Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Face Mask On My Skin

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During the global pandemic people worldwide had to adjust their lifestyle and their way of living.

Coronavirus has had an impact on everything (and everyone) which did result in some changes. The most common one was wearing a face mask, and people had to adapt to this new rule. If you wish to know a bit more about the pros & cons of wearing a face mask, keep on reading, and find your answers down below!

What you should know about wearing face masks: Top 6 facts

1. Don’t Re-wear The Same Mask

You shouldn’t wear the same mask over and over again. Each mask is made with different fabrics, and you should always pay close attention to its materials. 

So, for instance, if you are wearing a disposable mask – make sure that you throw it away right after your first use and your first wear. Usually, disposable masks can last you for 24 hours.

On the other hand, you can wear fabric masks (that are made out of cotton or similar fabrics). These masks are machine-washable + you will enjoy them if you prefer vibrant masks, cool prints, as well as noticeable designs. You can even pair-along your outfit of the day with your colored mask!

2. Disposable Masks Are Better

If you can’t make your mind up and you are not too sure what mask to purchase, always go for the disposable kind! These masks are the best for your skin. In fact, a disposable mask is a lot more lightweight, not as harsh, and it won’t irritate your skin. Disposable masks are also way less maintenance and they won’t catch dirt, debris, or any external factors.

Just make sure you throw them away at the end of the day and make sure to have at least 2-3 extra masks at all times and on deck.

PS: Disposable masks are a bit pricier. However, they are worth it in the end due to their amazing protection.

3. Avoid Cheap Masks

You should avoid cheap and poorly made masks due to several reasons:

A) Some fabrics are a bit more high-maintenance than others

B) Cheap masks can irritate your skin

C) Cheap masks can also cause breakouts if not cleaned the right way

Also, cheaper masks won’t give you your needed level of protection, so play smart when making your purchase!

4. Do Not Wear Makeup

Wearing a lot of makeup and heavy layers are not necessary, nor recommended. In fact, your face mask covers the entire lower portion of your face. It protects your skin on its own, so there is no reason to wear a lot of foundation.

Also, your face makeup will only get dirty with makeup, which will make its cleaning & maintenance hard to do. 

Avoid heavy makeup when leaving the house, and only wear it in some extreme cases!

5. Clean Your Skin Once You Get Home

Clean & clear skin is healthy skin. This means that you should clean your skin with your trustworthy skincare products the moment you get home.

Use a mild cleanser and wash away the dirt. Your mask may clog your pores, which is why it is important and essential to clean them thoroughly! Always wash your face once you take off your face mask, your skin will thank you!

6. Invest In Your Skincare More Than You Ever Did Before

Lastly, it is very important to invest a lot of thought, care, love & money into your skincare products & application.

Nowadays and at this exact moment, your skin is more prone to breakouts than ever. This especially applies to women who have super sensitive skin, since some may get irritation from the mask due to its fabrics.

Apply your favorite serums, creams, as well as gels each night. Always apply light pressure and your skin will thank you in the end!

Also do not forget to book your skin consultation in case you are interested to know more in-depth about how to improve your skin and get the best results possible

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