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A lash lift is a treatment that women who are into natural looks love to get. If you dislike lash extensions (or maybe you are allergic to them) and you don’t wear false lashes – give yourself a lash lift. It will last you for several weeks, and will still leave you with a beautiful low-maintenance outcome. Here are the top 6 facts that you should know about a lash lift.

1. What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is exactly what it sounds like – a lifting solution of your natural lashes. It is like a perm that people used to love back in the ’80s. The process curls up your natural lashes starting at the base and it elongates them to their full potential. As you can see, it is a lot different than compared to lash extensions:

Lash extensions are perfect for women who are into dramatic, longer, as well as bolder lashes. A lash lift will suit any lady who wears minimal makeup, and who fancies a quick & easy makeup solution for everyday wear.

2. What Is The Process Like?

Once you come to the salon, a lash expert will ask you about your preferred outcome. The therapist will clean your eyes and will place a silicone rod onto your eyelids. They will curl your lashes by using a substance which curls them at the root. They will also use a lifting solution that will set your lashes in place as they are being lifted. The whole process takes only 40-60 minutes to do. You can customize your result and talk about the process with your esthetician. The only important thing that you should do, before coming to the salon, is come in barefaced. If you wear no makeup, your esthetician will give you results that you crave and want with ease.

3. Who Can Get A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is for every woman that needs and craves volume. However, your natural lashes should be, at least, 4 mm long in order to get this service. Usually, a lash lift is perfect for the following group of people:

  • Women with stubborn straight lashes
  • Women with naturally shorter lashes
  • Women who love their lashes, but would only want a bit of pop
  • Women who have naturally lighter and sparse lashes
  • Anyone who likes minimalistic makeup looks

4. How To Take Care Of Them

Once you get your lashes lifted, you will have them on for 4-6 weeks! They will stay curled up and will appear soft & natural along the way. You can boost them furthermore by adding 2-3 coats of mascara. However, it is crucial not to apply any makeup on top of your lashes during the first 48 hours after the treatment. Also, stay away from water. The better you take care of them during these crucial 48 hours, the prettier they will look in the long-run!

5. Pros Of Getting A Lash Lift

The treatment itself is not painful! Women who dislike pain or who prefer treatments that are safe for everyone will love a lash lift. Once you get your lashes lifted, you will be left with:

  • A low-maintenance beauty addition – when taking care of your lashes, all you will have to do is wash them with your regular face wash (just make sure it is mild). Some estheticians recommend conditioning your lash with coconut oil for that additional shine & sparkle.
  • Quick & easy looks – you will be out the house way faster than you’re used to. Your appearance will change, no matter if you apply or skip on using mascara.
  • For everyone – as long as you are not allergic to the perming solution, you are the ideal candidate for a lash lift!

6. Are They For You?

In the end, this depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. Some women like dramatic lashes, as well as switching up their looks on a daily basis. If you are one of them, you should settle for glue-on lashes or falsies. If you like dramatic lashes that stay on for 3-4 weeks, a set of lash extensions will suit you. In the end, if you are very low-maintenance and you want to emphasize the beauty of your natural lashes, settle for a lash lift! This treatment can be done by any lady, no matter her skin type, age or the lash count.

Time To Lift!

In the upcoming period, play around with your lashes, and give them the optimal boost! If you want to curl them up and enjoy a flawless outcome for 4-6 weeks, click here! You will love this service, we guarantee you.

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Wondering which one to get any time soon? Plenty of women swear by lash extensions, while others prefer a lash lift. On the other hand, some women don’t even know the difference between these two treatments. If this sounds like you just know that this is fine, and that we will teach you everything there is to know! Here’s the difference between lash extensions, and a lash lift.

What Is Their Lifespan?

Lash extensions once applied can last you anywhere from 2-4 weeks. They are high-quality, sturdy & long-lasting without the need for any mascara or lash curlers. You can also put your glue-on lashes aside and enjoy these since they are pretty long & noticeable on their own.

A lash lift acts a bit like a perm for your natural lashes. Once done it lasts around 4-8 weeks, but it looks way more natural than your lash extensions do. You should still apply your favorite mascara on top to achieve & hold the volume. Also, you may need to reach for your glue-on lashes every here and there, especially if you crave fullness.

Is There A Specific Preparation For The Process?

If you are going to get a set of lash extensions you should come to the salon barefaced. This will allow your lash expert to work at a normal pace. Besides this, there are no other preparations that you should do.

If you booked a session for a lash lift you can use a lash growing serum beforehand. This helps with faster growth, and it allows easier workflow. However, it can take around 3-4 weeks for these serums to work, so you better take them at the proper time. 

Will You End Up With The Same Result?

Lash extensions can come in many different lengths, shapes & forms. Some of the options which you can go for are also listed on Dr Glow Getter services.

Women who love custom solutions will love knowing that they can customize their lashes & get a unique outcome.

A lash lift can also be customized. There are usually 3 different types of curls for you to choose from. The more they are fanned out, the longer & more noticeable they will be. You can also go for a super short & natural outcome, or a medium/normal curl.

What Is The Application Process?

The application process can get a bit tricky and can make you a bit impatient. Lash extensions are done at a salon with a set of needles, lash glue, as well as tiny little lashes. These extensions are individually applied on top of your natural lashes one by one. You will lay down on a bed while the aesthetician applies your individuals. They will set them in place with a high-quality glue and will fan them out in the end so they hold better.

A lash lift is done also while you’re laying down, but only with a different set of tools. After the aesthetician cleans out your lashes and separates them they will use a silicone shield underneath your eyes. This little cushion will prevent any fallout & dripping of the perming solution. Then, they will apply the perm on top of your lashes which will lift them up & hold the curl.

What Is The Wait Time?

You will wait around 60-90 minutes for the aesthetician to apply your lash extensions. During this time your eyes will be closed shut so you don’t get any glue dripping into your eye. Also, this process will take a lot less time the next time you book a refill. This is because there is a lot less material that should be glued on top since some of your lashes will still stay intact.

A lash lift is a lot different since it truly depends on your lash & hair type. Women who have flat, short & non-voluminous lashes may spend a bit more time at the salon. If you struggle with achieving curls on your hair you may struggle with this application as well. Usually, it will take 1-2 applications of the perm solution (which will stay on for 10-15 minutes each time) to hold your lashes. After that, a setting solution is applied which will hold the perm.

Is There A Price Difference?

Lash extensions are a bit pricier since they aren’t your natural lashes, but are actually little clusters of faux mink, mink or synthetic hair. You can expect them to range anywhere from $80-200 per application, for refills it could as cheap as $60.

A lash lift usually costs around $100-120 per session. It is a lot less expensive, but it is also only done on your natural lashes. Women who have sparse lashes may not enjoy the outcome as much as those women who have a lot of lashes, but they are naturally flat.

Can You Wear Mascara?

With lash extensions, there is no need to wear your favorite mascara. Also, you should avoid this makeup item since it can rip your extensions out. This is why women love lash extensions. They are low-maintenance, and they don’t demand any accessories on top. You actually get to save money & time by skipping on applying anything on top!

A lash lift allows & demands that you wear mascara. However, just wait it out for the first 24 hours until the solution settles in. After that you can wear 2-3 coats each day.

So, Which One Is Your Favorite?

In the end we could say that lash extensions are a bit more extreme but are also for those women who want to enjoy fuller volume.

If you need just a quick touch-up and you are on a budget you may enjoy a lash lift more. However, both treatments are beautiful & they will last you for weeks to come!

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