GG Moroccan Rose Water Face Toner


Dr. Glow Getter Moroccan Rose Water Face Toner


This is a product that has a myriad of uses and is perfect for toning your face, neck, balancing pH, eliminating dark spots among other benefits. Dr. Glow Getter has designed this product by making use of the natural power of rose petals to give it a calming aroma.

It softens the skin by refining the pore appearance for a healthy complexion. This toner also goes an extra mile to cleanse your skin, eliminating excess oil and dirt giving your skin a healthy glow. As stated, the Moroccan rose water toner balances the skin’s pH and thus reduces irritation.

More importantly, our product is safe for all skin types and therefore you won’t have to worry about any skin complications.

Since the main ingredient is rose water, our product has a unique fragrance that is sweet and pleasant.

Healthy Skin

It is important for one’s skin to be healthy and have an even tone. Well, Dr. Glow Getter’s Rosewater Face toner does just that.

In addition to all this, our product prevents common allergies thereby protecting your skin


  • Natural Moroccan floral rose water

How to Use

  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball
  • Smooth the cotton ball over the skin area
  • You can also spray your hair after using shampoo or conditioner
  • Wait for a few minutes for best results

The Perfect Toner

If you are in the market for a skincare product that serves several purposes at once, then get down here and get your Moroccan Rose Water Facial toner now.

It is suitable for any and almost all skin conditions.


  • Use only a few drops at a time
  • Avoid direct eye and mouth contact. In case of either, rinse with running water and if any complications arise, seek medical advice
  • Keep out of reach from children

Additional information

Weight 8 oz



100ML / 3.38FL. OZ


GG By Dr. Glow Getter


1 GG Moroccan Rose Water Face Toner (unless ordered more or extra)


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