Avoid Using Coconut Oil On Your Face At All Costs

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You’ve probably read it somewhere that coconut oil is an amazing ingredient for your skin. Many DIY recipes encourage the use of coconut on top of your skin. However, we feel like this is dangerous & way less helpful than you’d think. Here’s why we believe you should avoid applying coconut oil on your face.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Coconut Oils On Your Face

1. It Is Comedogenic

Comedogenic means that it clogs your pores and it can lead to breakouts. Coconut oil actually has one of the highest comedogenic ratings which means that it can be way too harsh on sensitive, acne-prone or blemish-prone skin. 

Most beauty products are rated on a specific scale from 1-5. Number 1 is being least likely to clog your pores, while number 5 is the worst ingredient that you can go for. 

When we look into coconut oil we will notice that it scores a shocking 4 out of 5 points on a scale. This means that it is more than likely to leave your skin irritated or with a negative reaction.

2. It Won’t Protect You From The Sunburn

Many women make a mistake by reaching for this product and applying it in a hefty amount as their sunscreen. Coconut oil can sometimes help you, and it’s mostly if you already have a darker complexion. Women who are fair and who are prone to sunburns should use an actual SPF and leave coconuts aside. If you are in a position where you can’t get to an SPF at the exact moment you can use extra virgin or organic coconut oil. However, be smart about it and still avoid the sun since burnt skin is linked to cancer, and coconuts won’t help you as much as you’d want them to.

3. It Is A Myth That It Helps With Wrinkles

As you probably know it, our bodies store collagen. This is a protein that can help with our elasticity and will allow us to age slowly. Coconut oil is an amazing product that boosts this production and gives you more hydrated skin on the surface. However, it essentially only gives out a feeling of smoother & softer lines. As previously mentioned, coconut oil won’t slide or glide easily underneath your skin layers. This means that it will feel nice only on the outside for a few minutes, but it won’t diminish the actual signs of aging.

4. It Can Mess Up Your Microbiome

According to Skin Terrupt, anything that acts as an anti-bacterial ingredient can mess up your natural microbiome. Once this happens you are more prone to skin rashes such as eczema or psoriasis. If your skin isn’t tight, healthy & strong you can easily rupture its microbiome. Coconut oil can kill some microbes such as viruses and fungal infections. However, just because it can fight some bad stuff doesn’t mean that you should put it on top of your skin since it can leave you with more harm than good.

5. It Is Too Saturated

Saturated fat can worsen your skin. And as you probably know it, coconut oil is 90% saturated fat. This means that it will take quite some time for it to absorb underneath your skin. Your skin cells won’t breathe or detoxify on their own, but will actually feel trapped. This saturated fat can also increase the heat of your body which can lead to some sensitivity, rashes, as well as breakouts as previously mentioned.

What Is Coconut Oil Good For?

  • Your Body

Well, since it is made out of saturated fats coconut oil is amazing at protecting & repairing your skin’s natural barrier. It helps with flaky skin, and it should be applied on top of your body. Plenty of women love applying it over their ashy elbows, as well as cracked & chipped feet. It can’t clog these pores since they aren’t as sensitive or prone to irritation as much as those on your face.

  • Your Brain

It may not be a beauty-related perk, but who doesn’t want to boost their brain function? Coconut oil is filled with fatty acids which can increase your blood levels that supply the needed energy which is pushed to your brain cells. Life Hack also believes that producing this energy the oil can reduce symptoms in Alzheimer’s and will help with the overall memory loss.

  • Helps With Weight Control

Healthline states that you can actually lose some weight by eating coconut oil as well as actual coconuts. Coconuts can help you reduce fat because they release ketones which can reduce your hunger level. In some studies, men have eaten 256 fewer calories on a day because they were fed up with coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Has It’s Pros & Cons

In the end, you can benefit from coconut oil, but just not if you apply it to your face. Use it all over your skin, add it to your diet, and you’ll have a mind of steel, as well as a leaner figure! Skin-wise, think of some actual drugstore products since DIY experiments with coconuts can go wrong.

Have you applied coconut oil to your face before and don’t know what to do to fix the outcome, get a one-on-one consultation with us and let the experts handle it

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