How To Take Care of Your Lashes After Having a Set of Lash Extensions

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After getting a fresh new set of lash extensions, every woman feels a lot more pretty, feminine, as well as confident! Lash extensions are an amazing addition to the face, and women love getting them since they are customizable per your preference, eye shape, and your headed event! If you end up getting a set any time soon, here’s how to maintain it and keep it on for as long as possible!

What To Avoid After Getting Lash Extensions? Top 6 Steps Which You Shouldn’t Do!

1. Don’t Wash Your Lashes For 2 Days

Once you come back home from your treatment, try and stay away from water. This means that you shouldn’t wash your face or your lashes for the next 2-3 days. By doing so, you will actually prolong the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Don’t go for a steamy bath or a hot shower, since high heat can open up your pores, and cause the extensions to loosen up, and for the glue to weaken. So, stay away from the beach, saunas, as well as the pool, it is that simple!

2. Don’t Wear Makeup For Three Days

Makeup shouldn’t be on your go-to list. This especially applies to eye makeup. Let your face rest for the upcoming 2-3 days. You can apply a bit of BB cream and lipstick (if you truly must), but try to stay away from any lashes, mascaras, or eyeshadows. These can tug on your lash extensions and can cause them to fall out sooner than expected. Embrace your natural beauty for the welfare of your lash extensions!

3. Don’t Apply Oily Products In The Longrun

Applying any oily products will, unfortunately, irritate your lash extensions and cause them to fall off and slip from the root. This is why you should avoid any oil-based cleansers, makeup removers, as well as creams! Switch to natural ingredients, and make sure that your skincare & makeup items are free from oils! Also, make sure you are very gentle when it comes to the removal of your makeup. Heavy motions and hard wiping or rubbing actions will irritate your lashes, and cause them to shed.

4. Don’t Use Creamy Eyeshadows In The Longrun

A creamy eyeshadow will look a bit flaky, and it will easily smudge. Aside from this, creamy eyeshadows can easily get into your lash line and cause your lash extensions to fall off or move. If you’re doing your eye makeup, make sure you use something that is either matte or powdery in your crease & lid area. Dab the product in with your brush, and not your fingers. Make sure you are gentle and careful since sudden and rough motions may irritate your lash line.

5. Don’t Apply Liquid Eyeliners In The Longrun

Liquid liners are the worst since they can easily sink into the root of your lashes. They are also easily spread, they have a liquid & runny texture, and they can smear! All of this will eventually lead to the fallout of your extensions, as well as their early shedding. If you must, rather use black eyeshadow on your lid. Make slow tapping motions along the lash line till you are left with the optimal coverage! Also, a matte gel is a good idea and a good backup for the liquid liner.

6. Don’t Use Waterproof Makeup Or Mascaras In The Longrun

Waterproof makeup is a lot harder to remove, which is why you should avoid it. This especially applies to the use of waterproof mascaras. Your lash extensions are already voluminous & noticeable on their own, no need to add any coats of mascara on top! If applied correctly, they will look gorgeous and you won’t have to reach for other eye makeup items! This also applies to lash curlers and glue-on lashes.

Optional: Sleep On Your Back 

This step is a bit unusual, but following it can truly contribute and help your lashes to last a bit longer. Try and sleep on your back and on satin sheets. By doing so, your face won’t be in direct contact with the pillow, and your lashes won’t move around! Practice makes everything perfect, so give this little trick a chance!

PS: This can also help with wrinkles, skin in general, and will also give you healthy hair!

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Ready To Try Out Lash Extensions?

So, do you feel a bit more confident now when it comes to rocking lash extensions? As you can see, with some proper tips & tricks you can prolong their lifespan! By following our simple 6 hacks, your lashes will stay on for three weeks, with ease! If you’re intrigued, check out all the different lash services that you can get with our lash experts in Edgewater, NJ. Book oBook Appointment online whenever you are ready and come glow like a Glow Getter

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