What Look Should I Get When Looking At Lash Extensions

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Have you ever had lash extensions before? If not, you may be surprised with a huge variety and different lash looks that are out there. It is time to put glue-on lashes aside, along with your mascara, and give lash extensions a chance! Here is how to know which look is for you, and here are all the different options that you should know about.

How To Know What Lash Style Is For You?

Some women can look better with shorter lashes, while others have no trouble rocking Russian volume! Which side of the spectrum do you belong to? Either way, when choosing your ideal lash type, you should be aware of the following elements:

  • Your eye shape – hooded eyes will look a lot better with shorter yet stacked lashes since this look will open them up. However, doll-like eyes can look great with some wispy and longer pieces! It is all about customization, so talk with your lash expert before committing to one style in particular.
  • Your natural lashes – if your natural lashes tend to shed quickly, rather stick with a low-maintenance and shorter outcome.
  • Your preferred type – if you usually wear only mascara you may end up being scared of the Russian volume. Think twice about your ideal set before you book your appointment.
  • Your targeted event – lastly, some events will demand more volume, length & curl than others. If you are off to a prom or a wedding, get yourself a full and voluminous set. If you are getting something for everyday wear or for the office, go with shorter lashes!
  • Your eye sensitivity level – if your eyes are naturally super sensitive to faux mink, mink, or synthetic materials, you should stay away from artificial lashes. In fact, you should opt for a lash lift (the best natural option). 

What Are All The Different Options? Top 6 Lash Options To Choose From

1. Natural

This lash application consists of short-medium pieces of lashes that are all stacked on top of your natural lashes. They are a must-have lash treatment for women who usually wear minimum makeup. If you are a natural beauty who likes that BB cream glow, you will adore this look. The best part? The process takes less than 60 minutes to do!

2. Glamorous Doll Eyes

If you want to accentuate your eyes and make them look like true doll-eyes, this fill is for you. The lashes are applied along your lash line where there are different lengths along the band. The most volume is focused on the middle portion of the eye, and different thickness is used during the application process. The application can take away 60-80 minutes of your time.

3. Hybrid Lash

If you are someone who gravitates toward hybrids and unique solutions, go for this fill! It is a unique mixture of classic and voluminous lashes, which will leave you with a wispy outcome. If you like softer yet wispy lashes you will love this method. Also, the application can be quite time-consuming (since it is a hybrid) so be prepared to wait for 1-2 hours at the salon!

4. Volume Lash

If you are a drama-queen and you like full sets go for the most asked treatment! Women who gravitate towards 6D lashes will adore getting a full volume lash set. These lashes are stacked on top of one another and are pretty thick and long, as well as dark. Spare 80 minutes to get the full fantasy, and wear this lash only if you are off to some fancy places.

5. Mega Volume

If you like to wear a lot of makeup on a daily and you are a fan of dramatic looks, get the mega volume fill! It looks a lot like the well-known Russian volume and will suit women who are off to some fancy occasions. The look is achieved with the help of 6D and 10D lashes, and will make every eye shape pop once placed correctly! Time-wise, you can expect to sit for 2 hours at the salon.

6. A Lash Lift

Although not really a lash extension treatment, a lash lift is one of the most asked for treatments worldwide! It is a process where a lash expert will lift your natural lashes in less than 30 minutes! They will use different chemicals to lift your lashes at the root and to set them in place. If you are super low-maintenance and you like minimalistic & soft makeup looks, this is for you.

Enjoy Your New Lashes, Now!

Are you ready to give your new lash extensions a chance? Which look do you like the most, and which one is on your must-do and must-have list? If you are ready to commit to your new lashes, do it right here: Our top lash extension treatments and enjoy your personalized outcome when booking with us!

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