Skincare Treatments to Do During Harsh Cold Winter Days

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Do you neglect your skin a bit more during the winter? The truth is, running around doing errands or having the time of our life while playing in the snow can make us forget to do all of our typical skincare steps (as well as some additional ones). If you want to know how your routine should look like and what are some facials that you should still book, keep on reading!

Skincare Steps To Follow During Winter

1. Don’t change everything overnight – although harsher and colder days might make your skin crave something different, it is never good to replace all of your products. Start and work slow and build from there.

2. Remember to wear SPF – just because your skin is not exposed as much to UV rays or heavy sun it is still important to keep it protected with an SPF of 15 (at least).

3. Deep hydration – your skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing, so invest in your moisturizer, cleanser, and night cream. Do not let your skin feel ”rubbery” or too dried out.

4. Layer up at bedtime – if your skin is looking really dull or uneven you should pay close attention to it and its needs at night. Pack on serums, moisturizers, and masks to nourish it properly.

5. Pay special attention to your lips – our lips easily chap and crack during winter days. You should always carry a lip balm or lip oil to moisturize them when out and about.

PS: We also have to mention that keeping your entire body hydrated should be your goal. Moisturize your skin (especially your hands) every night before you hit the bed. Keep your body and organism hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Top 4 Best Skincare Treatments To Do During Winter

1. Oxygen Facials

The name says it all where the facial treatment is pretty self-explanatory. An oxygen facial will help your skin get its needed boost and dose of pure oxygen during cold harsh winter. An oxygen facial is also infused with moisture-rich hyaluronic acid and it will provide you the best results when combined with mild exfoliation.

2. Dermaplaning

Not a lot of women have tried out dermaplaning, which is why it is important to give it a go and see its benefits to keep on re-booking the treatment. If your skin is thick, uneven and in need of hydration or exfoliation, you should give it a go. It is especially ideal for those who have dry and flaky skin from living in the cold harsh winter. It will leave your skin smooth, glowing, and a lot more nourished.

3. Laser Facial

If your skin often flares up or becomes irritated noticeably in the winter and one specific spot, why not finally get around to it and have it taken care of? Lasers are unique in that by definition they have one wavelength that attacks one specific skin problem. The power of the laser is that it can target skin concerns such as redness, fine lines, and discoloration. Give it a go if you are tired of constant flare-ups.

4. Vitamin C Facials

Vitamin C is a proven booster for your natural and radiant skin health.

The vitamin C treatment comes in handy with its massage masque that enhances absorption of the active ingredient, giving deeper and much more satisfying results. It is often and mostly recommended for dry and dull skin. Once packed with proper ingredients that are massaged into your skin this facial will leave you with moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

Ready To Look Glowy?

If you want to take care of your skin and especially spoil yourself during these cold winter days, make sure that you check out Dr. Glow Getter and all the skin care treatments that they have to offer. You will end up with a customized cocktail solution for the ultimate boost during cold winter days.

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