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LED therapy is also known as the light eliminating diode therapy which is a must-have skincare treatment for so many different skin types and skin complications. It is a therapy where your skin gets to experience the effects of blue and red wavelengths in order to reduce sebum production and to get rid of any and every annoying acne. Are you intrigued in doing this skincare treatment anytime soon? If so, here’s all that you should know about it! 

Why Get Led Light Therapy? 

In case you didn’t know before, NASA originally came with the concept of the LLT (led light therapy). They’ve used it in order to speed up the growth of so many different kinds of plants and vegetables in the 90s which weren’t getting any sun exposure. 

A few years back scientist and dermatologists have realized that LLT can make an impact on skin aging, acne, as well as some scars & wounds on our surface. Wondering if you’re the right candidate for LLT? Just know that this therapy can:

  • Reduce the inflammation 
  • Tame down and treat acne 
  • Can give you a younger-looking skin 
  • It will remove any age spots or wrinkles 
  • It does wonders with fine lines
  • Can be used by any age group

What Is The Procedure Like? 

Once you come to the salon you should be barefaced and you shouldn’t wear any makeup. Your esthetician will give you a pair of protective goggles that you will put over your eyes. This way, you won’t be blinded by wavelengths and blue & red lights. Each session takes around 20 minutes to do, and the number of sessions will vary depending on your skin type and your targeted concern. Your skin care specialist will determine whether they’ll use red or blue light on top of your skin.

What Is The Difference Between Red & Blue Light Therapy?

The red (infrared) light is used for treating epidermis, and it does wonder at stimulating your collagen. RED therapy is an often go-to choice by those who wish to improve their wrinkles and fine lines. This therapy is just as mild and non-invasive as the blue therapy, but your skin specialist can advise that you do both treatments, only at different times and at a different pace.

The blue light therapy helps with hair follicles and does wonders mostly for oily skin types, pimples, and acne. Women who have been dealing with acne all their life will want to feel the perks of blue light on their skin. The blue light therapy will make your acne a lot less active and will help with the hormonal disbalance. It is only important to maintain your results.

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects? Who Shouldn’t Do The Procedure?

Plenty of women are worried that their faces will tan under these lights, which is why some of them will apply an SPF base beforehand. However, and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, LED is safe to do and it won’t cause any long-term risks, and you shouldn’t apply any creams or serums before the treatment. 

However, women who are super sensitive or those who are using some drugs may not be the most ideal candidate for the treatment, so make sure you talk with your esthetician or your dermatologist before you book your appointment.

What To Expect After The Treatment?

The treatment is super mild and it is not invasive, which means that there will be no specific downtime. This means that you can go back to your everyday routine the next day. Your esthetician will book your appointments about one week apart, and they will usually aim for 10 sessions. The best part regarding LLT is that you can spot the results right after the first treatment! If you want to maintain these results, try and come back to the salon at least on a bi-monthly basis.

Can I Do This Treatment At Home?

LED Light therapy is something that you can do on your own risk just like all other treatments. If you are serious about it and would like to give it a try, we would advise you to stick with a professional, and ask for their help & consultation.

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