7 Unusual Facials That You Have Never Heard Of

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Sometimes, your skincare routine can get pretty wild and unusual. In fact, women nowadays are willing to try out loads of different skin care treatments, just to get the perfect skin from their dreams! We are often thrilled with some new and weird kinds of beauty treatments that pop on the market, and definitely when browsing our social media. If you want to find out about some of the most unusual treatments and you’re on the lookout for something different, keep on reading! Here are the top 7 unique facial treatments. 

1. A Fire Facial 

If you’re on the lookout for the hottest trend, literally, go with this one! It is an unusual treatment that was first used and done in China. With this treatment, you can look like you’re 20 and not a day older! The process is done with the help of a towel that has been previously soaked in an age-defying elixir. The towel is lit up and the flame will do its magic! Fire will help with fullness as well as saggy spots but is only performed by skin care specialists. 

2. Vampire Facial 

You will have to visit a trained cosmetologist or even a doctor since not everyone is skilled enough for the well-known Kardashian facial. You will have your blood drawn out and then applied with several needles directly to your face. It is great for wrinkles or any form of aging. These micro-wounds will heal with ease and you will have smaller pores in the end, as well as in the long run. 

3. Snail Facial 

Snail facials are becoming quite popular at the moment, which means that you might have heard of them. These are quite popular in France and are great for smoother skin. In Thailand, people would also pay extra money to have actual snails walk all over their faces. Snail slime is an age-defying ingredient, and it is also great for anyone with super dry or dehydrated skin. Although it might sound a bit slimy or gross, it is harmless and odorless as well!

4. Bee Venom Facial 

Did you know that this was part of a beauty routine for no one other than Kate Middleton herself?! It was a part of her wedding day specialty. Bee venom can rejuvenate your skin, and help with scars as well as fine lines. Your skin will end up thinking that it was just stung, which will cause it to appear even more plump looking! Luckily, no bees are harmed in this process.

5. Sheep Placenta Facial 

This facial comes from Hollywood and is one of the most common as well as loved treatments among celebrities. Thanks to the sheep’s placenta, your skin cells will easily soak up all the protein! The skin will recognize this as its own ingredient. If you want something quite bizarre and you’re a fan of unusual treatments, this one might be your go-to.

6. Caviar Facial 

Not to mention that caviar is expensive on its own, but imagine putting it into your skincare items, insane! Caviar is super pricey, and most skincare items will cost a fortune. However, it is believed that it is perfect for anyone who is trying to end up with glowy and nourished skin. This facial doesn’t take too much of your time to do, and in the end, you will end up with a brighter complexion + will boost your collagen production.

7. Miracle Whip Facial

Last, but not least, you can do a miracle whip! It is the most affordable and budget-saving solution that is mostly weird, rather than practical. It involves the use of mayonnaise (a special kind which is $12) and that you can use because it is filled with vinegar, egg, oil, and some spices. These will help with dry skin and any patches. However, you should do it for 30 days straight to spot some results. If you can pass the smell, you are one of a few people who can stand it!

Ready for Your Facial Treatment? 

So, are you ready to dive into the perfect facial? Although we don’t offer any of these from the list, we are still happy to inform you that you can get your personalized skin care treatment right here! You can choose micro-needling, LED light rejuvenation, chemical peel, or even oxygen skin therapy! Each facial is done by a certified expert and you will get to leave with nourished, plump, as well as hydrated skin after 2-3 sessions only!

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