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May your coffee be strong, and may your lashes be long

At Dr. Glow Getter, we want you to experience an insane yet long-lasting volume. We have master lash stylists that will bring you optimal results that are done per your wishes! Lashes are an amazing confidence booster, and women should freely wear their lashes day & night. Do you want volume, mega volume, or just a classic pair? Find your perfect lash type now!

How Does The Lash Application Process Look Like?​

1. Safety

Safety is the most important element when it comes to the lash application. We want to make every woman comfortable, which is why we will always protect your skin & your under-eye area with gel patches. These are perfect for protecting you from shedding and protecting you from the glue itself.

1. Results

We will give you optimal results that are catered towards your personal preference, your natural lash count, as well as your headed event. Some women love longer lashes, while others love shorter everyday wearable types. Either way, you will enjoy your lashes, and you will be left with a customizable result.

1. High-Quality Products

All of our products are of high-quality. This means that you will have no allergic reactions, irritation, or similar mishaps. We use only the best products that won’t irritate your lids, and which will give you lashes for 2-3 weeks! After 3 weeks you should come back for a refill.

What lash style is perfect for me?

At Dr. Glow Getter, we offer six different types of lashes:
This is the process of applying individual lash extensions one by one on top of your real lashes. Since it is a natural application, most of the lashes are short-medium in size. If you are someone who usually wears no makeup or you wear only some lightweight and natural BB products, you will enjoy this lash application. The application itself will take around 60 minutes to do, while the refill is only 35 minutes long. Book
If you want to end up with giant Barbie-like eyes, you will fancy the Doll glam application. Along your entire lash line, there are different lengths of lash extensions. However, the most volume is concentrated at the center of the eye. Our lash experts will combine medium-long lashes to give you the wanted volume. However, the lash thickness can depend based on the natural thickness of your lashes. The application itself takes 60 minutes, but the refill takes just as long. If you have some time to spare & you love to look glam – you will enjoy this treatment. Book
This look is perfect for women who want unique solutions! This is the mixture of a classic and voluminous lash application. It is for women who love the look of wispy lashes. The application can take up to two hours, but the refill is only one hour. If you are a fan of unique looks, you will enjoy this lash look. Book
Do you want, need & crave some drama along your lash line? How about you get this full & voluminous set? This is our best-seller and most-wanted look at the boutique. This is because we’ve specially designed and thought of  this look. Women who are a fan of 6D lashes will enjoy this application. It is the process in which our lash experts will use 6D lashes to give you volume & thickness at the same time. You will sit around for two hours for the initial application, while the refill will take around 70-80 minutes. Book
Women who have always been a fan of dramatic looks & who love to wear a lot of makeup will enjoy this set the most. It reminds a lot of the well-known Russian volume, and is a must-have for special occasions. It is also the fullest set that we offer. Lashes which are applied are done along the lash line – where our lash experts use 6D and 10D lashes. You will end up with mega volume (hence the name), and your eyes will appear bigger. It may take around 2 hours and 20 minutes for the application, and around one hour and 30 minutes for a refill. Book
Although a lash lift is not a part of the lash-extension treatment, it is commonly-asked for at the boutique. A lash lift is a process where a lash expert will lift-up your natural lashes, and give them a lot of volume. Do you have flat, straight & stubborn lashes? If so, a lash lift will lift them up from the root and prevent them from falling down. The whole process will take less than 50 minutes! Once done, you will be left with natural fluffy & bouncy natural lashes. If you are overall satisfied with the length and your natural volume, but you need some lifting – this treatment is perfect for you. Also, the results can last for 30+ days! Book

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