How to Treat Yourself for The Upcoming Holiday Season

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Holidays are ahead, which means pampering yourself even more! You will probably head out to loads of different events and family gatherings, right? If so, you should take care of yourself and your appearance some more. Think about getting some facial treatments, lash treatments, or some advanced treatments, and pamper the right way! 

Top Four Ways To Take Care Of Yourself For The Holiday Season 

1. Get Lash Extensions 

Lash extensions will make every woman feel feminine, gorgeous, as well as confident. You will love wearing them for your Christmas family dinner, or when out with your friends on New Year’s Eve! A set of lash extensions is customizable, as well as adjustable per your preference and your face and eye shape. Women usually prefer natural, wispy, as well as semi-long lashes for their everyday wear.

You will love them since they are so elegant + you can wear them for several weeks. They are also low-maintenance while being appropriate for your job, or college. 

How is the process done?

You will have your eyes closed for 60-90 minutes. A lash tech will apply your lash extensions one by one on top of your natural lashes and will glue them down with high-quality lash glue. Once done, you should avoid any saunas, makeup, as well as water exposure. There is no need to apply mascara either, your volume will be there on its own!

2. Get A Lash Lift 

If you are someone who is more-so into low-key looks and you feel as if lash extensions would look overpowering on your face, get a lash lift! It is an amazing beauty treatment that will give freshness to your face, and it will give you a rested and feminine look.

A lash expert will coat your lashes with a firming lotion for 30 minutes. Once done, you will have an amazing curl + you won’t have to reach for your glue-on lashes at all! Two coats of mascara will get the job done.

How is the process done?

A lash tech will isolate your natural lashes and will protect them with a silicone fabric. They will place small rubber shields on top and below your eyelid. First, they will lift the lashes, and later on, they will color them with a lash tint. The process takes 30-40 minutes depending on your preferred curl.

3. Get A Facial 

Our skin is exposed to loads of chemicals, pollutants, as well as harmful external factors on a daily basis. It is crucial for you to clean your skin at home, but also book a facial every 2 months (at least) and remove any impurities. Sometimes, dirt can easily get stuck in our pores. You should book yourself a professional facial treatment where you will remove any inflamed pimples. Thanks to a skincare specialist, you will end up with glowy skin in less than 60 minutes!

How is the process done?

Each facial treatment is different, and you can spend anywhere from 30-60 minutes at a salon. The process usually involves a deep cleanse, your face will be exposed to high heat (usually from a steamer) and you will have your extractions done. Each facial treatment is different and will be fully customized per your needs and your skin type.

4. Consider Microonedling 

Microonedling is an advanced skincare treatment that will help women who have dry and dehydrated skin. You can also get it done if you’re struggling with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, as well as larger pores. The point of the treatment is to make slight punctures underneath your epidermis with slight needles. By doing so, your skin will rejuvenate and protect on its own with newer and healthy layers. This process is not as painful, but it is effective once done in sessions.

How is the process done?

A specialized skincare expert will puncture your skin with small pricks. They will use an anesthetic, and the process will take 30 minutes or more. You might end up with some redness, bruising, or slight irritation at first. However, this will all go away on its own. Usually, this skincare treatment will give you phenomenal results after 4-5 sessions.

Ready To Glow?

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