What to Do When You Have Saggy and Wrinkle-prone Skin

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Wrinkles are quite common and they are a thing that bothers most women, as well as guys who are in their forties or fifties. These visible signs of aging happen to all of us as we grow old, and they can be quite prominent around our face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms. Keep on reading and understand how they happen, why they happen + how to prevent them and end up with gorgeous & moisturized skin.

What Causes Aging To Happen?

1. Aging

As we grow old we start to produce less and less collagen each day. Collagen or elastin gives our skin the needed elasticity that provides skin with moisture & firmness. Some people will produce more collagen than others, and some will end up getting facial treatments that can contribute to your overall collagen production. Some factors that can slow down your collagen production are:

  • Often UV exposure
  • Cigarettes
  • Poor nutrition
  • Drinking alcohol too often

2. Weight loss

Carrying extra weight for an extended period can be quite heavy (literally) on top of your skin. This makes it harder for skin to snap back when you lose any additional weight. You should avoid quick diets & unhealthy ways of losing weight and overnight. These can be quite bad for your overall health, and they will cause your skin to drop all around your body.

3. Due to illness

There are some medical conditions that are linked to saggy skin. Also, your overall health can contribute a lot to your skin shrinking or ending up with fine lines & crows feet. A condition called cutaneous T-cell lymphoma is a state where people can see a very gradual slackening of skin on the elbows and knees. Forgetting to drink water on a daily can also be a contributing factor to premature fine lines & dehydration.

How To Prevent It Or Slow Down?

1. Use Retinoids

Retinoids can be included in your skincare routine. You should go for some over-the-counter medications, or you can ask your dermatologist what they recommend for your skin type. Although they may cause your skin to become red and peel at the beginning, later on, they will leave you with glowy & even skin that is a lot more bright & luminous.

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2. Go For Antioxidants

These include vitamins A, C, and E, as well as beta-carotene. You can go for some supplements while also adding these ingredients to your skincare routine. Moisturizers that are thicker in consistency and gel-like are helpful for visible signs of aging & moisturizing properties. Make sure that you invest in your skincare & everyday items, and your skin will thank you.

3. Get A Peel

There are loads of different peels that you can go for and that can suit your skin type. Some of them are glycolic & acid peels. These superficial peels can make a very slight difference in the intensity of fine wrinkles. On the other hand, you can also go for deeper peels that, as the name suggests, penetrate deep into your skin layers. Although a bit more abrasive, they will penetrate your skin & help with fine lines a lot better than some regular peels.

4. Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that helps with lifting & hydrating purposes of your skin. With this advanced treatment, you can achieve the effect of lifted skin around your face, neck, and chin. It can also be used on wrinkles in the chest area. Although on the pricier side, this treatment helps with dehydrated, wrinkly, as well as saggier mature skin types.

5. Try Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular & well-loved facials by women of any age! This is a process where your skin is massaged with a large rotating brush that penetrates deep into your skin and further stimulates collagen production. In microdermabrasion, the layer of skin that comes off is finer than the skin that is sanded off in dermabrasion, which makes it ideal for those who crave more elastic skin.

Time To Try Out Some Treatments

Ready to try out some of these treatments that can slow down the process of aging while combating your fine lines and wrinkles? If you’re interested in booking and trying the best of the best, make sure that you consult with Dr. Glow Getter! With their help & professional team members, you will be left with flawless, radiant, as well as hydrated skin in just a couple of sessions!

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