You Will Have A Pleasant Experience 

Not that many lash experts know how to make their clients feel comfortable during the appointment. Let’s be honest, 2 hours is a lot of time to lay down and wait out the process.

However, the right expert will make you enjoy every minute of your precious time. Some estheticians are talkative & communicative (as long as the client wants them to be), while others can lit up a soothing candle and turn on some peaceful music.

You can also listen to a podcast or news, it’s all in your preference and their will.

We at Dr. Glow Getter are very curious to provide the best experience to our client possible, read more about here

6. Your Research Will Pay Off

Every time you are looking for your new salon, hairstylist, nail salon, or even lash salon – you probably do your research? Many women go on Yelp, Tripadvisor, or they read Facebook reviews of their chosen salon. This system of navigation will help you choose the perfect salon. For instance, you can look into some of the most popular and best salons in CA, TX, or NJ and sort everything out in just one click! You can easily scroll through your preferred city and find your ideal salon. 

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Ready To Find Your Perfect Salon?

As you can see we’ve listed out the top 6 reasons on why you should book your appointment with a professional. It can be easy to find the perfect salon, as long as you know where to search. However, if you don’t feel like doing your research and investing 30+ minutes we got you covered! 

You can book your appointment here with Dr. Glow Getter, and join the movement and be a glow girl

Oh and also, don’t forget to share your before & after pictures. They will help other women figure out if this is the right choice for them as well.

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