What To Expect When Visiting Medical Aesthetic Spas During Covid-19?

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Unfortunately, the entire world had to change its lifestyle & business policy due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Cafes, clubs, beauty salons as well as medical aesthetic spas worldwide, had to adapt to some new rules to function & operate at their ideal speed and preferred capacity.

So, do you wish to book an appointment sometime soon? Are you craving that flawless lashes, deep skin cleansing, or any facial? 

If so, make sure you follow certain rules, and you’ll be more than welcome in almost any spa!

Here’s what you should implement when booking your next spa-appointment!

Top 5 Rules That You Should Follow When Visiting Any Medical Aesthetic Spa

1. Stay Safe & Sanitized

Every person should behave and act accordingly. Make sure you pay close attention to your current rules, and always do as you are told by your government.

The best way to get to your appointment is with your vehicle, or on foot.

If you can’t do any of these, take a cab. However, stay sanitized during the entire trip.

You should wash your hands as frequently as possible, and also bring a small hand sanitizer with you.

Place this item in your bag and reach for it every couple of hours. A hand sanitizer will kill 99% of germs, so purchase it and carry it with you at all times.

2. Wear A Face Mask

You shouldn’t leave your home without a mask in the first place. This rule applies to most countries around the globe. It especially applies if you plan on visiting larger facilities, such as hospitals, salons, spas, museums, cinemas, etc. Make sure you also obey this rule if you plan on using public transportation.

What you should do is carry your mask with you and around your neck. Make sure you have it on once you arrive at the spa.

In most cases and places, you won’t be able to enter the spa without it.

If you forget to bring your face mask, don’t worry about it with us! Our staff will provide you with one at the entrance that you can wear at the spa and also bring with you back home.

3. Make Sure You Book Your Appointment

When arriving at a boutique make sure you book your appointment beforehand. You won’t be allowed to come in if you don’t have an appointment.

This means that every customer will have their own time & space at the spa.

You won’t be disturbed by others, and you won’t come in contact with other people.

This way, everyone will stay protected and will feel safe.

Just book your appointment 2-3 days in advance via a call, text message, or through our online form.

4. Always Be On Time

It is crucial to come to the spa on time. Do not be late and respect our timing & schedules.

Every client should respect our working hours. By doing so, no one will interfere in someone else’s appointment.

Try to arrive 5 minutes early, just so that you can get a heads up with any bathroom duties, as well as disinfection.

You should clean your hands and throw on a mask while making yourself comfy in your chair.

5. Do Not Bring Others With You To The Salon

Lastly, make sure that you come to the spa on your own.

Do not bring your kids, friends, or your spouse with you except if they have appointment as well.

People who do not have their appointments booked are not allowed at a boutique, and will not be able to come in.

We ask you kindly to wait out front or at a nearby cafe.

For the first time ever, ”the more, the merrier” is not our policy!

For everyone’s safety & comfort level, make sure that you come alone.

Book Your Appointment!

You can book your appointment easily and in a few clicks. Enjoy our treatments and feel refreshed asap 🙂

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