Anal Bleaching – What Is It And Who Needs It

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Have you ever thought about doing anal bleaching? More so importantly, do you need it? A lot of men and women are giving it a go with this newer trend and this treatment. Keep on reading and discover what it is, figure out if you need it, and learn about all the most important facts, as well as about its pros and cons down below.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the process of applying chemicals that are quite powerful around the skin of your anus. With these professional & unique chemicals, you will lighten your skin and get rid of darker layers, discoloration, or depigmentation. This process is done within a couple of treatments (depending on your age & preferred results), ideal for any skin type. However, there are also laser treatments that one can opt and go for.

Is It Safe?

In most cases and with a proper technique, patients won’t experience pain or irritation of any sort if the process is done by someone who’s been in the business for years. In some cases, you could end up with a rash or a burning sensation, which is why you should never DIY the process yourself. Over-the-counter creams are not to be trusted. The process itself is a bit more complex which is why you should leave it to professionals.

What Is The Process Like?

The skin between your butt cheeks and your anus is generally darker than your actual skin color. A lot of men & women tend to do this anal bleaching process since it helps them feel a lot more confident in their own skin, especially when naked around their significant other. In most cases and with most salons you can choose between either topical lightening or laser bleaching.

A laser can cause a slight pop or sting when it hits the skin, which is why an expert will use a numbing cream to help with your pain levels.

How Can You Prepare For This Process?

Before your appointment, you’ll want to do proper steps to prepare for this procedure and the appointment itself. Here are the top 5 things to keep an eye out for:

1. Don’t have sex  – intercourse of any kind (vaginal and anal) should be avoided 2-3 days before your treatment. You don’t want to create friction, tears, or risk an infection since they will cause greater discomfort.

2. Do not remove the hair – shaving, waxing, and other hair removal types can irritate your skin and make the process uncomfortable.

3. Do not sweat – avoid heavy exercise since it creates irritation around your anus.

4. Wear comfy underwear – stay away from tight undies or thongs. It is vital for your anus to breathe.

5. Shower – on the day of your appointment, shower and lightly clean up with a soft towel.

What To Expect When At Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment you will be asked several basic questions. If you meet all the criteria you will begin with the process. Remove the underwear and roll your legs to one side. A technician will clean your skin and use a numbing solution. You will choose either the laser or chemical approach. The process is done in less than 40 minutes.

Is It A Permanent Outcome?

Anal bleaching results don’t last forever. This is because our everyday habits and activities can make an impact on our outcome, such as long walks & showers, as well as constant sitting. Laser treatments usually give the longest results. You only need a touch-up every 6 months to 1 year, but they are the priciest kind out of the bunch.

Ready To Give It A Go?

If you want to try out anal bleaching and you need quick results, make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter and enjoy their services. Thanks to their team of experts & professional staff every client will enjoy radiant skin and up to two shades lighter results!

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