Spring Allergy Season and Lash Extensions

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Are you someone who loves to look feminine and flawless when rocking your new set of lash extensions? A lot of women who prefer different beauty looks and innovative ideas will appreciate this trend. However, sometimes what you have to take into consideration is your eye sensitivity, as well as any possible allergic reactions. Keep on reading and understand how to keep your allergies under control, while also rocking some flawless lash extensions.

What Are Spring Allergies?

People who have had allergies all their lives will know that the Spring season is the worst due to its pollen production, and it can cause unwanted allergies overnight, literally. Tree pollen, as well as grass pollen, will start to show in February while continuing all the way till May. If your immune system fails to produce the needed antibodies, you will show visible signs of a poor allergic reaction, such as sneezing and coughing/crying or having irritated eyelids.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms When It Comes To Spring Allergies?

Most people will have and experience:

  • Clogged sinus
  • Watery nose
  • Constant coughs and or sneezes
  • Irritated eyelids
  • Watery eyelids or even crying 

What Happens When You Have An Allergic Reaction While Having Lash Extensions On?

Having lash extensions and experiencing an allergic reaction is a bad combo. This is because you might end up shortening the lifespan of your lash extensions. Allergies & allergy season will make your eyes red & inflamed, and your eyelashes may come off sooner than you’d want them to. This is why you need to focus on calming your eyelids and approaching the allergy with the right medication, tools, as well as creams/oils.

PS: You should get your lash extensions only after dealing and beginning the treatment if you want to prolong their lifespan.

How To Prepare & Approach Your Allergy

You should drink your medication around two weeks before you typically start to feel your allergy symptoms. You can also purchase over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays. These are not too pricey and are easily accessible as well as available in most drugstores or pharmacies, yet they will make a huge difference with your allergies. Also, consider the following:

1. Clean beforehand

You should clean out your closet and remove any dirt, debris, or dust. Clean & wash everything while wearing a mask that will reduce your inhalation of potential allergens. This also applies to your furniture, windows, as well as your fabrics/curtains.

2. Close your windows and avoid pollen

You should keep the pollen out of your home and keep your house protected by closing the windows and avoiding any direct sunlight, as well as pollen. Rather turn on your AC and avoid any possible complications day and night. Practice this approach and this step all the way till summer.

3. Avoid mold

Did you know that mold can often occur in basements and your kitchen? The area that is not as dry can create unwanted humidity which is bad for pollen production and its accumulation, as well as your lash extensions. Wet & humid areas will cause your lash extensions to prematurely fall out, which is why dry & airy rooms are the best go-to.

4. Maintain Your Lash Extensions The Right Way

After getting your lash extensions done, make sure you follow your technician advice and tips on how to maintain them to last longer, You can check out our guide on how to keep your eyelash extensions amazing and maintain them the correct way

Can You Still Wear Lash Extensions?

In the end, just know that you can still wear & get a set of lash extensions. However, knowing how to approach them if you are prone to allergies is crucial. Simply apply these tips, take your medication, and act responsibly before you book your treatment. Once you’re ready to commit make sure that you book your session here and enjoy the work of art of our specialized and master lash artists.

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