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Do you tend to experience dry, itchy, and inflamed skin? You are noticing dry flakes and redness? Stop worrying since this happens quite often, especially during colder and snowy days. However, do you know why it may be happening to you? If not and you want to know more about dehydrated or dried-out skin keep on reading! Here, we will list several reasons why it happens to the best of us!

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Skin Is So Dry During Winter

1. Low temperatures

If you live somewhere in the cold where it constantly rains, snows, or is super windy just know that you are a good candidate for cracked and peeling skin. In fact, harmful conditions can make visible aftermath all over. The truth is that lack of warmth and constant drop in temperatures will make your skin dry, crack and peel. Be cautious of constant drops, and be prepared.

2. Avoid harsh soaps

Frequent bathing and the use of harsh soaps or liquid soaps will make your skin a lot drier (both body and face). Your epidermal layers won’t be able to stand all of that pH imbalance, which is why you should aim for rich and moisturizing ingredients. 

PS: You should also avoid harsh scrubs and at-home peels since they can remove your protective outer layer with ease., check out our cleansers for a well desired results when it comes to cleansing your skin

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3. Not applying the right cream

You can’t use your summertime go-to cream or skincare products since they can’t withstand the breeze. The truth is, they are made out of different ingredients and often used for different reasons, such as dewiness, SPF protection, etc. Your wintertime essentials should be nourishing, thick, and rich in texture, as well as fully absorbing.

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4. You need a facial

Your skin is in need of frequent facials. This includes extractions, peels, chemicals peels, microdermabrasion, as well as the use of high-quality serums. Try to bring back the radiance and luminosity by packing all the right ingredients on a regular and by letting a professional take care of your needs.

5. Simply dehydrated

Do you drink the right and needed amount of water? The truth is, we all tend to switch up our H2O in the winter with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee while in reality our body and our skin are thirsty and dried out. You should continue to aim for 2 liters a day or even more, especially if you work out.

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6. The use of Heater

You can’t have your heater on all the time and expect it to be good for your skin. Any form of excessive heat and constantly finding yourself next to a fireplace will make all the marks on your skin. Make sure that you add a humidifier to balance these two out.

PS: check-out our Calming Serum in case you are being exposed to the heat daily, it will minimize the damage and cool your skin to glowing results

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Ready To Clear Your Skin And Get It Moisturized?

Are you tired of dry, dull, and glowless skin? Ready to get it looking seamless and healthy? At Dr. Glow Getter experts who specialize in skincare will know how to adjust and cater the right facial per your needs. Get in touch and enjoy flawless skin asap!

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Do you neglect your skin a bit more during the winter? The truth is, running around doing errands or having the time of our life while playing in the snow can make us forget to do all of our typical skincare steps (as well as some additional ones). If you want to know how your routine should look like and what are some facials that you should still book, keep on reading!

Skincare Steps To Follow During Winter

1. Don’t change everything overnight – although harsher and colder days might make your skin crave something different, it is never good to replace all of your products. Start and work slow and build from there.

2. Remember to wear SPF – just because your skin is not exposed as much to UV rays or heavy sun it is still important to keep it protected with an SPF of 15 (at least).

3. Deep hydration – your skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing, so invest in your moisturizer, cleanser, and night cream. Do not let your skin feel ”rubbery” or too dried out.

4. Layer up at bedtime – if your skin is looking really dull or uneven you should pay close attention to it and its needs at night. Pack on serums, moisturizers, and masks to nourish it properly.

5. Pay special attention to your lips – our lips easily chap and crack during winter days. You should always carry a lip balm or lip oil to moisturize them when out and about.

PS: We also have to mention that keeping your entire body hydrated should be your goal. Moisturize your skin (especially your hands) every night before you hit the bed. Keep your body and organism hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Top 4 Best Skincare Treatments To Do During Winter

1. Oxygen Facials

The name says it all where the facial treatment is pretty self-explanatory. An oxygen facial will help your skin get its needed boost and dose of pure oxygen during cold harsh winter. An oxygen facial is also infused with moisture-rich hyaluronic acid and it will provide you the best results when combined with mild exfoliation.

2. Dermaplaning

Not a lot of women have tried out dermaplaning, which is why it is important to give it a go and see its benefits to keep on re-booking the treatment. If your skin is thick, uneven and in need of hydration or exfoliation, you should give it a go. It is especially ideal for those who have dry and flaky skin from living in the cold harsh winter. It will leave your skin smooth, glowing, and a lot more nourished.

3. Laser Facial

If your skin often flares up or becomes irritated noticeably in the winter and one specific spot, why not finally get around to it and have it taken care of? Lasers are unique in that by definition they have one wavelength that attacks one specific skin problem. The power of the laser is that it can target skin concerns such as redness, fine lines, and discoloration. Give it a go if you are tired of constant flare-ups.

4. Vitamin C Facials

Vitamin C is a proven booster for your natural and radiant skin health.

The vitamin C treatment comes in handy with its massage masque that enhances absorption of the active ingredient, giving deeper and much more satisfying results. It is often and mostly recommended for dry and dull skin. Once packed with proper ingredients that are massaged into your skin this facial will leave you with moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

Ready To Look Glowy?

If you want to take care of your skin and especially spoil yourself during these cold winter days, make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter and all the skin care treatments that they have to offer. You will end up with a customized cocktail solution for the ultimate boost during cold winter days.

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Taking care of your skin during this harsh and cold weather is mandatory! Our skin tends to dry out sooner or later, and we can end up with some dry patches and dehydrated skin. Women who have dry skin naturally, as well as those who are prone to fine lines or wrinkles, will need to invest the most in their skincare items. Here’s how you should approach your skin and with these 10 crucial steps!

1. Think About Purchasing a Humidifier

Most people love to turn their heating on a full blast when staying at home, or even when working from home during these colder days. However, high heat can further dry out your skin. This is why you may need a humidifier to bring back moisture to the room. It is a subtle trick, but it will do so much for your skin.

2. Drink Water

Restore the lost moisture and give Your skin at least its needed 8 glasses of water per day. Stay hydrated and Your skin will thank you, and it will look a lot more supple and glowy.

3. Use a Serum

You should invest in a high-quality skincare serum during the winter. It is vital to keep your skin nourished and plumped, so use a serum before you apply your day or night time on top of the skin. A skincare serum will help with any kinds of imperfections, as well as with drier patches and rough texture.

4. Use a Day and Night Cream

Make sure to use two different kinds of creams on top of your skin. Invest in a creamy kind for daytime wear, and go for a thicker gel-like cream for nighttime wear. Different ingredients and different textures will leave you with a different and unique outcome.

5. Book Yourself a Facial

You could book yourself a facial treatment that is catered to your skin type and your targeted concern. Different skincare treatments will help with different kinds of pimples, texture, wrinkles, or dry patches. Make sure to check out different kinds of facial treatments right here, and ask a team of experts what they believe is best for you.

6. Exfoliate Your Lips

Although not really a skincare tip, lip exfoliation is more than an important and crucial step for juicy lips in the winter. Use a lip scrub or even just plain sugar to remove any dead skin cells and particles, but get your blood pumping! Once hydrated, they will look a lot shinier.

7. Use a Face Mask From Time to Time

A face mask that has different ingredients such as aloe Vera, Shea butter, or honey can be super calming for your skin, while they will keep your skin hydrated during cold days. Use a face sheet mask on the weekend and embrace the natural glow!

8. Moisturize Damp Skin

Moisturize your skin while it is still semi damp and after it’s been cleansed. The use of the right skincare ingredients means that your skin will sink in all the excess amount of product a lot faster and deeper. Your semi damp state will help with dry patches as well + you will easily sink in all the moisture that will stay locked in during the day.

9. Invest in an Under Eye Cream

Do not forget to moisturize your under-eye area with an amazing gel under eye cream. You should apply your favorite under eye cream with your ring finger, and dab the product in the morning and night. This is crucial during winter.

10. Use a Face Mist to Bring Back The Moisture

Last, but not least, purchase a facial mist that you can use to spritz it on top of your skin to refreshen up and bring back the glow. A facial mist that has rose water, cucumber, or some other similar ingredients will do wonders for your skin throughout the day. You can also carry it with you and reach for it whenever you feel like you are lacking hydration.

Ready for Ultimate Skin?

So, are you ready to experience glowy, dewy, as well as hydrated skin? You should follow these ten steps in order to keep your skin at its optimal state. Let us know if there are some other tips and tricks, as well as remedies that you love to do in the winter. Is there something missing from our list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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