Frequently Asked Questions


Dr Glow Getter provides best facials you can experience in northern NJ, advanced skin treatments, lash extensions, lash lift, and eyebrow services as well, like brow lamination, tint and shape. check out services page for more details

We are located at The Metropolitan Building, 190 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 7020. Right across the street from City Place in Edgewater, we are located at the lobby level of the building.

Facials take from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on skin condition and the type of advanced treatments added to the service, Lash extensions take between an hour and a half to two hours and a half for new fullsets, depending on the look, and refill can take an hour to an hour and a half depends on the look as well, eyebrow lamination and lash lift take about 45min to an hour each

You can secure an appointment by calling us at (201) 252-7264 or using our  Online Booking System

Yes! Clients are required to pay a deposit of $50 to secure a spot with Dr.Glow Getter. The deposit amount is deducted from the total balance for your service. (deposits are non-refundable)

Online, over the phone, in cash, or via Zelle. When booking online, you will be able to pay using all major credit cards and debit cards. In case you want to book over the phone, one of our staff will be able to help you secure your spot and collect the required deposit.

You can have a look at our work anywhere you wold like, on our website, Instagram, Google, Tiktok or Facebook

We accept Cash, Debit Cards, all major Credit Cards, VISA, MasterCards, American Express, Discover, JCB, Also we accept CareCredit, NFC Mobile payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Zelle.  However, we don’t accept cheques or money orders.

Yes we do, please make sure you mention it to our staff members, so they can help you with the application/approval process

We offer several rewards to our customers. Royal customers are rewarded depending on the number of visits they have (the more visits you have, the more freebies you get). There are also rewards on referrals, where customers are awarded depends on the number of references.

Customers are awarded depending on the frequency of the visit and the number of referrals. You can also take chances and get both awards plus more benefits when becoming a member of the club

Yes! There are promotions to encourage everybody to try/use our services and products. For instance, users save 10% when paying with gift cards

Also we have some seasonal promotions for our members only, sometimes for everybody, keep an eye on your email, to stay updated, also, follow us on Instagram, GoogleFacebook, to get the latest offers when they are available

This is a beautiful community of girls who like to take care of themselves to be more attractive. Become one today

To get started with our membership program, please check our membership

Members enjoy low prices, all-time discounts on the products and services. Moreover, members get free invites to parties and free goodies, special offers, treatments and never have to worry about paying a deposit to secure an appointment, check out this page for full benefits

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