Lash Extensions Services

As you desire that fuller, gorgeous look around your eyelashes, we ensure that the lash extension job is done to head-turning standards. Since life is getting busier to be putting fake lashes on and off every day, here is a list of alternatives that you can opt-in for.

The natural lash extensions are applied lightly and individually onto your natural inborn lashes. They tend to mimic them in that it’s very hard to tell the difference. However, the natural lashes are not as full as the volume lashes.These lashes are applied in a meticulous one-to-one design that not only gives that natural look but also leaves the inborn lashes unharmed. Patience is, of course, a needed virtue during this procedure but the results are worth the wait. This is because these lashes last longer than other lash extensions as they fall off with the natural life cycle of your lashes.Book
This characteristic lash extension style is Dr. Glow Getter’s special in Edgewater, NJ, since nobody else currently offers it. It is defined by characteristic short lashes at the inner eye corners, which then get super long across the remaining portion of the lash line, giving that full glam look characteristic of dolls.Book
The hybrid glam lashes come as a mix of both classic and volume lashes in a 1:1 ratio. They are designed to give your eyes a gorgeous frame that opens into a flawless fluffy fan pattern. The textured soft look with a staggering touch is a great choice when seeking to get volume lashes that do not take much of your time at the salon.Book
For this particular style, 6D lashes are used, which are a combination of synthetic and natural, giving that really full, dark and gorgeous look on your lash line. The lashes have a very fine diameter (0.07mm) as a precaution to preserve the wellbeing of your natural lashes. Fans made of 2 to 5 lashes are applied at the root of each natural eyelash to enhance volume and thickness.Book
Mega volume lashes are the fullest set of lashes we offer. This set uses 0.05mm and 0.03mm extensions to make a fan with lashes as many as 16 in number. They are the best, especially if you prefer having that dramatic mega full look on your lash lines such that there is hardly any space between individual lashes. That explains why this is surely a mega treat!Book

If opting for another way rather than having lash extensions, then a lash lift will do the job for you. Lash lifts are a good option specifically for stubborn lashes that just keep falling downwards over the eyes and are ever straight and stubby. The lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your lashes upwards. It’s just like perming, though with gentle treatments, since nobody wants sore eyes at the end of the procedure. Lash lifts can last for 3 months and require no manual lush curlers.


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