Epilator, Wax, IPL, or Laser Hair Removal, which one is best for me

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Struggling with removing and getting rid of your hair? Just know that you are not alone. A lot of men and women have a hard time changing their shaving habits and getting into something new. How many times have you tried to put down your razor, but still have failed to do so due to its practicality? If you’re looking for true, proper & long-lasting results, you’re going to enjoy this article! Here & today, we are going to discuss the difference between four other options: epilating, waxing, IPL, or laser.

1. Epilating

If you enjoy practical at-home treatments and solutions, give it a go with this approach. You can easily epilate your unwanted hair in a matter of minutes. Simply plug in your tool or make sure that its battery is filled before you begin the process. 

Why do it? 

An epilator pulls the hair from the root so you’re hair-free for longer. It also saves you from going to the salon to wax over & over again. You don’t need to grow your hair too long either since you can remove it at minimal length. Price-wise it is considered to be a lot more affordable than laser hair removal.

What about results & pain?

You will enjoy smooth skin for 7-10 days. Heads up, however, since this approach hurts quite a lot. For some people, it is even worse than waxing. 

2. Waxing

When it comes to affordable long-lasting hairless results, waxing is one the most popular and effective ways. It helps with any type of hair, especially thick & coarse kinds. The best part is that you can do it on most of your body regions & different problematic areas all on your own!

Why do it? 

Do it if you prefer smooth skin for weeks to come! Once done the right way this treatment will pull the hair from your root, leaving it smooth & hair-free. It is perfect for your summer holidays, as well as if you need to enjoy smooth skin for a longer period. As long as if you don’t mind rebooking your session every 2-3 weeks (and growing your hair in the meantime), you should give it a go.

What about results & pain?

Unfortunately, waxing hurts quite a lot. Oftentimes women can’t handle their bikini area being waxed, which means that it is only for those who are not over-sensitive. 

3. IPL

Did you know that you can now also purchase IPL devices for home use? No more need to book your salon sessions since nowadays at-home IPL tools will help with your hair-free experience. IPL uses intense pulsed light, which targets the pigments in the hair follicle to kill it and stop hair growth. Do these weeks apart to completely stop hair from regrowing.

Why do it? 

If you are eager to try something that is semi-permanent, yet it is not as painful or pricey as laser hair removal – this is it. You don’t have to pay visits to the clinic either since you can DIY your own treatments. It is a gentle tool, mostly popular for sensitive skin types.

What about results & pain?

IPL might not work as well for women who have darker skin types or super thick & coarse hairs. If you want long-lasting results that are not painful, this tool will make a dramatic difference.

4. Laser

Laser is definitely the queen of hair-removal solutions that does wonders in the long run. Laser promises more effective hair removal for a longer period of time. Its users will be hair-free in 5-8 months after continuous use and an approach that is done by a certified esthetician. Laser is also much safer for darker skin + you can use it over every body part.

Why do it? 

If you want to get rid of your hair once and for all and on any preferred region or part of your body, you’re going to enjoy laser hair removal. In just a couple of sessions, your hair will be gone from the root. No more dark spots either. Guys can also try out this treatment. 

What about results & pain?

Pain-wise, it is more so uncomfortable and like a stinging sensation. No one will have any form of redness or bruising, as long as if it was done by a certified expert. However, it is the priciest solution off of these from our list.

Time To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hairs For Good!

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