Things People With Acne Need To Avoid

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Both men & women with acne skin can have a hard time trying to tame down their oils, as well as breakouts. Having acne can be stressful since often you can trigger them with some ”regular” makeup products. Not only that, but there are some foods that you need to avoid, as well as drinks if you want to prevent breakouts & pimples. If you want to figure out what is the right way to deal & approach acne-prone skin, keep on reading! Here is everything that you should avoid.

Foods To Avoid

1. Sugary Foods

Sugar, salt, as well as anything too soury can have & make an impact on your skin. Try to eat & drink as little of fizzy or sugary drinks since they can increase acne-causing inflammation in your skin.

2. Carbohydrates

We all love to eat rice, bread & pasta – right? However, carbs can make such a huge impact on the overall appearance of our skin. Carbs & sugar are your biggest enemies. Instead, put these two on hold & eat a lot of fruits, veggies & protein.

3. Cheese

Cheese & fat are very thick in consistency, as well as hard to digest. This is why diary can lead to inflammation. This can lead to the growth of bad bacteria underneath your skin. Try and consume cheese once a week, if possible. Your skin will thank you down the road.

Moves To Avoid

1. Touching Your Skin

You probably touch your skin & your face a lot, don’t you? Well, how about you only touch your face when your hands are clean. Your hands are covered in germs & bacteria that should be kept far away from your face. Also, try to avoid talking on your phone and putting it on your skin since it is also covered in bacteria.

2. Way Too Much Sun

Ultraviolet rays & the Sun itself can cause redness, hyperpigmentation, as well as discoloration. This can cause your acne to appear even redder than it is. Always wear an SPF 30 when out the house & stay away from heavy exposure.

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3. Caked On Makeup

Your pores can easily get clogged with makeup. Also, often, your makeup is pretty cheap & made out of low-quality ingredients. This is why you should wear only some high-quality products. Try and apply low-coverage and non-comedogenic products on top of the skin. Also, always remember to take your makeup off at the end of the day. You can use one of the following:

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Products To Avoid

1. Dirty Pillowcase

How often do you change your pillowcase? And how often do you wash it? This item can easily get caught in the dirt, sweat, germs, as well as makeup. Try to change your pillowcase every 3-4 days, and if possible – sleep on silk sheets. Silk is the best fabric for our skin, face & hair! Also, flip your pillow every other night, so you get the best use out of it.

2. Oily Products

Oils on oils don’t mix nor go well together. This is why women with oily skin, acne-prone skin, and sensitive skin should avoid using oils. Oils are often pore-clogging as well, and they are mostly used by women who have drier skin. You should use any mattifying clays or serums that work with your skin type.

3. Loofas

A loofa, as well as a towel, can be too harsh & rough on your skin. Also, these loofas can have a lot of germs on top of their surface, especially if you keep them in the bathroom. Rather use your clean hands & proper products, no reason to use cheap brushes.

Places To Avoid

1. A Hot Sauna/Yoga

The last thing that you need in your life is exposing your pores to high heat & sweat. Any sweaty or steamy surrounding will open up your pores & trap more dirt & sweat underneath the skin, which can cause even more breakouts.

2. Stressful Places

Stress is often related to breakouts, pimples & acne. Stress will raise your cortisol level – which leads to breakouts. If you live in stressful surroundings, or you are prone to stress – think about meditating. Don’t raise your stress levels & you will be a step closer to clearer skin.

3. Public Transport

Trams, subways, as well as city buses, are filled with germs. Although we don’t see them, these germs & bacteria can get trapped in our skin & will cause breakouts. If you can, try to avoid these public places by using a car, taxi, or by protecting your face with a scarf, a hat, as well as sunglasses. You should also use high-quality primers & moisturizers that can fight off bacteria.

Ready To Enjoy Clear Skin?

And there you have it! Our top twelve tips & tricks on how to avoid possible breakouts & how to prevent acne. Do you feel like we’ve missed out on some? Care to share some of your tips on how to deal, combat & prevent acne? Let us know and we will be very happy to add your tips to the list as well!

Also, if you tried everything on the list and still struggling with acne, we are here to help, our top experts can hear you and advise with what’s best for your needs

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