Lash Shedding Season Is Here: And Here Is What You Need To Do

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Your lash extensions will sometimes shed more and sometimes less. This often depends on the activities that you are doing, as well as the humidity of your surroundings. *The higher the heat, the faster the lash glue will melt.* 

However, the way you take care of your lash extensions is the most important part. This especially applies to the initial 48 hours after just getting them done. This time period will allow you to either make or break the deal (literally) when it comes to your lashes. Here are the top 7 rules that you should be aware of: 

1. Your Lash Extension Can’t Stand Oils

 Are you someone who naturally has oily skin? If so, you will have to take proper care of your extensions, and you may need to switch up your skincare routine. This means using products that are mattifying, as well as cleansers that contain minimum to no oils! Lashes are prone to falling out once they come in contact with oily products, as well as alcohol-based products. This is why you should wisely choose your makeup-remover, such as the Neutrogena’s Gentle Oil Makeup Remover

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2. Your Lash Extensions Dislike Heat 

High heat is pretty damaging to your skin; therefore, it does make sense that it can be damaging to your lashes (both natural and lash extensions). Stay away from saunas, hair salons, and don’t use tools that can heat up pretty quickly during the first 48 hours. This means stay away from a hair straightener, as well as a blowdryer. Allow your glue to bond along with your lashes, and don’t expose your extensions to any lash curlers, mascaras, or similar lash items! The less force you use – the better lashes you will have.

3. Stay Sweat-Free 

Believe it or not, sweating and overproducing oils can affect your lash count. If you end up sweating, you can move or cause your lashes to fall out. This is why it is essential to stay away from the gym or any workouts during the first 24-48 hours. A sweaty and steamy environment will definitely rip out a lash or two, so be careful and well-aware of this fact.

4. Don’t Cry

This advice may seem a bit funny or unusual, but it is still as important as any other! Shedding a tear or two will actually cause you to shed your lashes! Keep your lash extensions away from tears, water, as well as heavy rain and snow. They are very fragile and bendable during the first 48 hours, and should not come in contact with water. This means that you shouldn’t apply any makeup on top of your skin, and you shouldn’t wash your face either!

5. Use A Lash Cleanser

This is vital since your lash extensions can get dirty, just as your natural lashes do, or your glue-on lashes do. Invest in a lash cleanser that will remove any mascara residue, small gunk, as well as any other makeup build-up. You can also use a small Q-tip and run it through your extensions. This will help with any tiny residue or fallout. Make sure you wash your lashes with lukewarm water each night: but don’t rub your face. Always make tapping and pressing motions. It creates less friction, and it won’t cause your lashes to shed.

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6. Make Sure You Clean Your Eyes

This step is vital and crucial to do moments before your appointment! You will need to come barefaced and with clean, hydrated skin. This will allow your lash esthetician to place lash extensions one by one properly. You are also lowering the risk of any infections if you come well-prepped for the treatment. But also, clean your eyes each morning and night. It is a must due to hygiene reasons, and it is good for the longevity of your lash extensions.

7. Trust Your Lash Tech

Lastly, make sure you are always in good hands. If your lash esthetician is not experienced enough, you could still end up with a wonky outcome. Their glue should be of a high-quality, and you should trust their expertise and their skilled hands. If they mess up the application, you could lose all of your lashes in less than a week! This is why you should book your appointment with us at Dr. Glow Getter! Our highly skilled and professional team will give you the lashes of your dreams! See many different styles and options right here, right now.

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