Alexandra L.

I absolutely love this place – Beautiful and comfortable ambiance, VERY clean!

I initially went for a lash lift as I have naturals that don’t really curl and after being educated she recommended lashes, as that’s the style I was aiming for when I described it. I communicated my preferences and she did amazing! Exactly what I wanted. It was my first time ever doing this service and I absolutely loved it. I even did a facial which was truly relaxing – I have very sensitive skin and she communicated with me throughout the service as to which products she used and what they were helping my skin with – which is super important for me. I purchased the skin products as well, because it leaves my skin super hydrated and glowing.

She is great with scheduling as I have a super busy work schedule so she is always responsive whenever I want to come in for my next service. The Instagram page highlights all the services so I always have my options to choose from. 10/10 would recommend!

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