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Nowadays, facials are a part of our skincare routine. The truth is that a ton of women and men like to invest in their looks and presence. Just by booking a facial every month or so one can take years off of his or her face! By taking care of our skin we are actually keeping it moisturized, glowy, hydrated, and youthful! Not too sure what are the pros and perks of a facial? Wondering what it does to your skin? Keep on reading and see why you might love it! You will thank us later, wanting to book one asap!

Why Book A Facial?

Facials are customized treatments for the face and neck area. By booking a proper skincare specialist and letting them customize a solution to your needs, one can have flawless skin! Regular facial treatments will:

  • Clean out your pores
  • Give you elasticity
  • Boost collagen production
  • Moisturize and hydrate
  • Keep it looking fresh and supple
  • Diminish the looks of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Give you a better overall texture

You can book a facial with an esthetician at your dermatologist’s office or a day spa. There are no rules on who can book one. Aestheticians and dermatologists know how to make a proper concoction. This means that even if you have inflammation or cystic acne they will know how to take care of you.

What To Expect During Your Treatment?

Facials last an average of 60 minutes with most skincare specialists and in most spas. The final result will depend on your texture, pores, and the state that your skin is in. This means that the approach and tools used will vary. One day you could be under an LED lamp, and the other one you could be doing microdermabrasion. Make sure that you:

  • Come wearing no makeup whatsoever
  • Be open to whatever your aesthetician recommends
  • Have 60-90 minutes to spare
  • Be prepared for mild pain or discomfort
  • Let your skin heal and rest after the treatment, don’t wear any makeup

What Does Facial Treatment Do To My Face

1. Deep Cleanses it

Proper facial cleansing will help your skin remove any type of toxins, debris, or oil build-up. You will go through a step of exfoliation, leaving your skin free of any makeup traces.

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2. Anti-Aging Purpose

Facial treatments can help slow down the aging process and prevent wrinkles from appearing, which is what a lot of women naturally aim for. Your dermatologist will massage your face with a proper technique, which will result in you increasing blood circulation and better oxygen. This means new, firm, and fresh skin.

3. Soothing

Just like your body, your facial muscles need a massage to relax, tone down and calm down. With a lymphatic massage, you will look healthy and youthful + you will enjoy the soothing effects of it.

4. New Skincare Routine

Your skin will be properly analyzed and you will be informed of any issues that you have and will be given a solution on what you can upgrade. Your dermatologist will also tell you what to purchase and what to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Check out our full skincare routine for the most popular types of skins and conditions you may have

5. New you

Overall, you will feel and look a lot better. Your current skin condition will be solved and upgraded. Any issues such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, acne, wrinkles, etc will be taken care of in just a couple of sessions!

Where To Get The Perfect Facial?

If you’re ready for a bit of pampering and you wish to spoil yourself make sure to check out Dr. Glow Getter in Edgewater, NJ! With us, every woman will easily upgrade her skin routine and look like the best possible version. we have people coming from all over northern New Jersey and New York City, See for yourself after just 1 treatment and feel renewed.

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Taking care of your skin during this harsh and cold weather is mandatory! Our skin tends to dry out sooner or later, and we can end up with some dry patches and dehydrated skin. Women who have dry skin naturally, as well as those who are prone to fine lines or wrinkles, will need to invest the most in their skincare items. Here’s how you should approach your skin and with these 10 crucial steps!

1. Think About Purchasing a Humidifier

Most people love to turn their heating on a full blast when staying at home, or even when working from home during these colder days. However, high heat can further dry out your skin. This is why you may need a humidifier to bring back moisture to the room. It is a subtle trick, but it will do so much for your skin.

2. Drink Water

Restore the lost moisture and give Your skin at least its needed 8 glasses of water per day. Stay hydrated and Your skin will thank you, and it will look a lot more supple and glowy.

3. Use a Serum

You should invest in a high-quality skincare serum during the winter. It is vital to keep your skin nourished and plumped, so use a serum before you apply your day or night time on top of the skin. A skincare serum will help with any kinds of imperfections, as well as with drier patches and rough texture.

4. Use a Day and Night Cream

Make sure to use two different kinds of creams on top of your skin. Invest in a creamy kind for daytime wear, and go for a thicker gel-like cream for nighttime wear. Different ingredients and different textures will leave you with a different and unique outcome.

5. Book Yourself a Facial

You could book yourself a facial treatment that is catered to your skin type and your targeted concern. Different skincare treatments will help with different kinds of pimples, texture, wrinkles, or dry patches. Make sure to check out different kinds of facial treatments right here, and ask a team of experts what they believe is best for you.

6. Exfoliate Your Lips

Although not really a skincare tip, lip exfoliation is more than an important and crucial step for juicy lips in the winter. Use a lip scrub or even just plain sugar to remove any dead skin cells and particles, but get your blood pumping! Once hydrated, they will look a lot shinier.

7. Use a Face Mask From Time to Time

A face mask that has different ingredients such as aloe Vera, Shea butter, or honey can be super calming for your skin, while they will keep your skin hydrated during cold days. Use a face sheet mask on the weekend and embrace the natural glow!

8. Moisturize Damp Skin

Moisturize your skin while it is still semi damp and after it’s been cleansed. The use of the right skincare ingredients means that your skin will sink in all the excess amount of product a lot faster and deeper. Your semi damp state will help with dry patches as well + you will easily sink in all the moisture that will stay locked in during the day.

9. Invest in an Under Eye Cream

Do not forget to moisturize your under-eye area with an amazing gel under eye cream. You should apply your favorite under eye cream with your ring finger, and dab the product in the morning and night. This is crucial during winter.

10. Use a Face Mist to Bring Back The Moisture

Last, but not least, purchase a facial mist that you can use to spritz it on top of your skin to refreshen up and bring back the glow. A facial mist that has rose water, cucumber, or some other similar ingredients will do wonders for your skin throughout the day. You can also carry it with you and reach for it whenever you feel like you are lacking hydration.

Ready for Ultimate Skin?

So, are you ready to experience glowy, dewy, as well as hydrated skin? You should follow these ten steps in order to keep your skin at its optimal state. Let us know if there are some other tips and tricks, as well as remedies that you love to do in the winter. Is there something missing from our list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Following the right skincare routine will allow you to enjoy smooth, radiant & poreless skin. One survey has shown that over 90% of women know that sleeping with their makeup can harm their skin. Yet only 60% of them will invest time & effort to wash away the impurities.

If you want to give your face a luminous look without investing way too much time, you’ve come to the right place! Here is how to do your skincare routine in only 3 steps!

Step 1: Cleansing

Use a cleanser to wash away dirt, oils, and other pollutants which are in your pores. A face cleanser will remove all the traces of makeup, as well as excess impurities. This cleanser will help you remove any debris, and it should be used on every skin type.

Which cleanser should you use?

Light foaming cleanser –  This cleanser is very light & foaming, ideal for removing makeup while not drying out your skin. This one foams up and works wonders for oily or acne/sensitive skin

Gel cleanser – Gel cleansers do not foam up, but they feel very lightweight on top of the skin. This cleanser is ideal for normal skin and anyone who wants that refreshing outcome.

Lotion cleanser – Lotion cleansers have a silky soft texture. These are mostly used by women with dry or sensitive skin. Lotions are usually very creamy, but not that ideal at removing waterproof makeup since they are more so nourishing.

Soap – Women who do not have time to wash their faces usually multi-task with a bar of soap. If you use soap as your daily cleansing method at least make sure that it is very nourishing, hydrating, and that it doesn’t break you out. 

How to use it?

Make sure you cleanse your face morning & night. You can use the same cleanser, or you can switch it up morning & night. Apply your product on top of the skin making upward circular movements. Never drag your skin downwards since this step promotes wrinkles. Rinse out the product with lukewarm water in 1-2 minutes after rubbing the product in.

Step 2: Toner

Most women skip on using a toner because they feel like it dries them out. However, toners should be used by any skin type, as well as any age group. Toners help out with removing the leftover impurities that your cleanser didn’t pick off. They also minimize the appearance of pores and balance out your skin tone.

What toner should you use?

Women who have oily skin will love to use a toner. This is because toners shrink pores and calm down oils. Women who have oily skin usually have larger pores, and they produce more oils. You should use something which has bentonite clay or another type of a clay as its active ingredient. Another must-have ingredient is witch hazel.

Women who have dry skin can also bring back the hydration with a toner. If you purchase a toner which has glycerin or essential oils it won’t dry you out, but it will soften your skin and give you a smoother outcome.

If your skin is normal a toner can refresh your skin but also prevent the growth of any ingrown hairs! Strive for something which has hydroxy acid or hyaluronic acid as its active ingredient.

Acne-prone skin should use products which are filled with Salicylic acid.

Combination skin should use something with Lactic acid.

Sensitive skin will enjoy algae or Amino acids.

How to use it?

Apply your toner on top of the skin right after you’ve cleansed it. Make sure it is still somewhat damp. Apply a few drops of your toner to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face. Start at the neck area and make upward motions.

Step 3: Hydration & Protection

You need moisturizer, even if your skin is oily. And you also need an SPF, even it is the middle of January.

A moisturizer will protect your skin from external factors while sealing in all the moisture. You will also feel hydrated throughout the day.

An SPF of at least 30 will protect you from sun exposure during the day. It can also act moisturizing and can serve you as a primer for your makeup.

What moisturizer and which SPF should you use?

You can purchase a cream which has SPF in it. This is great since it is a multi-purpose product which saves you time and your money.

Antioxidants should be your #1 ingredient, no matter your skin type. These neutralize free radicals and give you radiance.

Alpha-hydroxy acids should be in your moisturizer if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Hyaluronic acid & glycerin are a must-have as an ingredient for dry skin.

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizers are a must for women with sensitive or itchy skin.

How to use it?

Apply your moisturizer while your skin is somewhat damp since it will sink a lot faster this way. Make circular motions and let it penetrate into your pores before you proceed with your routine.

You can apply your SPF on top in case your moisturizer didn’t contain any of it.

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