Skin Bleaching for Dark Spots Procedure & Benefits

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When it comes to skin bleaching, a ton of people tend to do it nowadays. Although it was a taboo topic a couple of years back, now and because of the influence of social media, it seems like everyone is doing it and giving it a go! In fact, there are a lot more details online, making it more approachable and easier to do and commit to. Keep on reading as we discuss and list a ton of different and important tips and tricks on how to do it properly while also listing all the pros.

What Is A Skin Whitening Treatment?

This is a process where you lighten or bleach your skin through special chemicals. In fact, around 25-80% of African women regularly use skin whitening products. This percentage varies and depends on their age, ethnicity, or current skin health and state. This treatment is done with either bleaching agents such as creams or with lasers at a skincare clinic or with a dermatologist.

Are There Any Benefits Or Pros Of Whitening Your Skin?

This can be a personal experience that fully depends on one’s personal preference. A lot of women tend to do this because:

A) Skin whitening improves your self-confidence: this is because fair skin is considered to be a lot more youthful, natural, and radiant. It is also highly appreciated in Asian countries and cultures. 

B) You can remove discoloration: a lot of women have some sort of hyperpigmentation or unevenness around their skin. Some parts are naturally darker or considered to be ashier than others. If you have struggled for a while now with your skin and its natural melanin production, you might want to consider doing some ”light” touch-ups.

C) Saves you time: this is a permanent method, meaning that your entire maintenance and beauty regimen will be sped up. It is an advanced method that adds beauty to your life and make-up nature as well. No more reason to re-apply skin whitening creams on areas that are too hard to reach.

D) For any part of your body: you can enjoy the power of laser to lighten blemishes or dark patches of skin. This works by removing the outer layer of the skin without damaging it in any way.

E) Good price point: the cost of each session can vary widely across practitioners and in every salon. However, once you look at the bigger picture and how practical and long-lasting it is, it is considered to be budget-friendly.

How Does The Process Look Like?

  • Before the procedure starts, a test may be done on a small area of skin to see how it reacts. Some skin types are more sensitive than others. 
  • You won’t feel discomfort, but a slight pinching sensation.
  • You will be given a special pair of glasses (goggles) to wear during the treatment.
  • A laser device will be held against your skin for 15-40 minutes, depending on the area that is being treated.
  • You might feel some cool breeze across your skin.
  • No special maintenance, upkeeps, or requirements are needed at the end, you are free to walk home and re-book the treatment when your esthetician recommends.

Book Your Treatment Right Now!

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