When to Do Laser Hair Removal

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Do you want to get rid of annoying body or facial hair? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Imagine being at the beach or in sleeveless attire, having to flash your thick, coarse, or full hair. We all should come prepared, no matter the event! So, why not try flashing your hairless, smooth skin everywhere you go?! This is why you should book laser hair removal sessions often and regularly. Most people benefit from getting laser hair removal after the summer is over. However, this mostly relies on the individual’s skin type. If you want to figure out the best ways & time options when to book laser hair removal, this article is for you! Here is all that you should know. 

Know Your Skin Type and Level

Laser hair removal is most effective on skin with an even tone and undertone. There are four primary types of skin, and each responds best to a certain type of laser. 

Type I skin is exceedingly fair and sun-sensitive to the point of blistering. Type II skin is defined by its excessive fairness, inability to tan, and sensitivity to the sun. 

Skin type III is rather fair, easily sunburned, and tans to a light brown. Type VI dark skin has dark melanin and is sun sensitive but never burns.

How to Prepare For This Procedure?

Consult a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has experience conducting laser hair removal on your skin type if you want to get rid of unwanted hair with a laser. A medical doctor should be present and oversee the progress. Any salon, spa, or other business that uses untrained people to perform laser hair removal should be avoided. Before choosing laser hair removal, speak with your doctor to make sure it’s the best course of action for you. Your doctor may perform some of the following procedures: 

  • Find out what medications you are currently on, your skin issues, and your history of hair removal. 
  • Learn about the limitations of laser hair removal as well as its potential adverse effects and long-term benefits. 
  • Document alterations over time via comparative images. 

How to Watch Out For Your Skin?

The most important piece of advice? Try staying out of the sun. As advised by your doctor, avoid sun exposure both before and after treatment. Every time you go outside, put on broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 30. A skin-whitening cream may also be suggested by your doctor if you have darker skin. Also, you should avoid trying or doing different kinds of hair removal methods during this in-between period. It is advised to refrain from hair removal procedures including waxing and hair pulling for at least four weeks prior to treatment. 

Just Know: Laser Hair Removal Works Best In Spring

During laser hair removal, the laser light from the device passes through your skin and is directed at the hair follicle. The greater noticeable the color difference between your skin and hair, the more effective the therapy is. You want as much contrast as possible, therefore you should have lighter skin. In the four weeks before your laser hair removal appointment, you should stop waxing and plucking. If you want to remove hair before getting laser hair removal, you can just shave. Stubble and razor burn marks are less noticeable when you’re still wearing jeans or leggings around the home, so it’s best to do it in the spring rather than the summer.

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