Achieve The Ultimate Barbie Look with Lashes, Eyebrows, and Skincare

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Who wouldn’t want to look and feel like an actual Barbie from time to time? The truth is that all women can look feminine, elegant, and classy with the right eyelash, eyebrow & skincare treatments. Luckily at Dr. Glow Getter, every woman will look like a real-life Barbie! Thanks to their specialized beauty treatments, you will know that you’re in safe hands. If you wish to invest a bit in yourself and your appearance, here is what we recommend for doing & booking.

Achieve the ultimate Barbie Look with Lashes, Eyebrows, and skincare: Top 3 Treatments

1. Lashes 

Who wouldn’t want to show off their wispy & feminine lashes?! Your options are:

A) Classic lashes are perfect for subtle eye augmentation. Classic is fantastic if you want natural lashes for everyday wear. For beginners, they are the cheapest and fastest lash style

B) Volume – Bundling many extensions into a fan. For a bigger, fluffier look, the fan is attached to one natural lash with 2-6 lashes. The fan is lightweight and beneficial for natural lashes because each extension is unique.

C) Mega Volume uses an extremely thin extension, making a 7-dimensional mega volume fan lighter than a 6-dimensional volume. Mega Volume services are the most expensive since they take the longest, cost the most, and need the greatest skill. They do give out an actual Barbie look.

2. Brows

Eyebrows, like eyelashes, serve to keep dust and other dirt from entering the eyes. But did you know that our eyebrows are designed to keep water out of our eyes? On average, each of our brows has about 250 hairs. Scientists have counted more than a thousand hairs in unruly brows. You can try out two different types of treatments if you wish to embrace your Barbie fantasy:

A) Henna brows

If your natural brows are thin or light-colored, you can try out henna. Plant-based henna is used to color the brow area and fill in sparse spots or cover thinning areas. This works well to provide definition, color, and fullness to the brow area. Because they allow you to try out new shapes without committing to semi-permanent makeup, henna brow treatments are often recommended to customers who want to enhance the color of their eyebrows or conceal gray hairs. 

B) Brow lamination 

This is a non-surgical method for taming unruly brow hairs and giving the impression of full, boyish brows. Eyebrow experts will “perm” the hairs with a series of skin-safe chemical treatments, then brush them straight and use a neutralizer to keep them there. Styling the hairs upward in a regular vertical manner creates the illusion of thicker brows than you actually have. 

3. Facial treatments

A) Microdermabrasion is very gentle compared to dermabrasion. A licensed dermatologist or aesthetician will do the treatment. A gadget is used to massage tiny crystals into the skin for around 30 minutes. For best results, microdermabrasion treatments should be performed five to six times. It may help with acne scars, age spots, and overall skin tone. After receiving a microdermabrasion treatment, the skin may become irritated and inflamed. Experts advise getting several treatments if you want to see long-lasting improvements. 

B) Chemical peels – sun spots, acne scars, dark freckles, wrinkles, and acne spots can all be diminished with its use, while the skin’s overall tone and brightness are enhanced. Chemical peels, which can range from superficial to deep, are performed by a dermatologist. When subjected to a chemical solution, the skin develops blisters and eventually peels. When you peel off that outer layer, you’ll reveal younger, more radiant, and more uniform skin underneath. Wrapping your skin for a few days after treatment is necessary to avoid complications or infection.

Check out our services and explore more options when it comes to the looks and results you would like to achieve, from lash treatments, eyebrow shapes to skincare facials and advanced face treatments, pamper yourself at Dr. Glow Getter and get what you deserve

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