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Our bodies sometimes lose their natural fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid as we become older. The truth is that our genetics can only go to a certain extent. Makeup simply does not permit the curves we desire. Your appearance can be drastically transformed with non-invasive body reshaping. Your cosmetic objectives might be attained with the aid of hyaluronic acid body contouring procedures. Invasive cosmetic surgery is a terrific option if you want to improve your physical appearance instead. Here are some body-transforming options that you should know about.

What Is Body Contouring?

The term “body sculpting,” which also refers to “body contouring,” refers to a variety of surgical and medical procedures performed to change the shape of a particular area of the body. Excess skin removal surgeries may be necessary, depending on the person and their natural build. You may also have to lose the additional weight and then transform the area by re-contouring it. Body sculpting is not effective for weight loss in most cases. It helps with body sculpting instead, focusing on problem areas like excess skin after massive weight loss or problem areas where dieting hasn’t worked.

You Can Try Doing A Tummy Tuck

An operation known as a “tummy tuck” is used to trim and tone the midriff. It flattens out any persistent “belly pooch” by tightening abdominal muscles and removing extra skin. Women who have gone through pregnancy or lost a lot of weight frequently choose this procedure for their skin & maintenance. Surgery for a tummy tuck can remove loose folds of drooping skin and make the waist more feminine and slim.


Liposuction is a popular fat-reduction operation that can be adjusted in a number of ways to achieve the desired results. During the procedure, a thin tube called a cannula is used to suction out excess fat from the treatment area. This fat can be harvested for grafting and then used in other procedures like a Brazilian butt lift. The term “mommy makeover” refers to a combination of liposuction and other body-contouring operations. It is very popular among younger women and younger generations.

What Happens Before The Body Contouring Procedure?

A consultation with a plastic surgeon comes first. Your health history, including any conditions, allergies, or prior surgical procedures should be discussed. In addition, the doctor or your aesthetician will do the following: 

  • Analyze and quantify the areas that need changing
  • Mark the area(s) with a marker or pen
  • Take a couple of before and after pictures
  • Share your thoughts and offer advice on the available options
  • Discuss your options, risks, and concerns regarding anesthesia and pain management if you’re considering surgery
  • A consent document must be signed before any further action may be taken

You also agree that your expectations are realistic and that you understand the potential risks of the operation. Depending on the method of body sculpting you choose, the medical staff may require you to: 

  • Get blood tests or have a physical with your primary care practitioner
  • Quit smoking or taking drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen

Since everybody & every woman is different and a story in itself, it is vital for you to know your options and have realistic expectations. If you want more info & you need help with your next non-invasive body-sculpting treatment, Dr. Glow Getter will have all of your answers!

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