Beautiful skin does not come from makeup. It's from a good treatment

At our boutique, our skilled staff will help you achieve crystal clear skin! Every woman will experience a customizable solution, catered only towards her skin type. Are you concerned with acne, dull complexion, or aging? We are here to help you demolish any concerns. We believe that you can wear makeup on a daily, but still look radiant & natural. The trick is in our top three different treatments that will make your skin glow like a glow getter!

What do our facials entail?

Dr.Glow Getter will customize your facial treatment each and every time. This means that every woman will end up with her perfectly-optimized solution. No reason to worry about irritation, breakouts, or pain! We will customize every facial depending on your skin type, condition, and any other factors. Every facial treatment is done in 6 steps:

1. Deep cleanse your pores with steam.
2. Exfoliate your skin.
3. Desincrustation procedure
4. Manipulating the pores with extractions
5. Face mask treatment depends on skin condition
6. Moisturizing & protection.

What facial treatment is perfect for me?

At Dr.Glow Getter, we will customize the ingredients and will find the optimal solution for every skin type. Our experts will examine your skin and let you know what is ideal for you. That can be:

Just as the name suggests, Deep Cleansing facial employs a cleaning approach that’s a bit more thorough than the other treatments. The steps in the deep cleansing procedure entail steaming to soften and open up the pores. Extraction to unclog the pores as well as remove whiteheads and blackheads is then done. A deep cleansing treatment aimed at the cleansing the pores follows and then masking follows. As it is, sensitive skin is not the best candidate for this procedure and would rather undergo less harsh ones. If your skin has been prone to severe acne and being excessively oily, the deep cleansing treatment will do you a great favor in restoring that youthful glam look you’ve been longing for.
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Is your skin sensitive, prone to breakouts and acne, or maybe it has some blackheads & whiteheads? If so, you should get extractions. Usually, younger women and teens experience a lot of acne as well as clogged pores, which is why they may fancy this treatment the most. It may take several boutique visits for the esthetician to remove all of your impurities, which is why you should be persistent.
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Anti-Aging treatment is suitable for mature skin types. Usually, women who are in their early 40s and above will enjoy this solution. With our high-quality creams & masks, we will combat any fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, as well as saggy skin that you may have. Our hyaluronic-infused products are often the best and non-greasy solution for skin prone to aging.
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Is your skin super sensitive and prone to redness? Our calming facial will target redness, itching & stinging of the skin. We will reduce any inflammation while calming down your skin with a healthy dose of especially-chosen vitamins. With a light massage, we will get your blood pumping and will eliminate any redness as well as lines. Women of any age can get this treatment & will easily restore back their natural complexion.
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