How To Take Care Of Your Skin After Having a Facial

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Regular facial treatments are something that we, women, love to do monthly. They not only help our skin, but they actually allow us to pamper ourselves, leave our skin looking glowy, and they also remove blackheads, blemishes, redness, as well as all the gunk & junk from our pores. If you want to learn how to take care of your skin after you get your much-needed facial, keep on reading! Here, we will explain what you should do at night, and what you should do in the morning after getting a facial.

Skin Night Routine

1. Wash your face and remove all the products

Right after enjoying your facial you should stay away from makeup for the rest of your day. Your pores are the most sensitive, they’ve opened up, and quite frankly – they are huge. Any dirt which ends up trapping in there may break you out. Wash your face 24 hours after the treatment, and make sure you use the right set of products. Something that is gentle, non-comedogenic & which usually works for your skin type is a good idea. 

After those 24 hours pass you can go back to your regular makeup routine; just make sure you wash it off at the end of the day.

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2. Apply toner

According to every woman should use a toner. However, this item is a must-have especially for women with oily and acne-prone skin. You should apply your toner at night since it will drastically shrink your pores & help with oil production. Apply a small amount of it to your cotton round and press it against your skin. This will also restore your natural pH balance and will protect your skin from any external factors.

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3. Apply eye cream

An under-eye cream should be something different & something of higher quality than your moisturizer. Eye creams are amazing at fighting off wrinkles, giving you radiance, as well as diminishing fine lines. Also, the skin around your eyes is super thin & delicate, which is why you should nourish it. You should apply your favorite eye cream with your ring finger and dab the product each night.

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4. Apply serum

We believe that serums help further push our skincare products underneath our protective layers. This makes them a must-have for dehydrated or dry skin types. You should invest in a high-quality serum that should only be used at night. Make sure it suits your skin type before you apply a hefty amount of it.

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5. Apply night treatment

A night-time treatment can be different for every woman since everyone has a different skin type. For some, this can be an eye mask. Others may be keen on age-fighting products. Make sure you stick to one product that is catered to your skin type & your targeted concern. 

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Skin Day Routine

1. Wash your face and remove all the products

Begin your morning routine by washing your face with a gentle everyday face wash. At night you can even use two of these and double cleanse if you are truly trying to remove all the dirt from your pores as well as makeup. In the morning use a dime-size amount and rinse it out with lukewarm water.

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2. Apply toner

Yet again, use a toner to shrink down your pores. This will allow you smoother & even application of your makeup. Go for the right toner for your skin type & go lightly with it in the morning, but do apply a bigger amount in the evening. 

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3. Apply moisturizer

Your hydrating & nourishing moisturizer can act as an amazing base for your makeup. It helps with severe dryness, and it also fights off free radicals as well as any external factors. Use your favorite moisturizer and apply a decent amount to your entire face. You should also apply some to your hands since they can get dry in a matter of minutes.

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4. Apply SPF 30 or up

Lastly, SPF 30 will protect you from sun exposure. You should apply it over your entire face, but make sure it does not clog your pores. Use a non-comedogenic kind and something that has been approved by dermatologists. SPF 30 (at least) prevents aging, sunburns, as well as premature fine lines and will protect you from pollution & unwanted hazards that we don’t see with our eyes.

After this product sinks in you will be able to apply your foundation (if you usually wear any) as well as concealer & powder on top of your skin.

Ready To Enjoy Your Facial?

If you end up getting regular facial treatments & you take good care of your skin you will drastically change & speed up your morning & night-time skincare routine. Are you someone who loves facials? If so, we have a list of some must-have treatments listed right here at Dr Glow Getter. Let your skin rejuvenate & rest, and make sure you take care of yourself regularly.

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